Great gaming monitor if looking for contrast and blacks8/2/2019 7:50:26 PM

Pros: High contrast and blacks - black level is adjustable. OSD - nice layout and easy to navigate with the joystick. Upgradable firmware - gaming monitors should offer this as standard, features can always be improved and tweaked. Three-button quick select - stores user custom monitor settings. You can easily switch between custom settings for gaming, desktop work, etc. Curved monitor - enjoyable for 1st/3rd person gaming, the field of view is closer to your actual viewing angle and gives a simulation of depth. Color - 125% RGB, good brightness, and it's 10-bit (8-bit + FRC). HDR - it looks great compared to not having any and it isn't overly bright, but it is limited compared to some other monitors. Business monitor looks - rear accent LED can be shut off, no angular styling or large logos.

Cons: Monitor stand - good quality but it's deep, so shallow desks up against walls might have problems. OSD - shows the monitor's max refresh rate setting, not the current refresh rate with FreeSync enabled. Curved monitor - at only 27" and 1800R it might make desktop apps that you typically print from seem a little strange. Viewing angle - if you're used to an IPS it's a step down, but it's better than a TN. MBR (strobe backlighting) - brightness isn't user adjustable. Backlight bleed - this monitor does have some blacklight bleed, mostly around the edges. But it's a lot better than IPS monitor glow. Blacks still look black. AG coating - this monitor has a light AG coating, see below. Ghosting w FreeSync - Some, but also depends upon gaming options selected. I leave mine fixed at 144 Hz. See comments below.

Overall Review: The overall build quality of this monitor is great. No bright/stuck/dead pixels that I have identified. No color issues, banding, or horizontal lines. To make sure I had the best experience with this monitor I made sure I had the latest monitor firmware and installed Samsung's monitor drivers as opposed to using the generic Windows drivers. My graphics card identified this monitor as having 10-bit color. The monitor is factory calibrated but still benefits from tweaking. The primary reason I purchased a VA-panel monitor is because of the contrast and blacks. Some people report "black crush" issues with VA panels, but I haven't noticed any or very little. Make sure to adjust your black levels correctly though and not bottom them out - use online web tools for black level adjustment. Bottoming out your black levels makes a lot of darker colors appear black, and makes all other colors unnecessarily dark, which exacerbates the issue. This monitor does have a light AG coating. But like 3rd party reviews comment, the LCD seems to have an underlying rough texture to it. So lighter colors on static backgrounds will appear grainier than they should. It's not bad though, and I've seen worse compared to other monitors specified with light AG coatings. Nearly all FreeSync monitors do not implement variable, or even stepped overdrive that changes with the monitor's refresh rate. (Samsung, firmware upgrade?) Because VA panels have the slowest pixel response times, their optimized overdrive frequency has limited range and you will notice ghosting/artifacts to a greater extreme than IPS/TN panels. Once I start dropping below 100 Hz I can notice ghosting/artifacts around certain color transitions and it gets worse the lower I go. However, if for 1st/3rd person gaming you have motion blur or depth-of-field enabled this will probably blend in and won't be noticeable (I don't use these options). I have the best visual/gaming experience leaving my monitor locked at 144 Hz. When I run my monitor at 144 Hz and specifically LOOK for ghosting/artifacts I still notice a little bit around darker colors, but when actually gaming I don't notice anything. I also haven't noticed any v-sync stutter or input lag at 144 Hz without using FreeSync. I didn't encounter any FreeSync flicker (nVidia card) when engaged, but I averaged +70 Hz and didn't drop into LFC. One disadvantage of this monitor is that the overdrive isn't user adjustable (Samsung, firmware upgrade?), but it is dialed in at +120 Hz. If you want a 144 Hz gaming monitor with great contrast, blacks, and 10-bit/wider color gamut I'd highly recommend this monitor for the price, especially when it's on sale/promo. If it had user adjustable and variable/stepped overdrive it would be an ideal VA FreeSync package. Most 27" 1440p VA-panels are made by Samsung, so with different monitor brands you get different panel specs, OSD options, and backlight/overdrive differences. I have no regrets switching from an IPS monitor to a VA for gaming, they have their disadvantages but the vivid color and contrast more than make up for it in my opinion.

