Good Size, Good Power, Good Feature Set, Good Bargain6/11/2018 5:54:14 AM

Pros: This small form factor PC is great for putting together network appliance or servers. It has plenty fast CPU, core i5. Include 8GB or RAM, a 500GB HDD, & a built-in CD/DVD-reader/writer, and it's a great bargain. That it came with a licensed version of Windows 7 pro, PLUS a mouse & keyboard & power cable (which I wasn't expecting) was a nice surprise. It needed 1GB of updates when powered on, but seems like a good buy. The unit, while being supplied with a bonus keyboard & mouse wasn't the cleanest I've seen. I had to blow some air through the insides to get some more dust off. The bonus unexpected keyboard included was disgusting. There were chunks of every form of detritus foreseeable in an office environment jammed down between the keys somewhere. That one I"m going to have to HOSE off. The bonus mouse was missing some feet, but I'm not sure how much I should complain because I wasn't expecting a mouse at all. The keyboard & mouse are HP also, so the whole thing is color-coordinated. I really like the way HP designs these and think they are a nice example of good industrial engineering. Considering the cost of Windows 7 is $35, and that shipping was free, this computer is quite the deal. I sure wish they came with an aircompressor

Cons: I would have preferred quicker service and a cleaner keyboard

Overall Review: Newegg is great. They always have a reasonable selection of hardware at great prices.

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No Scratches Outside, Clean Inside, Runs Great5/30/2018 11:14:49 PM

Pros: It sure doesn't look refurbished, almost. It's not perfectly shiny like a new machine would be, but past that it appears perfect. The insides were extraordinarily clean, and I like the way HP put their CPU cooler together: they didn't have to make space around the CPU for other components, because HP makes the whole computer, so the heat-pipe tower cooler sits right on top of the CPU, extends all the way to the SFF case top, sucking in fresh air from the front unimpeded, and funneling it to the rear. I've had it for a while now and I have had zero problems (Please, HW Otherworldly Powers, don't curse me for invoking thine presence! Have mercy on my unworthy, earthly soul.) It arrived quickly, was well packaged, and I'm still using it as the HW for a router. I added a NIC to it for that. It has one of those side-ways adapters because SFF won't tae a full-height card. I've found most NICs nowadays have a plate for both regular & SFF chassis.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Newegg is good. I've been buying from them for years & never had a problem.

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Big - Good Color - Shuts Off Randomly - LG Support is a Clown Show5/12/2018 3:31:44 PM

Pros: So it's big, cheap, & 4K. Colors are great and quite configurable. 6 Video inputs. The specs are there. It'd be better if it were curved, as the size for a near-field monitor, while making 4k text legible is a bit much real estate-wise for enjoyable viewing at 24" monitor distance. Display angles are good. The supplied remote makes adjusting the monitor much easier than reaching under the display & finding with the joystick & I've used that remote A LOT. It comes with HDMI & DP cable & a stand that tilts a little bit. No rotation or height adjustment. Built-in speakers & a built-in jack for headphones, which both work well.

Cons: The manual is a joke. I can plug something into the wall AC, I don't need instructions for that. I need instructions for what the settings do. I need information no how the USB works (Type C to Type A? Power only? etc.) There's none of that information. Calling technical support started with that, getting some information on settings. They didn't have any information. They just made stuff up or read off the marketing slicks. They didn't know what resolution is or means. Nor did they know what the various monitor "features" were. They would say "oh, that makes it look better." Okay, like better how? Brighter? Clearer? "Better" means what? They had no idea about ANY of it. Plus the monitor turns off spontaneously randomly. I'll be sitting there, and BAM no display. It happens anywhere from a few times a day to a few times a minute. This has prompted a total of 15 interactions with LG via phone, e-mail, & chat. There is no-one there that knows ANYTHING. They're readily available, but not a single thing they have said has been correct. They contradict each other, don't know about computers or monitors, are obnoxious, and tedious. They said I needed new firmware, that's why the monitor turns off periodically, except they don't know what firmware is, nor how to install it. They say since I'm running Linux I don't need new monitor firmware, except they'd never actually heard of "Linux," and had to wikipedia "linux." They don't know how the USB works, will type A cascade off Type C (as the marketing says) or is the type A only off HDMI, or can Type A only connect to type A (negating the whole notion of a hub). I'll get contradictory statements not only from different people, but from the same person during the same call. Because they can't understand even the simplest of ideas, they need to send a technician to my house to "fix" the monitor. SEND A TECHNICIAN TO MY HOUSE, because they are THAT dumb. I should just box it up, fly to Korea, & dump it on the the VP of Customer Support's lawn.

