power color 6800XT2/21/2021 7:25:56 PM

Pros: Far more power then last gen cards, runs everything Ive thrown at it on Ultra or high settings, on ultra superwide monitor at 1440 without drops in frames. Runs very quiet even when switched to OC mode.

Cons: Only con is the price gouging that is taken place this round of tech goods. No where near MSRP.

Overall Review: I would recommend to others if can get it closer to MSRP or if in need of a card this minute. Only thing missing from this gen so far is AMD's real answer to ray tracing, though I have yet to see it real meaningful impact in any game, all the games these days look amazing showing how far the industry has come along over the years.

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Solid Machine12/5/2016 1:23:29 PM

Pros: Very fast, and quite, games look so much nicer then my old pc.

Cons: None

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