Great hardware & aesthetics, poor thermals'9/26/2021 9:06:27 AM

Pros: - Great body' with a maximum "supported" RAM of 64GB. Dual SATA/NVM-E M.2 2280 slots, compatible with dual-layered PCBs. GPU houses 16GB of dedicated VRAM. 150W configurable TGP, with 15W NVIDIA dynamic boost technology. - AMD 5900HX Eight-Core Processor, Sixteen thread 10-45Watt processor capable of incredibly demanding workstation & gaming tasks while being very power efficient. Incorporates an integrated APU that offers Freesync tech and more. - Latest and greatest laptop GPU on the market; the RTX 3080. Supports USB-C & HDMI. The screen runs at 165 HZ (pre-calibrated) RGB profile (looks really good) Integrated sound system is THX-certified and offers a control panel to fine-tune everything into something user-specific - Windows Hello camera works and looks decent, not perfect but not bad either. Good enough for Zoom and work so I'd consider this a Pro on a gaming laptop. I really like the keyboard on this laptop, it's basically full-size but just shrunk down. It has a Numpad & good travel

Cons: Bottom plate stoppers are too thin/small. Very large charger & cable(s). Having had liquid metal applied to the CPU (thermal paste applied to the GPU -which is standard) the laptop still, unfortunately, overheats. Bearing the above in mind, the chassis gets "scolding" hot to the touch under load. CPU temperatures reach 95C according to CPUID's HWmonitor. (This is while on a flat table) Aida64 Engineer for the stress test. The GPU would hit 94. Using CPU-Z & GPU-Z as aids I could tell that both CPU & GPU throttle in the 90s on this laptop. For the CPU, the self-throttle is at 93/94 unless you enable Overclocking via the OEM's UWP software control panel in Windows and mess with the TJMax setting (you can effectuate it to as high as 99C) You can do something similar to the GPU which has lower power targets built-in that affect the temperature (the slider ranges from 77 to like 89C) - Which makes sense considering that the RTX series from the original to the current generation begins to throttle itself starting from the low 90s. Still, one thing I would caution and a possible con about this portion of the software is the accuracy of these sliders - They are woefully bad at maintaining the power and temperature targets as if to say they don't coincide with the fan profiles at all or very poorly. I would stress caution (as the manufacturer does) when or if using this part of the control panel, heck I wouldn't use it at all as it doesn't really seem to work well with the current generation.

Overall Review: A would-be contender for the Blade 15 Advanced would it not be for unnecessary heat and challenging internal design. This isn't a bad laptop, I think it was meant for the Intel 10th gen complimented with the RTX 20-series of Graphics which were significantly less power-hungry and in turn generated much less heat, given those facts & the same physical chassis - you are left with a lot of work on your hands. An overhaul of sorts on the internal thermal profile.

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Problematic with AMD HD 78709/26/2021 5:40:23 AM

Pros: Easy to install. Quiet. Fits inside many cases, as far down to Micro-ATX

Cons: Did not cool my HD 7870 as well as AMD's reference cooler. For example, running Unigine's Heaven benchmark & coupled with RAIJINTEK's 140MM add-on fan (for this unit) at max speed via Afterburner. I encountered temperatures exceeding 90C. The case was tested with a Mid-ATX form factor. Fans (Top 120MM x2, Rear 120MM x1, Front 120mm x2, AIO Liquid Cooling - CPU) I'm curious if it's the way the heatsink mounts onto the 7870 (the lineup to the GPU mounts is a little rigid) It isn't naturally 100% flush unless you mod or force and risk breaking the unit or your card. Tried Furmark, temps slowly but gradually climb from 30C to 90C before throttling took effect. The reference cooler is loud but had held in the same conditions & testing temps at a steady 70/79C when under load. It's possible this is an isolated incident & I received poor materials but the memory heatsinks & their method of application (or lack thereof) were an issue. Complemented with thermal gap filler pads that bore a very weak bond, the individual heatsinks fell off my card's memory during stress-testing. There's no pressure holding those heatsinks down, aren't a part of the main component and easily fall off... too easily sad to say.

Overall Review: I would not recommend this.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
An essential component to every gamer's arsenal9/26/2021 5:11:18 AM

Pros: - Regularly updated - Digital delivery - Optimised for many configurations - Supports the latest technological features - Great for stress-testing - Brand-recognition, known-good software

Cons: None

Overall Review: If you need something for testing overall 3D performance and some mild stress-testing, buy a copy of this program. It's great for those of you who are power users already. There aren't any "cons" with it in the typical sense. The software does what it's marketed and positioned to do.