Overall Review: Newegg is always a pleasure to work with. I don't know if I'm going to return this thing or not. I might be shopping for a different, large format 4K from Newegg shortly. I'm sure the whole Newegg part of this thing will be easy & smooth, as they always are. I've had other LG monitors with no issue, so I've never had occasion to call them. LG's support makes "bad" support look okay. Also, another reviewer noted the parallax viewing issue. It is true that at close range a tiny bit of the left & right edges are lost. They're there, you just have to back up to see them. The "under scan" setting fixes that, which is what prompted my discussion about resolution with LG: if I'm putting out native resolution with my video card, & the monitor is setup for 1:1, and under scan trims the edges, how is it I'm getting full resolution? And should under scan be set to on or off? The screen says set it on. LG support said set it off. Underscan should only have an effect if the output & display resolution are different. They aren't in my case, so why does under scan affect anything? So either the specifications advertised for the display are wrong, or something else is going on.

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Substantially Better Than Competitor's External DVD Drives12/11/2017 11:53:54 PM

Pros: Sleek, black, & serious. A button to open the tray. A light for drive activity. The case doesn't have extra bulk or useless frills. This drive isn't fooling around. It has it's purpose and it won't let the user be distracted with uselss adornments, instead the jet-black case is the Zen diamond-pattern consistent with other Asus products. Needs a standard USB 2.0 connector for operation, nothing else (although it is a mini-USB connector, somewhat odd in this age of nearly ubiquitous micro-USB connectors). The drive is quiet, fast and reliable. Faster than my other external DVD writer. More reliable than other DVD writers I have also. Aside from the mini-vs-micro-connector issue, Asus executed the engineering and manufacturing flawlessly.

Cons: Mini-USB 2.0 connector is used. With all the smart-phones in my home I'm silly with micro-USB cables. I had to go to the cable-archives to dredge up a mini-USB connector. JK. Comes with a cable with a y-connector so you can hange another USB-interfacing gizmo of the cable. It's too light, weight-wise. NOT that that's unusual with these things, they all seem to be too light, but I sure would like it if they'd sit in one spot so you could close the drawer with one hand, instead you've got to hold it down with one hande, close with the other, unless you have dishpan-sized hands.

Overall Review: This is not my first external DVD-writer "rodeo." I've got a number of these I have used and am using. This one is by far the best. By from Newegg. Pickup will-call if you can. If you've never been there it's worth going as they're really nice and they have a cool showroom!

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There's a Lot To Like, And There's Some Not Too8/7/2017 5:10:12 PM

Pros: This is a lot of server for not a lot of money. Dual quad-core Xeons, redundant 750watt power supplies, lots of memory in a 2RU case that comes with dual 146GB Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) 15K RPM drives that are run as RAID (can be run RAID 0 for 292GB storage if desired). Also includes built-in DVD-ROM and space for 4 more drives, SAS or SATA. Comes with dual network adapters and a TCP Offload Engine (TOE, essentially a TCP co-processor to get that load off the core CPUs, handy for high network throughput with low CPU utilization). Unit is refurbished, but worked out of the box, no issue with functionality, and was clean as a whistle inside. A few cosmetic things outside, normal wear & tear stuff, but nothing big, no dents, fractured plastic, or anything else extreme.

Cons: For anybody that's run a Poweredge you know: loud, hot, and uses lots of power (246 watts at idle). By "loud" I mean 64dbM at idle, 78dbM full-bore. That's almost 80 decibels. That's as loud as a garbage disposal. And those 246 watts aren't all used for processing, there's plenty of waste heat generated.

Overall Review: The unit doesn't come with a bezel. (The bezel is the faceplate that covers the front of the drives) This may, or may not be a big deal for you. For me, I ordered one separately.

