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The right choice8/11/2013 4:10:44 PM

Pros: Incredibly smooth Quality material Anodized aluminum Perfect size

Cons: I use the wrist pad for my left hand. It's too high to use with the mouse.

Overall Review: I've been gaming (multiplayer) since the quake 2 days and I am used to very light mice. I have recently purchased Logitech G700s mouse and I've been losing my mind over how stiff it is on any surface(for me). I was searching for the best pad and someone said get anodized aluminum pad. I Its surface is incredibly smooth. Feels like skating on ice. Highly recommended.

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New generation6/15/2013 11:29:31 PM

Pros: As all of you know, its performance is somewhat similar to the 7850 and at times slower. Since it's a Sea Island architecture, it is a lot more efficient in power which means best Performance/Watt ratio. Plays Bioshock infinite at all ultra (2x AA 16x AF) at decent FPS. Plays BF 3 at all ultra (2x AA 16x AF) at decent (30 - 80) FPS Overall: Best performance/$

Cons: I don't know if anyone is experiencing this but I tried this card on two systems and when the OS powers down the monitor most of the time computer locks up.

Overall Review: There may be people curious about the system: ASRock 970 EXTREME3 AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE 3.4GHz G.SKILL Ripjaws Z Series 2 x 4GB DDR3 2400 (PC3 19200) GIGABYTE GV-R779OC-2GD Radeon HD 7790 2GB SAMSUNG 840 Series 120GB SSD Logitech G710 Logitech G700s XTRAC PADS RIPPER XL Optical Mouse pad Creative Labs Sound Blaster Zx sound-card Creative Inspire T6160 50 Watts 5.1 Speakers Cooler Master CM Storm Sirus 5.1 COOLER MASTER Storm Scout SGC-2000-KKN1-GP FSP Group AURUM 92+ Series PT-450M 450W LG IPS224V-PN Black 21.5" 14ms Monitor

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Don't buy it2/16/2012 3:57:48 PM

Pros: Intel D525 Dual core (1.8 Ghz) only 13 watts TDP. Fanless cooling, therefore quiet system I checked the whole system's power usage, on idle (downloading - under 20% cpu load) it's about 14 Watts.

Cons: Network not stable. JMicron microcontroller this unit has is full of problems. If you install XP, it'll give you BSoD due to driver issues. I said ok these are new devices they don't support XP very well. Install Win 7, disable SD Card Reader, LAN still fails under load. This unit has a JMicron JMC251 controller that has SD Card Reader and LAN both in one chip. Sounds good and power efficient, but I have yet to make it work properly yet.

Overall Review: I'll probably return this and stick to something that I know very well even though I don't like it. Realtek integrated solutions for LAN, WLAN, sound etc. Even though I always prefer broadcom for WLAN solutions they are expensive and are not considered for book size units.

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Decent laptop11/8/2011 11:49:59 PM

Pros: AMD Fusion APU, CPU(1.6 Ghz) and GPU(6310 DX 11)on one die. It doesn't get hot. Way faster than an atom. I've seen people play BF: BC2 and other games (of course at lowest possible settings). Was the cheapest of its category when I bought it($350) Because it was cheap I was able to buy an SSD and boost the performance of the laptop. With an OCZ Agility 3 don't expect to hit 550 MB/s with ATTO benchmark. Realistic values are about in between 100 and 190 MB/s (HD Tune benchmark no compression, more like real life situation).

Cons: Item is deactivated. It has a mono speaker. If you wanna hear both of the channels through the mono speaker you have to use a program with (audio) custom channel mapping capability and enable to clone the right speaker on the left one. I am using K-Lite media player classic and it works fine. But when it comes to watching flash videos like youtube etc, that'll most likely fail. There are solutions to that like using some software to download videos off youtube and watch them on Media player, but it's a hustle and speaker weak for that hustle anyway. Bottom line, the speaker was intended to give you sound when you need it. I always carry earbuds in my case.

Overall Review: The item is deactivated when I'm writing this comment. Instead of buying the ~$500 competitors I bought this laptop and it let me buy an SSD with the money I had. That was an incredible boost in speed. There were some problems when the laptop came out that were related to AMD, with very frequent firmware updates now all the issues I've had are gone. People with screen brightness, and BSOD issues with SSDs should update their SSDs as well as their laptops firmware.

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You have to know how to set this device up2/8/2011 11:08:23 AM

Pros: Device is a beast. Compared to RCA DCM425 (DOCSIS 2.0) SBG6580's response times(ping) are real fast. Whatever you are doing on internet it'll sure be a lot faster, like surfing, gaming (especially since pings are really improved)and downloading. For downloading you will push the limits of your download bandwith unlike the speeds with your previous modem (mine RCA DCM425) but you won't exceed the speed limit (I guess this depends on ISP when I see peoples comments) It'll vary from ISP to ISP, with Mediacom I have 3 downstream bonded channels and 1 upload. Many of the options you change won't require a restart and even if it does it'll only take seconds before the modem boots up back again. Read the other thoughts.

Cons: Not cons maybe but I didn't get any download bandwith boostup with Mediacom because they limit your bandwith even though they support 3 downstream channels and 1 upload channels here where I live. Well there are stuff that I would have put them here but since they are solved put them in other thoughts.

Overall Review: The LAN never fails you, but you have to work on the wireless options to make it stable. Downloading via wireless connection doesn't tell you too much about interruptions but this device looks pretty unstable when you for ex. try to use Skype via wireless. The party at the other end won't be able to hear you clearly( I wanted to install Counter Strike to my system or do some tests just to see the practical loss on upload but can't afford failing classes :) ). For now after changing couple options I figured out that wireless doesn't like to work in 20mhz freq. Change 20 mhz to 40 mhz and make the sideband upper band (didn't check if this affects yet, changed both at the same time). Well, if you wanna get this as a future investment for when ISPs start supporting 8 downstream channel and 4 upload I understand that's what I did. I was also thinking about getting SB6120, and a DD-WRT router powered by a Broadcom 480mhz cpu and a broadcom wireless N chip. You might wanna consider that t

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