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This is not the C930e as advertised, it is the C930c5/11/2020 11:24:02 AM

Pros: - Wide 90 degree viewing angle - Easy setup - 1080p - Comes with privacy cover - Tiltable monitor mount - Noise cancellation

Cons: - Chinese version - Spendy - Pan, Tilt, Zoom controls are all just digital manipulation

Overall Review: I only gave this 3 stars because Newegg advertises this as a C930e, but what I got and what I have heard others got was the C930c. It plugged-in fine, worked fine, and printed documentation is in multiple languages, but in the device manager the information is all in Chinese characters. I seems to work fine, but it bugs me that I got the Chinese version! I have seen a lot of people saying they would like to update the firmware to C930e, but haven't found anyone showing instructions how to do it. Overall, it seems to work fine and do what it was designed to do.

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Great Joystick / Very Poor Battery Life4/8/2008 10:38:52 AM

Pros: I love the wireless aspect of the joystick. When I am done with it I put it up on the top shelf of my desk without worries of the cord. Sensitivity and precision are great. Buttons are well placed and it has a pretty good base for setting in your lap.

Cons: Battery life completely blows! I have never gotten 50 hours of play-time out of this joystick with either disposable or rechargeable batteries. Life is more like 8 hours tops! I use this joystick primarily for flying jets in BF2. Every time I go to play the batteries are dead! I would never buy this joystick again!

Overall Review: Even with rechargeables...don't bother with wireless because you can't ever tell when you are in the middle of using this joystick and it just quits!

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Another bad DVI-D cable out of the box!2/13/2007 8:30:59 PM

Pros: This is an update to a review I just wrote and was talking about problems with the DVI connection. Monitor works great and looks great.

Cons: Add me to the list of another person who got a bad DVI cable out of the box! Got a free replacement cable from work and tried it...IT WORKED! One stuck, blue pixel...only notice it on black background.

Overall Review: Really not a bad product, but Sceptre is lacking on support and information on their products.

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Magnetic storage that works!2/12/2007 12:44:50 PM

Pros: What can I is magnetic storage that works! It does its job and doesn't complain.

Cons: It doesn't run at Raptor Speeds at RAID 0+1, but then I knew that and it is considerably less expensive than 4 Raptor drives!

Overall Review: I am a little bit of a conservative so I don't even think about two drives in RAID 0...that is just doubling your chances of loosing data!

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2/12/2007 12:33:44 PM

Pros: I love this mouse. Clicks are positive, but not too loud. Rotation and detents on center wheel have a good feel. Enjoy the DPI switching when gaming, especially for sniper action.

Cons: Decrease resolution on DPI is too close to the quick window switch! I sometimes mistakenly push this button and toggle out of a full-screen game! A different feel to that button would make it a much nicer mouse. Back forward buttons on the side could be better designed. The ergonomics of the buttons are a little lacking, but liveable. I only gave a 4 because of the Quick Window switch issue mentioned above.

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Very good value2/12/2007 12:28:34 PM

Pros: Very nice tactile feel to the keyboard. Minimalist feel with practical extras seamlessly added. Works great for any task, including gaming.

Cons: Backlite keys are nice for night-time operation, but the brightest setting is a little too bright. Key lettering can be shadowed depending on viewing angle of some keys. I am a touch typist, but sometimes you look down and the backlighting is hard to read.

Overall Review: This thing really needs a setting where I can turn off the backlighting by default and activate it when I need it. I am constantly having to turn off the backlighting.

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Not bad at all2/12/2007 12:22:14 PM

Pros: Nice big 22" display with good visual clarity and high resolution for a very reasonable price. I looked hard and long online and in stores for a better, full-featured monitor and couldn't find one that I thought was a better value. Very happy with the sight-unseen purchase decision. Headset ports on the monitor are very nice to have.

Cons: Controls on back of monitor are hard to work. I keep counting buttons with my fingers to get the right one and sometimes I still don't get it right. 1 dead pixel...Spectre doesn't even warrant dead pixels! The built in speakers are pretty pathetic, but what do you expect? Headset ports on RH back-side can be a little cumbersome to find, especially in the dark.

Overall Review: Others have complained about the stand quality. I have a good solid desk and haven't noticed an issue. No height adjustment? often do you adjust the monitor height? I have not had a need.

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Excellent Video Card4/11/2006 9:03:38 AM

Pros: Bought this card for my new watercooled system. Fast and reliable for graphics intensive gaming. Makes BF2 rock!

Cons: Aluminum support piece does not work with TK Tsunami tool-less expansion slots. Easy to remove with 2 screws.

Overall Review: No problems fitting DD NV-78 waterblock to board. Board seems to fit well to Mobo without any extra support, despite the extra weight of the waterblock.

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Some Mediocre Features4/11/2006 7:01:53 AM

Pros: Nice construction, beautiful finish, easy tool-less installation for drive bays.

Cons: Cannot remove top 5-1/4" bay cover without removing or loosening the top hinge. Tool-less expansion card feature it worthless and does not hold cards tight; better to use screws. Documentation from supplier is lack-luster. Cannot install stock XFX 7800 GTX card with tool-less feature; must remove either aluminum support plate on card or remove tool-less feature (recommend removing tool-less feature). Don't understand the point of having screws to secure side-cover when you have quick-release latches and a key-lock.

Overall Review: Average case with some nice features. Would be a great case if the cons mentioned above were fixed. I did not have trouble installing my OCZ PSU into the case, but you do have to install it in just the right way.

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