Expensive but... RGB10/16/2016 6:44:38 PM

Pros: Very quiet at lowest RPM. PWM speed control.

Cons: I only gave it 4 eggs because of the one and only major gripe I have with these fans. The fact that you have to mount the controller outside the case or mount it inside the case and have to open you PC every time you wish to change the RGB settings.

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Great PSU10/5/2011 6:10:20 PM

Pros: Great PSU. Enough Power. Quiet. Cables Galore

Cons: I received the wrong AC power cable. They sent me the wrong replacement Power Cable.

Overall Review: Great Power supply, I have no issues with it. So I unboxed the power supply and noticed that I have no AC power cable... no problem... I am a tech Junkie and I have plenty of extra cables and PC parts lying around. So I find another cable and away I go. I called Antec and asked them to save me the pain of RMA and just send me another cable... they took my address and said it was on its way… Great, easy and painless. Couple days later I receive the cable... but ITS THE WRONG ONE. I have never even seen this type of cable before. How can they send me the wrong cable for their own product? Anyway, why only 2 egg rating you ask. -1 Selling a product without the power cable. -1 Sending out the wrong cable. -1 Upsetting a BUSY customer with the first two incidents above.

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Good Ram10/5/2011 5:46:43 PM

Pros: They work. There fast. They look cool.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I installed them in my MB and they defaulted to 1333 and 9-9-9-24 every time I booted up. I updated my MB bios and they run as advertised. My MB bios was not updated to be compatible with the XMP.

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The only 570 with enough Ram10/5/2011 5:34:47 PM

Pros: 2.5GB Ram. overclocks to match Superclocked cards. Keeps you room warm in the winter.

Cons: Fans are loud. Price. Makes your room hot in the summer.

Overall Review: I bought the 2.5GB card because I was planning on running 5760x1080. The reference 570 only comes with 1.2GB ram and that is not enough if you are going to play any graphical intense PC game at 1920x1080 or above. If you will only be playing games that don’t push the graphical envelope then save some money and buy the 1.2GB card. Currently BF3 (beta) uses 1.5GB of ram at ultra setting @1920x1080 and 2.3GB @ 5760x1080. Currently this card in SLI will outperform Dual GTX580 with only 1.5GB in BF3 at 5760x1080 and above resolutions with AA enabled. Portal 2 uses 1.5 @ 5760. L4D2 uses 1.3 @5760 BFBC2 uses 1.5 @5760 Cards with less memory will run future game at high resolution but they will take a performance hit because of not enough memory. Bottom line is that if you plan on running future games at high or ultra high resolution then you will need a card with more than 1.5GB of memory.

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Sounds great10/5/2011 5:13:15 PM

Pros: Crisp sound. Easy install.

Cons: Not flat mounted/stealthy.

Overall Review: I bought these to replace a pair of surround speakers for my 5.1 system. I just moved to a house with an open floor plan so these will look better than two speakers sitting behind our couch. The install was relatively simple providing you have the correct tools. I love the fact that they are sealed and there is no need for a cover above the ceiling. Other ceiling speakers may require you to build a box to seal and protect them from the heat/cold that your attic may experience. I am not an audiophile so the sound is great for me. They provide excellent and crisp sound. They are great for music and I am very happy with them. My only issue (which I knew before buying) is the fact that they are not flush mounted like other ceiling speakers. But they designed that way to aid in directional sound and that’s why I bought them.

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Good drive10/5/2011 5:01:02 PM

Pros: Good drive, I can’t say anything good about it but I definitely can’t say anything bad about it.

Cons: None

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Good Speakers8/18/2011 10:59:54 AM

Pros: Very good speakers for the price and size. I would love to have full range speakers but a big clunky center channel wouldn’t fit in with my wall mounted LED TV. If you are looking for the best sound quality I would suggest looking at the higher models. I gave it 5 because it’s a 5 for its price and size. I am very happy with it because the sound quality is awesome but there is no low end to be heard.

Cons: None really but it lacks lows. Get a good sub and you wont care.

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Just Awesome7/15/2010 5:03:06 AM

Pros: Awesome for the price. The case is large and roomy with good cable management. Plenty of fans with room for more. It feels sturdy and well built.

Cons: No dust filter for the front fans. No tooless design for the PCI/E slots. The cutout for the MB CPU fan was useless for my board.

Overall Review: Overall awesome case, not perfect, but IMO for the price range there isnt a better choice.

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