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I Liked The First One So Much...8/4/2017 1:32:36 AM

Pros: ...I bought a second one. Light, quiet, fast and energy-efficient. This drives boasts a class-leading 2.5 million hours MTBF. So, roughly 50% of the drives will quit after 285 years, 50% before. If these statistics are accurate, I suspect I likely won't notice the failure, or more properly the dust I'll become won't notice.

Cons: Not Free. Doesn't come with mounting bolts, requiring to manually extract four from my exhaustive computer bolt collection. I mean, really? How much could 4 bolts cost? $0.0000001 + $0.0000001 for the bag? It'd save me 5 minutes & my time is worth WAY more than $0.0000002 for five minutes.

Overall Review: I have a few 8TB drives. This one is my favorite. Every once in a while my system'll crash, requiring an fsck (same as a chkdsk in Windows), and this drive will have fewer errors, though identically configured, as the other 8TB drives.

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Sealed Helium Makes the Drive Really Light5/9/2017 3:11:01 AM

Pros: It's light. I guess it's the buoyancy of the Helium sealed inside that makes the drive so light, because it is. Much lighter than my other 8TB drive. It's quiet. Maybe helium conducts sound more poorly than air. I just thought it raised the frequency, like when you suck up helium & talk. Maybe it's so high-pitched I can't hear the drive cranking away (or maybe my other 8TB drive is just loud in comparison). I'm assuming the real reason for low weight & noise is fewer moving parts. Fewer parts is good. Less complexity and fewer components to break individually, which could lead to drive failure.

Cons: Runs hotter than my other drives. I checked peak temperature recorded by the drive via S.M.A.R.T. and it was 10'C higher than any of the others, including the other 8TB drive.

Overall Review: The folks at NewEgg are the rock-stars of the on-line retailing computer & electronics industry. I've been buying from them for years. Good prices, fast delivery, daily specials, the ability to refine searches to the nth degree (unlike other on-line retailers) all contribute to a pleasant shopping experience. Plus returns are simple. I've only done it once, but I had no hassles.

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9mm = 3/8 Inches5/1/2017 5:59:16 PM

Pros: Or thereabouts. P-touch switched their label sizes to be compatible for the larger world market. They list them on their Web-site as 1/2", 3/8', etc. I bought the 3/8", because I felt the 1/2" was too tall for most of my labeling needs. I think in retrospect I should have bought 1 6mm & 1 12mm. The p-Touch system seems a little geeky & "uncool," but I use the heck out of it. It works really well for creating quick labels on things: "what was the model # of that monitor?," "what model # was that drive in that removable disk pack?," "what stuff belongs on this shelf? Is it cleaners, paints, or oils? You can use oil to clean, but then you have to clean the oil off...". "My Windows license on this laptop that they now don't ship with the certified Microsoft sticker is what #?" etc. p-Touch also makes labels you can iron onto clothes. How cool/geeked-out is that? I'm not sure yet. I find the notion both appalling, and appealing. Only use p-Touch original manufactured labels. The aftermarket 1/2-price copies are exactly that: half as good. They don't stick, the letters aren't legible, they get worn, etc. None of that happens with OEM labels. The machines itself can also accommodate different heights of label tape, so you can switch cartridges at will, as I alluded to above.

Cons: No cons.

Overall Review: I received my shipment sooner than promised with no headaches or hassles. It arrived quickly, intact, was exactly what I ordered and does exactly what I need. Newegg has always out-performed what they've promised me in regards to delivery, packaging, etc. This Newegg partner, although I've only used them this once, performed just as well.

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Perfect Size4/21/2017 5:19:53 AM

Pros: This little fan fits perfectly on top of 4 DIMMs for active cooling of main system memory. My g.Skill memory even has a 50 mm fan-shaped divot on the top of each DIMM, so that not only is the fan the perfect width, the DIMMs are shaped in such a way as gravity or vibration won't make the fan slide of either end of the DIMMs. The fans come with holes already tapped for screws, so I just put in four screws that extended slightly past the bottom of the fan, plugged the 2-pin connector into a spare 3-pin fan power connector, and it works perfectly. I bought extras for spot cooling of VRM heatsinks. Note: the fan needs to be mounted sticker-side down (with fan blowing up, that is sucking air through whatever needs cooling) otherwise it'll make noise & spin slowly. I guess they were designed to only be mounted that way.

Cons: No cons yet. Still working, still spinning, still moving as much air as a 50mm fan can.

