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Good motherboard, no video

SUPERMICRO X9SRA ATX Server Motherboard
SUPERMICRO X9SRA ATX Server Motherboard

Pros: - USB 3.0. - 12 USB ports on the motherboard. - Dedicated (separate) chipset for each Gigabit Ethernet port. - Sound! - Not usually necessary for a server though.

Cons: - No video. - No IPMI (remote management). - Each Gigabit Ethernet chipset is a different model. On my ESXi install it recognized one and not the other. You can install a community supported driver though. - Non standard ATX holes, although this seems to be common to Supermicro. Check your case throughly.

Overall Review: DIMM slots 4A and 4B were dead for me. RMA'd this and got the X9SRI-F instead. New board works great. The X9SRI-F has 2 USB ports in the back and a 3rd vertical USB port to put a USB stick inside the case. Also has several USB heads to add more USB ports later on. Overall the pluses of this board is USB 3.0 and sound. Not worth it IMO when you loose video and IPMI. If you need PCI slots the X9SRE is just like the X9SRI-F, plus 3 PCI slots. POST seems to take a little long. But this seems to be constant with Supermicro. If you have a 3-pin Power LED connector use pins 1-4 on JD1. Seems to be a typo in the manual where it tells you to connect an external speaker to 1-4. The speaker is actually attached to 4-7.

Nice case, but double check the mb posts

Thermaltake VL84301W2Z V3 Black Edition with 430W  Power Supply ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
Thermaltake VL84301W2Z V3 Black Edition with 430W Power Supply ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

Pros: Good price, and looks nice. Power supply seems to be good quality. Light weight. Bottom mounted power supply.

Cons: Motherboard posts are permanently raised metal tabs for ATX boards. Has some holes to add posts for mini/micro-atx boards. Seems well intentioned, but if your motherboard doesn't have standard ATX holes the "extra" tabs could short the motherboard. It's "easily fixed" with a pair of metal snips, but easily missed if you're not careful. Make sure every posts lines up with a hole on the motherboard!

Overall Review: Most desktop motherboards may use standard ATX holes. The motherboard I installed was a server motherboard (Supermicro). Perhaps it may not be a big issue with non-server motherboards, but making that assumption can cost you. This is my first Thermaltake case, so I'm not sure if this is standard for this brand. I would prefer a case where all the posts were optional.