Excellent in theory, horrible in practice. PLEASE BELIEVE THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS AND TRY SOMETHING ELSE!8/6/2018 3:28:52 PM

Pros: - Covers the entire AMD TR4 Threadripper processor. - Excellent temps even running a stress test, AT FIRST (after a few months, stops working, see Cons). - Relatively easy to assemble install. - Quiet operation.

Cons: - Need to assemble fans onto radiator. Even though this is easy, I'm not sure why it doesn't come pre-assembled. - Large, won't fit some cases. - Cables for liquid are a little bit rigid, making different installation locations difficult. - Unreliable at best. 3 out 3 units have failed within 9 months. First was a 240, which lasted the longest (5 months, maybe), then a 360 for a couple months and the most recent 360 has died in less than 2 months).

Overall Review: I would STRONGLY advise against going down the rabbit hole with any Enermax Liqtech unit. I've had 3 and they have all failed within 9 months of my new PC build. Although I've only tried the 240 and the 360, I seriously doubt that the 280 is somehow magically free of the inevitable failure all these units face. The first unit I bought was the 240 and it lasted for maybe 5 months before I noticed unbearable PC slow downs and CPU throttling. I tried to figure out why my processor was basically on fire while doing NOTHING on my PC. We're talking 3-6% CPU usage. After determing that the 240 might not be a powerful enough cooler, I decided to up my game to the 360, since it wasn't that much more expensive. However, the increased size forced me to purchase a new case, so I went with a much larger, open air-flow case to keep temperatures down. The new 360 was fantastic and my temps were in the low 30's for most of my day to day work. Then after a few months, I started hearing the fans coming on more often and noticed the idle temps had gone up. Soon, it was back to the high temps with massive throttling while doing very little. So, I tried ONE MORE TIME and gave them the benefit of the doubt that maybe I just got unlucky... a second time! I got a replacement 360 and it's now been less than 2 months and my temperatures are soaring again. Every single day they get worse. This is perhaps one of the worst pieces of computer equipment I've ever owned, if nothing else, because it looks and seems so promising. When it works, it's amazing, but 3 have died within 9 months! I'll also mention that I'm not the only one with these issues that I personally know of. Someone with nearly identical PC specs has also had their 240 die in around the same amount of time and their new 360 is completely dead, too. So, their 360 lasted a little longer than mine, but not much. The other thing to note is that they don't just suddenly stop working and die. If you're keeping an ear out for the fans coming on or keeping an eye on the temperatures, you'll see and hear that over time they stop being able to cool as effeciently. Eventually, it gets to the point where the temp is always high and the fans are always on and the cooler can no longer keep the processor cool. I really hope Enermax reads these reviews and does something abou this, because the product is well designed and can in theory work well! I don't know what causes them to stop working, but I hope they can figure it out. For now, stay far, far away.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, I do apologize for your recent experience. I would assure you that we are here to assist and support you as best we would. If you haven't already done so, then I would encourage you to contact our Technical Support team by phone 626-913-8899 and pressing “option 3” or by email: support@enermaxusa.com, so that we would like to assist you. Thank you. Sincerely, Enermax Technical Support Team