Good system; Runs many games over 60 FPS on ultra or high7/15/2021 9:16:27 PM

Pros: Super easy setup. Plug it in and start installing your drivers & games. Runs: Destiny 2; Overwatch; CS GO; APEX; FALLOUT 4 + 76; Warzone; Fortnite; Final Fantasy Real reborn + DLC ( all ultra or high settings @ 60+ fps sometimes even 100+ with the right game ). *Includes Mouse + Keyboard and Windows 10 waiting to be installed. ( Do it offline ) *Mouse and Keyboard have lights. Keyboard is RBG; Mouse is Red ( Some might diff. ) *Not a sketchy off brand GPU ( Mine might be diff. ) *RAM dual channel *Glass side panel + Decent cable mang. *RGB fans *Wifi + Antennas *Top of case has USB + Audio ports

Cons: Mouse and Keyboard are not what was advertised but I did receive an MSi Mouse and Keyboard. They forgot the cool mousepad I was promised which was a real bummer as I have glossy wood tables. USB slots on top of the case where kind of hard to access the first couple times. The case metal was causing some rubbing.

Overall Review: Great for the person who wants to game but doesn't want the stress of building a PC. They do a great job in tucking cables and making it look custom. Runs a lot of great games out the box with little to no knowledge of "Optimizing" the computer. Room for upgrades when you have a little more knowledge and find more demanding task.

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