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Nice graphics card, disappointing MSI warranty policy for new out-of-the-box items.7/26/2019 7:30:30 PM

Pros: - Overall good build quality, except for my issue. - Great performance. Beats my overclocked 1070 hands down concurrently jumping from 1080p to 1440p. - Nice software for overclocking and lighting. - Nice Mystic Light effect if you have an open case. Not overly flashy. - Even though heavier and larger than my previous graphics card, the backplate and case fitment prevent it from sagging. - Quieter and cooler running than my previous graphics card. - Twin-fan cooling. A lot of higher performance cards are going to 3 fans now. I don't know how many cases have space for that.

Cons: - It's a bit bigger and chunkier than some other 2-fan graphics cards. But the larger fans and heatsink reduce noise and temps. - Bad MSI warranty policy for defective items out-of-the-box. Thermal tape wasn't applied correctly, possible future overheating issues.

Overall Review: I've had this graphics card for almost two months now and have had good luck with it, but I haven't tried overclocking it yet. I took a closer look at the card after 30 days had passed and noticed that the thermal tape applied to a row of capacitors directly under the heat sink was not covering several of them. I contacted MSI support with pictures and they admitted that the thermal tape was cut short and should be covering all the capacitors. MSI processed a return for me. After receiving the warranty/return details I was extremely disappointed, especially since the product was not assembled correctly and defective out of the box. I have to pay for return shipping. I wouldn't receive a new card, but a refurbished one in its place. Turnaround time is 15-30 business days, not including shipping. So that's about 4-7 weeks real time. I haven't decided yet if I want to send it in, or see if it burns up and then warranty it. Luckily I still have an old graphics card. Otherwise it's a good product. But MSI's out-of-the-box warranty policy isn't great. That's like buying a new hard drive with vibration issues, and getting a refurbished one as a replacement 4 weeks later.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Court, Thank you for sharing your experience with the RTX 2070 ARMOR OC. We certainly value your feedback and please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience you have experienced. All of our graphics cards have 3-year warranties along with a grace period after that period ends. If you have any further questions regarding this product or have any suggestions for improvement for us, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at and we will be more than happy to assist you. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team | JM07262019015 |
Good performance for price, but worst IPS viewing angle I've seen.7/20/2019 10:00:54 AM

Pros: - Overall image quality is good once you make some OSD adjustments. See tftcentral for a good calibration starting point. - Excellent overall build quality. - Little backlight bleed. - If not for my viewing angle con totally worth the price vs performance.

Cons: - OSD is basic and clunky for adjusting. They could have added another button on the monitor to make it a lot easier. - Light AG coating was more moderate than light. Easily noticeable. - Worst upward viewing angle I've ever seen for an IPS display. You can notice the color/brightness shift when tilting the monitor for viewing. - Two stuck pixels on right side of the screen.

Overall Review: For the price, the monitor was well built and overall image quality was good with some OSD adjustments, the AG coating was a letdown for me though. When doing desktop applications with white backgrounds the AG coating was notably grainy and made the whites and text look dull. It was a little distracting. This monitor has the worst upward viewing angle I've seen for an IPS display. Looking down at the monitor or from the side is great, however once you start to look upward at the monitor the brightness and color drop off fast. Once you pass about 30 degrees the monitor is extremely dark and the colors are washed out, but once you hit about 45 degrees you can't tell what's on the screen. I would include pics if possible. Totally unacceptable for an IPS display. 1 egg because you buy a monitor to look at it. Update: I changed my review to 3 eggs. After talking with Nixeus support and sending in pics, my monitor was identified as a limited-production unit that included a polarizing filter (to reduce backlight bleed) and a different AG coating. This was the cause of the poor viewing angle. Nixeus support was very helpful and was happy to replace it free of charge with a standard production monitor, but I sent it back for a refund. If the other AG coatings are similar to this monitor it was excessive for me.

