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Great price for the product. Got 2 of them.12/12/2018 6:00:34 PM

Pros: Cheap

Cons: None yet.

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Hot little machine! Great for the price!12/12/2018 5:43:10 PM

Pros: Came with a Intel© Xeon© CPU X5680 @ 3.33GHz × 6 instead of what was advertised. Not complaining. Free upgrade! 525W PSU accommodates easy GPU swap out. Cheap to upgrade to 24 GB RAM. No bloatware because, NO OS! :D Get Linux Mint (I hate Windows)! Cool case with spring lock that makes it easy to open and close securely. SATA III ports, I think. No loud fans.

Cons: Comes with a junk video card but it is very easy to swap out. A bunch of plastic rigging installed to hold components in place rather than just screwing things down. Common people, that is just freakin lazy! A little dusty around the air intake fan, but hey, it is refurbished. Takes forever to boot up because of the Dell splash screen and slow BIOS loading. Kinda defeats the purpose of installing a SSD. 2TB HD is LOUD and SLOW! Fortunately I have SSDs running my OS so I dont hear it all the time.

Overall Review: I'd get the SSD option instead of the HD unless you need the extra space or already have SSDs of your own. An excellent value for $280. Runs stable and no problems after a month. No bad RAM modules. Pitfalls are easily upgradable except for ripping out the plastic riggings. No dust on MB or in heat sink. A little around case exterior. Safe to buy refurbished.

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Good except for gaming. Safe to buy refurbished.12/12/2018 5:25:27 PM

Pros: It came with an i-2500 instead of an i-2400 which is what was advertised. Not complaining but for some people this may be important. Works fine, even though it was refurbished. Runs stable. Can't beat the price. I might appraise this machine to cost $700-$800 new. Very small case takes up little room on the desktop. No pre-installed bloatware. :D Lots of extra USB ports.

Cons: Case too small to add a video card. Might be able to use a PCI-E riser to solve this problem, otherwise not good for gaming. Everything is crammed tightly inside the machine. HP uses plastic rigging to hold components in place rather than just screwing them down. HP evidently does not like people modifying their machines. I had to really dig to get a power cord for the SSD. Cannot customize. The cover is very difficult to get back on once removed. SATA II ports on MB? :P Low WATT PSU.

Overall Review: Good for an end user that has no hopes of upgrading it. We got this as a cheap emergency replacement machine for a business computer that died. Overall was a good purchase, even if it was refurbished.

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Stuck pixels1/27/2012 11:47:04 AM

Pros: Got a pair of these on Black Friday for $109.00. Missed the NewEgg sale but managed to get them from Best Buy for the same price. Nice monitor, good resolution, all the needed hook-ups, good color, etc, etc, et.

Cons: Both monitors I bought each had a single stuck pixel in the central areas. One, dark red. Took a while to find it but its there. The other is lime green, front and center and it drives me crazy! Now I am not much of a complainer and I will accept 1 monitor having a stuck pixel considering what a great price I got on these, but for both to have one is just very sad quality. I Tried to fix them using online remedies. Nothing worked.

Overall Review: I would imagine a lot more Acer monitors have stuck pixels that go un-noticed or un-reported. You get what you pay for I guess. Still, is a single stuck pixel worth a $100 savings? You decide.

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Stable machine. Good value for the price.7/23/2010 6:01:48 AM

Pros: I bought this computer on a budget and it is actually more machine than I thought that price would get me. Easy transaction, 3-day shipping (arrived in 2) and everything arrived in good condition. Setup was quick and simple. 2 months running now and everything is great. Stable system, no weird crashes, nice performance, runs games and Adobe CS well. I would buy this machine again- in fact, I did! I bought a second one of these for my wife after her computer recently crashed ( I don’t like to share). Same smooth transaction and setup. Gotta love Windows 7! Simplifies set up and makes networking and driver updates way easier and faster than Windows XP ever did.

Cons: Ran a benchmark on both machines and the score was the same, so nothing weird there. The only weird thing is that the front LEDs on the new machine blink about 50% faster than the other while in sleep mode. (???) Not really a con, just strange.

Overall Review: I have only had the 2nd machine a day so if anything goes wrong I’ll post another review.

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