Great for Crypto miner. 8 GPUs are possible.10/26/2020 3:37:24 AM

Pros: I like the reversible front GPU mounting, allowing for 6 or 8 GPUs.

Cons: I think the reversible front GPU mounting should be for 7 or 8 GPUs, 6 just leave too much unused space on ether end. To use the Rosewill Hercules 1600w power supply, it is best to ether use only 6 wide and short GPUs. For 8 GPUs, the first 6-40mm x 300mm GPUs, followed by 2 40mm+ x 250mm GPUs in positions 7,8 (from left to right) to allow for wires to be routed to the back of the power supply. You may have to move hard drive mount forward to allow for routing for riser cables.

Overall Review: I would recommend this case if you have a clean environment, because dust will clog the filter on the front of the panel. If you see the cards are getting hot, it means it's time to clean the filter on the front of the panel. Because i have a very clean environment, i just removed it.

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Cable supplied too short6/24/2020 8:49:54 PM

Pros: none

Cons: The cable that was supplied in the original box, in a sealed bag does not match the description of 220mm at best it is a 165mm cable when compared with the way other manufactures measure the total length of their cable. If you need a cable to reach 220 mm. THIS IS NOT THE ONE

Overall Review: Need to be reported!!

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