Great card, very large, but runs cool and stable5/26/2021 7:21:01 AM

Pros: It's a beast, and it runs 1440p games well.

Cons: Ray Tracing kills performance, best to not use

Overall Review: Won through shuffle. Presentation is excellent. Looks great in case. Performs very well with my i9 10850 and z490 board. Very happy with this upgrade!

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Good price, Excellent fit5/27/2005 7:34:59 PM

Comments: Works great, and MOHPA works great with this card.

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Installed and flying!5/27/2005 7:33:49 PM

Comments: Excellent fit and finish, and works great in my Abit AA8XE-3rd Eye MB with my P4.

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Great finish, Cables look good, but don't fit right5/27/2005 7:32:12 PM

Comments: Had a bear of a time getting the ATX connector to plug into my Abit AA8XE-3rd Eye MB, but with a little tweaking of the molex, I was able to make it work. The plug-n-play cables are great, however the overal fit and finish of their connectors (plugs) seems kind of cheap, but overall they work great. The finish of the PS is excellent, however I'm not much for case lighting. Seems relatively quiet with only the one massive 120mm fan.

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Great MB for OC and possibly HTPC5/27/2005 7:23:22 PM

Comments: Excellent MB, installation, and configuration was a snap. Only complaint is that I could use another PCI slot in place of one of the PCIEx1 slots.

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