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nice product5/27/2010 11:59:57 AM

Pros: Price. Nice solid design. Aluminum, don't think breaking it would be an issue. Transfer speeds aren't too bad considering its size. Will easily fit in an under/over USB port where the adjacent port is occupied by a mouse or other USB plug. Not many mainstream flash drives allow this anymore (I have a Cruzer micro that still does), and for laptops it's very inconvenient when a flash drive uses up two USB slots.

Cons: Its write speed is a little on the slow side. But again, for its size I think it's fairly quick. I've still seen full-size flash drives and SD cards with slower read/write speeds. I miss a little LED activity light, but you can't get one with a drive this small. I wouldn't recommend this drive if you'd want to use it to copy and transfer massive amount of files. But if it's for backup, installers, critical files, portable apps, it works perfectly fine. Just don't forget to take it with you!

Overall Review: I don't know if this is made by HP or PNY. Regardless, I haven't had problems with either of their products (flash, RAM, video cards). They don't make the fastest products out there, but I haven't had one fail or have data corruption issues yet. I don't think reliability would be an issue. I have noticed that sometimes it gets a touch warm when reading/writing a lot of data, but nothing that concerns me – again, it's a small drive so that's to be expected.

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nice enclosure, small size1/18/2010 11:37:21 AM

Pros: 1. Works 2. Nice blue/red LED to signify power on and read/write 3. Small size 4. Nice power on/off toggle switch 5. Keeps drive pretty cool (I have a 1 TB Hitachi drive and after 12hrs of straght backup drive was under 50 degrees C, case only slightly warm to the touch)

Cons: 1. USB and eSata cords are too short. If you place the enclosure directly on top of or besides your PC they're work. If you want to put the enclosure on top of a desk it won't reach. 2. Some people report power problems? (see other thoughts) 3. Some people report data corruption? (see other thoughts)

Overall Review: I have this exact enclosure, except the Brown color that NewEgg also sells. Regarding power, my adapter fits fine, no power interruption or needing to drill the back plate as others have done. Regarding data corruption, I had two issues with the enclosure (eSata connection) at first because it would randomly dismount itself from my PC when it wanted too. Usually in the middle of reading/writing data. That wasn't the enclosure's fault though, I discovered my eSata controller drivers were over 3 years old. After updating my eSata drivers (from JMicron) it's worked flawlessly since. If you're having data corruption check your eSata drivers. Most motherboard and PC manufacturers never post updates for them...

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great drive, stop complaining1/14/2010 12:07:48 PM

Pros: It's Hitachi! Hitachi has become my new favorite HD manufacturer. I have two 320GB Deskstars in my PC that is close to 3 years old an no problems. No I/O errors, corrupted data, anything. Every other HD I've owned would have had some problem by now – WD, Seagate, Maxtor. Runs cool, runs quiet, and is reliable. Cheap too for 1TB of storage. I have this drive running in a Coolmax fanless enclosure and after 12hrs of straight PC backup the case was only slightly warm to the touch. Drive temp was under 50 degrees C when I checked.

Cons: None really. The drive does have "chunky" sound to it when it's writing a continuous file over 500MB. It's not loud though, and being in an external enclosure I'm going to hear it more. Smaller files and I can hardly hear it over the other drives in my PC case. If you own a whisper quiet PC that you can't even hear the case fans run it will be noisy to you. But if noise bothers you then don't buy high capacity, 7200 RPM, SATAII drive.