Overall Review: I would absolutely recommend this fan to a friend and I did purchase more. Newegg rocks!

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Awesome Features & Quality3/30/2017 10:05:34 PM

Pros: This is a great motherboard. It's on par with the more expensive R.O.G. Asus motherboards, except this one has a better sound chip than the current line-up of R.O.G. boards. This feature set is outstanding. Dual M.2 slots located in places that actually make sense (i.e. not getting extra heating by being right next to the CPU). 4 USB3 receptacles on the back. It'll push at a minimum 3 monitors & likely 4 from it's built-in DP, HDMI, & DVI-D ports. Z270 chipset. Basically, almost all the bells & whistles of boards costing 2x more. The BIOS configuration is dead simple & offers more control over various settings than a reasonable person would need. It can get down to the level of individually different voltages per DRAM. I tried the built-in Asus optimization, and it worked, but it was a mix of Intel's & Asus' recommendations & the CPU ran hot. I went with some stock settings (the "adaptive" voltage setting works really well), & went with a few of my own settings. I haven't even tried to push the 7700K CPU and it's comfortably running at 4.5Ghz flat-out and the temps are reasonable (for a Kabylake). The board's build quality is outstanding & everything worked perfectly out of the box.

Cons: The DIMM sockets are weird to me. I don't know if it's the new "style," but there's a clip on only one side, so you have to seat the DIMMs yourself by pushing them all the way in & then clipping them down (on only the one side).

Overall Review: Newegg got my order to my door faster than advertised and quicker than I anticipated. Everything was boxed up nicely and protected adequately. No issues at all with Newegg.

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NOT A "Five-Star" Product3/9/2017 11:47:22 PM

Pros: The workmanship is good. The mounting is solid providing good support for the cooler. Packaging material is nice.

Cons: 1st, the mounting bracket gets in the way of the CPU holder's lever, so you can't install the CPU with the cooler's mounting bracket installed. Install CPU first, then the cooler's mounting bracket. 2nd, the included fan's mounting design is overly clever. When installing the fan per the instructions, the fan's power wire & clips are impeded by the cooler's fins, necessitating wrestling & wriggling the fan into place past the fins. While I appreciate attention to detail, 20% of this product's cost is in the packaging materials, stickers, thermal-conducting material, glossy installation instructions, etc.

Overall Review: I can't comment on how well this cooler works vs. others, as this was for a new installation. I would not recommend this cooler to a friend nor purchase it again. Compared to other coolers I've used, the installation is needlessly tedious.

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Heavy & Fast3/6/2017 9:42:17 PM

Pros: This drive is heavy. It feels "substantial" in one's hand. That must be because it is filled with so many platters in order to reach 8TB (7.2 TiB after ext4 formatting). The specifications suggest it will be very reliable. I didn't bank on it performing so well. Even running SATA2 it is the fastest drive in my system, beating other multi-TB drives, and even besting the Samsung SSD performance-wise.

Cons: It didn't come with mounting bolts. Not that big of a deal, but it would have been handy to have them right in hand with the drive to mount it.

Overall Review: The drive arrived within a couple of days or order, even with the free shipping. In my more than 10 years of buying from Newegg, they have always done an outstanding job, stocking a wide variety of products at fair prices & delivering faster than they say they will.

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Blows Some6/20/2012 1:50:17 AM

Pros: Looks cool. Will only strain the weakest of people when the user moves it from one location to another. Its got that Honeywell name. Didn't Honeywell used to stand for computers and automation systems? Now its fans.

Cons: This fan moves some air, but not enough. The heavy plastic blades over-burden the inadequate motor so that nothing more than a light breeze eminates. Barely suitable as a personal fan on a desk. Totally useless as a room fan. Surely a more powerful motor could be implemented. I once connected a 3000rpm weed-eater motor to a spare fan blade. The motor spins so fast that the contraption flies, which wasn't really the intended purpose, but novel nonetheless.

Overall Review: The fan market sure is reflecting the global down-turn in business product quality. Long gone are the days when appliances would last a user's lifetime. Now they seemed destined to break the moment unsealed, not that I've had any problems with my fan. Nope, its going on 2 years now and still running as it did when new, which isn't quite adequate.

