fast little sucker7/27/2021 10:08:38 PM

Pros: no hiccups so far when playing games.

Cons: it's fast but it could be faster but not sure if it's my internet of my modem. top speed i think it's 20MB per second

Overall Review: i can listen to music on my blutooth headphones but i can't use it from my phone music to my PC speakers or maybe i don't know a way. overwall i care for gaming and it does the job. rarely i will see a lagg spike but might be my internet and no big deal

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Works7/27/2021 10:04:54 PM

Pros: I have used this ram which i got 4 sticks of this on all my CPU's which are 2700x, 3900XT and my new CPU 5800x with no problems at all. Don't care about silly lights infact i don't want any RGB on my case so this works so well.

Cons: wish there was a 64GB one but that's for ECC.

Overall Review: This ram it's not a hero nor it will do your laundry but it does what it says.

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Sound gets annoying after a while.7/27/2021 10:01:07 PM

Pros: Works well it's the right size i wanted to fit my mousepad and a nice keyboard. Lights up well so you can see the letters and numbers. feels comfortable and works as soon as you plug it in. If there is a silent model keyboard like this i will buy it right away.

Cons: There should be an option on newegg when buying a keyboard silent, regular or laud and this one surely is laud. I mean I feel that after a while this sounds will give me nightmares and it was done unpurpose to make sure you can hear it. I'm a gamer and all i want to listen to is the game and this keyboard makes more sound than my barking dog. I heard on some reviews that the sound is satisfying and i'm still trying to figure that out. I will still keep it for a just incase or give it to one of my friends but i'm getting another keyboard here soon and can only handle this keyboard so long. Caps button doesn't tell you if it's in lower case or upper case.

Overall Review: Reason the sound is a big thing for me is that i have a mic AudioTechnica that i use and i listen to myself in it and also my sorroundings as well just in case an alarm goes on or a fire maybe someone knocking on my door and the sound of the keyboard is too laud on my headphones. My girlfriend comes over and this keyboard will be too laud to use while she sleeps and i play. Overall if you don't care about sounds and want to save space on your desk than this might just be keyboard you are looking for. I for one this one will end up in the closet as a back up or at a friends house as a open gift. Thank you.

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