Overall Review: The access speed is 3 ms too slow? SMART status is this, my system score isn't as good as others... Oh boo hoo. Who cares anyway? It works, and for the price you can't say much. Most of those scores and times are related to the software and motherboard chipset/configuration – little to do with the drive. Some components with interface better than other brands, it's normal. Some drive errors happen more often because people quick format their drives, etc. Four eggs just because I haven't owned a Hitachi desktop drive for over 3 years yet, but for how much I beat their laptop drives I'm not worried. Also it's the 7K1000.C model as expected - HDS721010CLA332. I don't know why people seem so confused. The part numbers match, although the labeling is just as cryptic as most other HDs I've seen.

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No problems, nice enclosure1/14/2010 11:04:20 AM

Pros: - Small and compact - Entire HD tray slides out the front so you don't mess with the LED wires - Dual blue/red LEDs light the front button, Blue = on, Red = read/write (blue LED isn't annoying) - Std power plug (normal 12V barrel) - Nice toggle on/off switch - USB2.0 + eSata - Runs surprising cool w/Hitachi Deskstar 1TB 7K1000.C, just slightly warm to the touch (after 12hrs straight of PC backup)

Cons: - USB & eSata cords are too short. If you put your enclosure on top of a desk they won't reach. - eSata speed doesn't seem to be blazing fast, but faster than USB2.0 and Firewire so can't complain for the $. - Initial read/write errors (but not enclosure's fault, see Other Thoughts)

Overall Review: I don't have any problems with my cords not seating like others do. The power cord actually seats itself with room to spare (before the rubber part of the plug touches the rear of the case, so I don't know why people are drilling out the back plate unless they have a different power adapter). I did have some initial read/write errors (eSata) with the enclosure – due to the drive randomly un-mounting itself when it felt like it. I tracked that down to my eSata drivers being over 3 years old. Once I installed the latest drivers off JMicron's website it's been smooth sailing. If you're having read/write problems (not power related) check your eSata drivers, most motherboard/PC companies don't post updates for them.

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piece of junk9/1/2009 7:41:48 AM

Pros: It's a SATA cable. Length is just right.

Cons: I thought my HDD crashed! This cable lasted for about two weeks before it died. I started to get read/write errors on the drive, then the drive disappeared from the BIOS before I could run a HD utility on it. Messed around with the cable thinking it was loose – nothing. Then I swap two of my SATA cables around and viola! My HDD works again and the other drive I swapped the SATA cable out for no longer works.

Overall Review: Only one end locks? What's the benefit if only one end locks? I don't get that...

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Solid performer8/20/2009 8:26:13 PM

Pros: Great value for the performance (especially with the rebate). Easy overclocking capabilities, single 6-pin power connection. Most heat pipes I've seen on a graphics card so far. I can actually turn on V-Sync with max quality for smooth gameplay and have no noticeable performance decrease. Card underclocks itself in 2D mode to save power and lower temps.

Cons: Cooling system for the card isn't designed to blow all the heat out of the back of your PC case, so your internal temps go up some – minor issue. You need to install the MSI drivers so the cooling fan doesn't drive you nuts (4 eggs), but the drivers have nice overclocking features and can reduce clock speeds automatically if temps rise too high. I'm surprised the cooling fan speed is driver related and not BIOS.

Overall Review: If you use the nVidia reference drivers, the cooling fan on this video card has only two speeds - slow & tornado. And once the tornado kicks in it doesn't slow back down unless you restart your PC. This is probably the "loud fan" comment from the other reviewer. With the MSI drivers, the fan slowly ramps up and down according to temperature and hasn't spun as fast yet as it does with reference drivers. This "appears" to be loudest video card I've had to date (GeForce 4800, Radeon 9800, GeForce 7600), but this is also the quietest PC tower I've owned so far so maybe I just notice it more. Also being the first "double slot" high horsepower card I've purchased I can't say that it's any louder/quieter than other equivalent cards. When gaming you don't notice it much anyway.

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buggy, defective8/18/2009 3:58:20 PM

Pros: Visually looks like a nice, well-built card. Large heat sink. PCIe bus powered only, which was the primary reason I purchased it.