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Great Fan5/7/2012 5:15:27 PM

Pros: Quiet, and moves a lot of air. Has pretty lights. Comes with a switch for high, medium, low, or can be controlled via 3-pin MB conector.

Cons: Kinda expensive.

Overall Review: This fan lasts a long time too. I've had two running, without any issues of any kind, for about four years.

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Not 110CFM4/30/2012 12:58:29 AM

Pros: The Pros are: its pretty. Mine has blue lights. It has more mounting holes than your average fan. It doesn't make a lot of noise. Much less dangerous than faster spinning fans.

Cons: Cons: This fan isn't really pushing 110 CFM. It's moving around half that. Bulky.

Overall Review: I thought bigger was better. Certainly with this much fan blade surface-area, air's going to move air like the jet-stream. Not so! The two 80mm fans this 200mm fan replaced moved more air and kept things much cooler than this ungainly behemoth. My temps have gone up about 10'C. I like how quiet it is. I do not like how poor it performs, Now I have a 200mm hole in my case.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi The Fan Guy, We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble with our case fan. Are you able to increase the speed of the fan through BIOS? The fan should be running up to 110 CFM, how fast is it running. Please try trouble shooting this issue. If you continue to have problems, please contact us on live chat. Link below for your reference. Respectfully, CMUSA Customer Support
External Link(s):
Live Chat
Better than some12/14/2011 11:39:47 AM

Pros: The best thing I've experienced with Tripp-lite is their warranty support. I had one of these go bad after a while in service and I notified Tripp-lite via e-mail and within a couple of days another one was sitting on my porch, and they didn't want the old one back, saving me on shipping. The unit is attractive and I like the voltage display, which I glance at frequently. It was a requirement of mine the unit be rack-mountable.

Cons: The biggest gotcha to this product is that the batteries are not meant to be user replaceable! You have to send the unit in for service! Any enterprising and risk-prone individual could open the unit and replace the batteries, but keep in mind its live until unplugged and batteries disconnected. Those shiny, metal-looking parts inside can hurt you bad if you touch them. I don't know if Tripp-lite is trying to make large in-roads into the UPS market, and I'd say they are better than some of the lower-end units, but not nearly as good as APC. APC units are designed so the user can replace the batteries, and batteries only last a few years, so this is an important feature. Also APC software is better, LINUX UPS software natively supports APC, and APC seems far more focused on power protection and all that means.

Overall Review: For the price its a great unit, but if I had it all to do over again I'd pay much more attention to the battery situation, which the UPS manufacturers seem to largely gloss over. Different units use different types of batteries (they're all non-spill 12v gel types, but different models with different capacities), different quantities of batteries, and these batteries will need replacing at significant cost. Not as much as a new UPS, but still enough that it should be paid attention to.

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I LOVE THIS MOUSE9/21/2011 9:53:40 PM

Pros: THE SCROLL WHEEL!!! Tracks on surfaces lesser mice won't Lotsa buttons Ergonomic Cool-looking Durable - Lasts a long time

Cons: Expensive

Overall Review: I have had this mouse for more than 3 years and it is nothing short of awesome. Easily the best mouse I've ever owned. Logitech support is also good: I got some junk in one of these and when I called Logitech to ask them how to dismantle so I could clean it, they said "don't bother. send it back, we'll get you a new one." And they did. That scroll-wheel that switches to a fly-wheel saves me SO MUCH TIME scrolling through documents, etc. I'm at least 20% more efficient overall when using the computer with this mouse. If this mouse ever breaks, I will have no hesitation in spending this kind of money to get another one. It is that good.

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I'm Running Five Of These9/21/2011 9:38:13 PM

Pros: Large Capacity 7200 platter RPM 64MB Cache Inexpensive Run Cool Many Device Configuration Settings (dma, read-ahead, integrated temperature probe, NCQ, etc., etc., etc.)

Cons: Hitachi Technical Support Not Fast Enough High device failure rate compared to the technologies used in more mature drive architectures.

