amazing case8/8/2020 3:35:16 PM

Pros: -great cooling -well built -great design

Cons: -none

Overall Review: Amazing case. Far better built than i was imagining it would be. I replaced an NZXT H510. I selected that case purely based on appearance at the time but i upgraded to 2 evga 2060's and a ryzen 3900x and suddenly i couldn't get the thing cool enough. i saw Gamers nexus discuss this case, I snatched it up as soon as possible. The case is heavy and well built. No flaws to it as far as I can tell well thought out and yes it does work well. I did add three fan cases to it so it better work well. there are no loud Graphic card noises now, cards run at 68 or lower, depending on location. The CPU runs at 70-72 with a be quiet aftermarket fan. Temps are based on rendering 1 hr in blender with both GPU's and CPU rendering 100%. The case model is lancool II performance. No RGB here....

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