Great water dispenser8/31/2016 3:20:58 PM

Pros: Quiet. Mostly you won't hear the boring. Stainless is easy to clean. My old tiger always require some deep sweeping every 1-2 days, but this one is very easy to clean. The blue light in night is very useful and beautiful. I can track at end of the day if I need to refill and I met this problem a lot before-You thought you had a cup left but in the morning only couple of drops there.

Cons: The cable is OK, but Tiger has a better one that they have a magnet easy tap connector. When you are refilling, the Tiger takes 1 second but this one requires 2-3 seconds each way. The CAP is detachable, but the way is works could be easier. For first-time users removing the cap could be very tricky that even took you couple of minutes some times. 70C is a bit high for low temperature.

Overall Review: I just broke a Tiger one and found this one in discount. This product definitely worth it.

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