Overall Review: B's Axiom states that there is no such thing as too much hard-disk storage. At 3GB, these are currently the biggest cheap ATA drive one can get. This family of drives is SATA 3. I am running them as SATA II with no issues. Even with a SATA II interface the performance is impressive. I'm getting peak data read throughput of 170MB/s, and average throughput of 130MB/s. I have some similar drives from WD and the Hitachi's are faster. I see people rating the drives down because of the high failure rate. Out of six drives, I had one DOA (hence me only running five drives, get it?). I'm not so sure how much I'll fault Hitachi, as these are on the cutting edge. I mean, its not like there a whole bunch of 6GB drives out there and its just poor quality-control. I would expect there to be a higher failure rate with newer technologies and manufacturing processes. Read the Hitachi white papers and you can start to appreciate what goes into 3TB of storage.

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Blows Deeply9/20/2011 6:25:31 PM

Pros: Engineered in Taiwan Lotta airflow for the sound level Double ball-bearing for long-life Solidly constructed

Cons: Relatively Expensive Fans come with screws only - no connector behind std. 3-pin, no grill, etc. Not THAT quiet Deep 38mm Fan

Overall Review: I am super suspicious that fan manufacturers *might* be exaggerating their airflow claims and might be "telling a little white lie" when it comes to noise output. It could happen. I measured these, and mine are putting out about 50cfm, so I'm not getting that "maximum" 67.1 cfm. "Maximum" might include a tail-wind. Also, I tried a pair of those super-high output Vantecs, and these are quieter, but not by an amazing amount. These should be half as loud (44 dba vs 55 dba), but they don't seem half as loud. I didn't measure, so could be subjective. A 55 dba fan is suitable only in a data-center, not an office or bedroom. 44 dba is on the upper-limit of what I would consider acceptable. Not quiet, still making enough noise that you KNOW your computer is on and the fans are working, but not data-center loud. I can't say I'm in love with the fans, but I'll keep them nonetheless.

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Weird Airflow Pattern9/20/2011 6:11:17 PM

Pros: Quiet for amount of CFM airflow Really black color Designed in Japan Snazzy packaging

Cons: Expensive Don't move that much air for price

Overall Review: I'm beginning to think that fan manufacturers inflate (no pun intended) their airflow CFM figures, and deflate their noise dba figures. No, really. The weird thing about the airflow of these fans is the wind isn't straight on, its more on the sides, like a hurricane, where there is an eye in the middle that is calm. These are the same way, the center has hardly any airflow, its all around the edges. These are not pushing 110 cfm. I measured them, and it was closer to 75 cfm. The good thing is that they are RELATIVELY quiet. Not silent on full speed, there is some noise, but considering the airflow, not too bad. I got them to replace a pair of loud Thermaltake TT-1225T. These are quieter, but they also aren't pushing as much air, which are rated for about the same airflow.

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Box Fans aren't Exciting9/16/2011 12:00:57 AM

Pros: blows air light-weight 3-speeds

Cons: not heavy-duty construction not your grand-father's fan (somewhat cheap build-quality common today)

Overall Review: This is a fan. Not exciting stuff. It does what it is supposed to do, that is blows air. The build-quality is such that I can't see this lasting more than a couple of seasons, although I've only had it for one season, so we'll see.

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80mm by 15mm Fan9/15/2011 10:23:17 AM

Pros: 15mm thick build-quality long power connector quiet Newegg - ordered it one day, had product on my porch the next day. Way to go Newegg!!!

Cons: high price air-flow

Overall Review: This fan is a 15mm thick fan. Normal 80mm fans are 25mm thick, so this is a "thin" fan. I needed a "thin" fan. I read the reviews and sometimes I think I must have a different fan than what everybody else is reviewing. This fan does not move a lot of air. It might move a lot of air for a 15mm fan, but that's not saying much. It is not putting out 30+CFM. I measured it, and its more like the high teens. This fan is not noisy. I guess if you were in an absolutely silent room, and you turned it on, you could hear it. Just because something makes noise, doesn't make it "noisy."

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How Much CFM?8/23/2011 5:13:18 PM

Pros: High CFM for the size, runs on AC, small.

Cons: I don't think this is putting out 268 CFM. I don't have any gear to measure, but it feels more like mid-100s. Also, the fan rotational speed varies dramatically. I don't know exact RPM, but another estimate would be fluctuating between low 2000s & low 3000s. Might need a replacement if it doesn't break in and run well.

Overall Review: You gotta love Newegg. I placed my order yesterday for 3-day shipping and its on my doorstep today. These guys never fail to impress me with how they run their business.

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