Cons: I purchased this card because of the rebate at the time, but am now RMA'ng it. During 3D applications my monitor would "blank out" for about 1-2 seconds every minute or so. Computer never locked up, and apps continued to run in the background. Worked with ZOTAC support, even though current PSU should be big enough, 500W 26A @ 12V, I upgraded to another power supply I purchased on NewEgg – 600W 45A @ 12V. PSU didn’t solve problem. ZOTAC support wouldn't contact me back after reporting that the PSU didn't fix the issue. So now down additional money on the PSU, but it's nice and also got it on sale so I won't return it.

Overall Review: I didn't process the rebate on this card or registered the free game offer that came with it at the time, so I asked if NewEgg would match the rebate on a different card because there were some good sales on at the time that I now missed. They said they couldn't, but gave me a small credit back. Free return shipping and no restocking fee on the RMA. Good service from NewEgg overall.

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Nice little player, but I think I got a bad one though.11/22/2007 6:43:23 PM

Pros: I really like this little player, the screen is nice and visible, and the controls aren't complicated. Small size, and the buttons are easy to use. Nice clip attachement.

Cons: he mini-plug is way too sensitive though, at least on mine. I've tried two different sets of earbuds with them and they both have mixed results, and both of the earbuds work fine with an older MP3 player I have. One of my earbuds get's noticeably higher volume levels than the other, and something as simple as rotating the mini-plug will cause the sound to fade in and out and get background static. You can usually pull the plug out slightly to correct the problem momentarily, but you can't hold it there and if you intend to walk around with the player it definitely won't yield good results since the sound and quality is unpredictable through the plug connection. Suggested Battery life is a little optimistic.

Overall Review: Overall good player, but something as simple, and inexpensive, as a mini-plug kills the sound quality. This one is getting RMA'd for a replacement.

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Nice gaming mouse11/11/2007 7:03:18 PM

Pros: The Microsoft Sidewinder is a good gaming mouse. Other mice, whether the side buttons are on opposite sides or just one side for using your thumb, don't give you good use of these accessory buttons. When in a hurry or quickly clicking you can easily hit the wrong side button, or miss the button completely. The over/under buttons on the Sidewinder are great, it's almost impossible to click the wrong button with this setup. I haven't had an issue with the mouse pointer "sticking" as another reviewer had, usually things like that are caused by a poor surface the mouse is used on rather than the mouse itself. It has three DPI settings, which are adjustable in Intellipoint. So if you don't like 400, 800, and 2000 you can change them to whatever you want. The macro recorder also looks like a nice feature, but I haven't tried it out yet. Weights and pads are easy to change.

Cons: The mouse is a little long for my hand, mostly in the fingers, but I can reach all the buttons fine. The left and right mouse button seem extended farther than normal to improve comfort for users with larger hands. My pinky and index finger rest differently on the side of this mouse than on others. This is my first dedicated gaming mouse though, and a lot of them have wider bases, so this might be normal on this style of mouse. Neither of these comments cause discomfort or negative comments though - observations more than cons. I did prefer this mouse to the Logi MX518, in terms of the overall feel.

Overall Review: Two words: Thumb Buttons. I've successfully used a lot of mice for gaming purposes, but one thing I've never used successfully were the thumb or side buttons because they weren't placed correctly nor had an instinctive feel to them. This mouse gives you two "new" buttons that usually can't be used quickly or correctly on other mice.

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Watch Kingston like a hawk3/13/2006 6:39:36 PM

Pros: Excellent quality, great price.

Cons: I've seen several complaints regarding Kingston and their manufacturer's rebates. I'm complaining as well. I purchased this item during the $x rebate time, sent in the receipt and the rebate form – all dates matched. They denied by rebate claim because they said my receipt doesn't fall within the program dates. Now going through the pain of re-proving my claim.

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