Simple and Cheap1/10/2014 6:36:20 PM

Pros: Works with linux (gentoo) Amps my Beyer Dt 700 (300 ohm) headphones nicely No static or interference

Cons: n/a

Overall Review: never had an issue with this card, which is surprising for how cheap it is.

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Works Great1/10/2014 6:32:11 PM

Pros: I always have great connection speeds with this router. I am about 50 ft from this router at all times and have never had a connection issue that originated from this router. I have only reset it one time over the course of 6 months.

Cons: n/a

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sucks at distance1/10/2014 6:29:32 PM

Pros: Works... I used to have my desktop placed next to my router so I didn't know this units downfalls. This card works great if your desktop is within 10 ft of the router.

Cons: I am 50 ft from my router. My desktop, with this card installed, has horrible connection speeds and constant lag. My laptop sitting next to my desktop has insane connection speeds and zero lag. This thing is getting replaced...

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something just isn't right9/18/2012 8:45:06 PM

Pros: nice dual socket mobo with lots of cool things to play with.

Cons: from the start, one of my ram slots would not start, dimm_C2. It would boot to an error saying this slot has not passed ram checks, from here i can either boot with 3 sticks or go into settings. I moved all my sticks around to every configuration, but still dimm c2 would not work.. I thought it was one of my cpus, replaced and still have problem. Updated bios, no change. The bios in system information says 12gb ram, but when I boot into windows it says 16gb (12 usable) weird? gentoo detects 12gb. Also, another con is that my mobo will not save any settings. For example, I have a pci sata 3 card. If I set the mobo to boot from that, the next time I boot, it will boot from my sata 2 harddrive. I have to manually go into bios every time I reboot.

Overall Review: buying non-popular boards makes it hard for any forum or online support because there is a small community.... aka there is almost nothing online about this board, even after a year that I've had this. system: 2x 4180 opteron 16gb GSkill ripjaws gtx 460 sata 3 ssd

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Depending on if you use one CPU, DIMM_C2 is not used. If you use two CPU's and have 4 DIMMS, populate in slots A2, B2, C2, and D2 (2 DIMMS for each CPU). Can you tell me what memory you used? Please specify part no. You should be able to set boot order via Boot > Boot Device Prioirty > PCI SATA 3 card as the 1st Boot Device. Do you have other settings in BIOS changed such as system clock but are lost after a reset? My email is Please reference #C1037-4590 when replying. Thank you. Regards, Benson ASUS Customer Loyalty
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Small12/7/2009 10:18:14 PM

Pros: Very good. It is small and compact. Measures roughly 6.5in x 9in x 5.5in. Puts out a nice flow of heated air. Has a built in handle thing so you can move it without burning yourself.

Cons: Sounds like a mini motor. It's louder than my mid tower with 3x 120mm Yate Loons @ 90cfm. Takes a lot of power. Uneven heat distribution; more heat comes out of the left side.

Overall Review: Be careful, my top floor of my house is all wired to one breaker... When this thing is on high, it goes off. Can't comment on how fast it heats room as my room has zero insulation...

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Wide8/25/2009 4:51:11 AM

Pros: This monitor is great, and cheap for what you're getting. The colors are vivid, nothing is faded or washed out. The resolution is unique.

Cons: Can't adjust height. No Hdmi. Some websites are stretched to the max.

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Tight fit5/1/2009 12:28:11 AM

Pros: Godly. This thing keeps my overclocked cpu around 27 celsius. Comes with free TX-2, and it works great. Quiet. Fan speed control.

Cons: This was very hard to make it fit into my AM2 slot. I had to unscrew one of the mobo screws so that it would give a little more. Spent about 30 mins on the install due to rough play with this cooler. Also if you ever wanted to remove this, good luck. Has flimsy and sharp fins, so be careful or have band aids on stand-by. Also make sure your case is big enough. My case was listed as 7.5in wide. The cooler it touching the side window, and I had to remove the side fan for it to fit.

Overall Review: Don't be shy to stretch this thing to it's limit when installing it. The dimensions on the box say 125L x 105W x 155H.

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Bad Service4/26/2009 4:11:21 PM

Pros: It works. Cheap. Everything Fits. There was room for some cable management behind the 3.5 hd bays. Also you can stuff power cables into the 5.25 drive bays if you have room. It looks nice once it is all complete.

Cons: First case came completely broken. All of the plastic pins holding the front panel on were broken off. RMA took about 2 weeks... Sharp corners. There is literally millimeters between parts inside this thing. My hard drive clears the sata ports on my mobo by 3 millimeters. The hard drive cage will get in the way of big gpu's. To remove the front panel you have to remove 6 screws that are awkwardly placed. It only came with 6 mobo risers, my mobo requires 7... Fans are very cheap. The front fan was only a LED 80 mm and not the listed 120 mm LED fan. The 120 mm fan that is supposed to suck air out is very bad and weak. It came with a nifty DVD door thing. It came broken, but you can easily remove it after you take the front panel off. Pci slot covers are one time remove. The front fan came with a "dust filter". This "dust filter" is more like a brillo pad. It actually hinders air flow, so I would suggest to remove it or replace it.

Overall Review: You get what you pay for.

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Fast4/15/2009 11:09:56 PM

Pros: This thing is faster than I thought. No need for overclocking because the cpu is not the bottleneck in my system. Low heat. I leave mine on a mobo with no case by an open window and it gets temps around 20 deg Celsius.

Cons: hsf is kindof loud. AM2 is getting outdated now :(

Overall Review: This is on a linux server that is constantly under load. Can also run john the ripper quite nicely if you compile for 2 cores.

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Godly4/14/2009 8:38:17 AM

Pros: Awesome. It has all three video outputs, hdmi, dvi, and vga. Board came with an up to date bios. The onboard video is good enough to run anything in compiz in linux smoothly. Over clocking is noob friendly. Everything is written on the mobo so installing everything should be a breeze.

Cons: Can't use the different video outputs for multiple screens. Only supports one pcie 2.0 video card at x16, the other one runs at x8. Only came with 2 sata cables.

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Quiet4/7/2009 10:43:24 PM

Pros: Man is this thing quiet. I can barely hear it when I'm literally a couple cm from it. Extra long cords are nice for wire management. Had all the connectors that I needed.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Definitely will buy from Corsair again. Very good quality product.

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Great1/5/2009 2:25:50 PM

Pros: Lots of space and fast.

Cons: I put this in a external enclosure. When it starts up it makes a small screeching noise.

Overall Review: Came with no jumper.

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Quality Item12/14/2008 6:14:00 AM

Pros: Very sturdy and cheap. Nice looking. Easy installation and it has a fan. Comes with a esata bracket.

Cons: The 4th screw wouldn't fit to screw the HD to the enclosure. Also the dual Lights in the front can be annoying if you don't like lights. Doesn't have foot pads so it sits in it's aluminum side.

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Still Works11/24/2008 7:32:28 PM

Pros: Have had this hooked to my windows 2000, xp, and vista computers. Everytime it was plug and play. I have carried it all around the country in a backpack and now it's getting beat up at college. But it is still chuggin and I've never had to worry about it untill I ran out of space.

Cons: Pretty big for a 320gb external these days. Blue led is not very bright compared to other items, but some may not like it so it goes in cons.

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