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Refurbished Unit, "As-New" quality'9/26/2021 12:31:56 AM

Pros: The unit I received literally, and I cannot stress this further, came packed with so much effort put into it, double-layered box encompassed a peanut stuffed inside in which the contents were all wrapped up in multiple layers of bubble wrap. The cosmetic quality of the actual iMac itself was "as-new" I was shocked. Not to doubt the seller or put them at fault. Let me explain: usually even when you have to refurbish something: there are small little "scratches" or little hairlines at the very least and I would have been fine with that but this was remarkable. I even polished the entire unit top to bottom glass, silver and all just to check every bit of it. With a flashlight lol, yeah nothing it's spotless. The thing looks brand-new. In all honesty - the only part that I can visibly tell is "worn" slightly are the bottoms of the rubber stoppers or "feet" and I had to laugh after realizing this. I am shocked at the amount of hard work put into this quality refurb! Incredible. No noise. I've made it past going into Internet recovery, reformatting, reinstalling the OS - updating to the latest version, recovering my data from Migration Assistant over WiFi (just doing some extra unnecessary stuff to stress test it) all without any issues slowdowns, or noise. (see other thoughts for Fusion Drive) Works well with macOS Mojave if you still want to run 32-bit macOS Apps 5K Resolution screen's quality & colour reproduction are something you've got to see for yourself; they are pixel-perfect. Supports Night-Mode aka Apple's feature for your eyes in low light and helps induce sleep during evening hours. (kinda cool) Works pretty great with my Adobe Apps, not sure if it's the AMD video card in this but I noticed that it has a "Radeon Pro 570" thought that seemed neat - seems like the sort of thing my content creation apps will probably make quick use of :) The two Thunderbolt ports on the back are compatible with my USB-C peripherals and hubs I bought recently for my M1 Macbook Air so that's a relief! I've never had one of these before and was shocked at how bright the screen can get, it's remarkable! it gets nice and bright! The person who sold it here, "GainSaver" sent me a little mouse and a keyboard too hehe so I have them sitting here while I'm getting it all set up, thanks! You can easily access the RAM in the back (everyone probably knows this) it's just nice to see 4 little modular suckers pop out that you can change at will! DDR4 too! :D I need to throw more at it but I'm pretty satisfied. There's a KabyLake CPU in it and an AMD 570 GPU... which is using Apple's enterprise-grade drivers courtesy of AMD. If you are an Artist like me looking to make things, that's nice!

Cons: I wish I had two :)

Overall Review: The last 2017 non iMac Pro I would consider buying because of the price to performance ratio. Things to consider if buying an older iMac with two hard drives: Admittedly, I did start with Internet Recovery so I could rebuild the core storage / Fusion Drive. This feature has been deprecated in Big Sur but the support of it hasn't. I'll explain, if you have an existing logical core storage "drive" prior to upgrading to Big Sur it will become "grandfathered" in, however, if you alter or delete it following Big Sur you won't be able to recreate it unless you have a working image or backup of which to restore from and I am not sure Time Machine would retain that I don't know off the top of my head as Fusion Drive's initially weren't APFS they were OS X Extended but could have been upgraded to APFS although that was difficult to do.

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"Racing, with style"8/2/2021 8:21:49 PM

Pros: - 16GB VRAM, RTX 3080 - Modular SO-DIMMs - Pre-Calibrated display w/th multiple preset color profiles - Cinebench R20 CPU Score 4790 - Robust cooling solution - Good VRMs - PCI-E 4.0 x16 (full lanes) DGPU - Two NVM-E/SATA M.2 slots (enough clearance to fit dual-layered PCBs) - Large battery 99.9 Whr life - Multiple preset power profiles - Customizable user power profile - Customizable fan curve profile - Robust laptop UEFI - Sturdy chassis, strong design - Thin, portable - Supports G-Sync on external monitors (tested and verified this) - Includes a builtin MUX switch - Windows Hello Camera

Cons: - Lacks UEFI/BIOS support for accessing and choosing user-specified XMP profiles - Chassis could use more re-enforcement considering the price of this laptop it is overpriced for the quality of the laptop's body itself not being a metal unibody. CNC aluminum or the like. - There's *no adaptive sync or G-Sync for the *laptop's screen. Considering the price and offerings from competition this is lazy and cheap. - The cooling solution is outdated and recycled from the previous 3 or more generations of MSI's stealth series laptops and shows its age (I repasted mine then re-pasted it again *using liquid metal to reduce temps) MSI needs to update this from their Cooler Booster 3 design which won't last much longer and is sacrificing cost and innovation for noise over time. - Loud high performance preset - Bulky power brick and cumbersome cords

Overall Review: Ultimately the best overall RTX 3080 laptop you can get on the market. Despite the 95W dynamic power boost or the somewhat lackluster design materials of the chassis, one needn't worry as benchmarks show it performing on par with the Razer Blade 14 2021 & Razer Blade 15 Advanced 2021 (yep) Also, unlike the Blade 15 Advanced this can offer G-Sync via the right USB-C port which is wired directly through whatsoever the user selects via the MUX switch. Main con is lack of a vapor chamber adding more noise and the use of plastics and metals in a very expensive product. Plastic adds a tacky feel to an otherwise premium product. I prefer the fan noise to Razer's despite it being "louder" under full load. MSI should add options for the user to choose XMP profiles in the BIOS. As of this review that does not exist for the 7/20/2021 revision. Don't let the cons detract you from buying. This review is intended to be blunt yet I still gave five stars as for the relative size and weight, there is nothing better out there right now none done as well. Still, for the cost - MSI has work to do or they will lose buyers to the AMD Razer Blade 14 which is basically perfect except for some technical aspects a RAM bottleneck and no thunderbolt which is an open standard and has been now for some time.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Kevin, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI GS66 Stealth 11UH-021. Your glowing review is greatly appreciated and we sincerely hope you enjoy your new laptop!. If you ever have any technical questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via our technical support line at 1 (626) 271-1004 Monday - Friday 5AM - 4AM Pacific Standard Time. Thank you for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team |
Failed within 3 days8/2/2021 8:15:25 PM

Cons: - It failed within 3 days of use, started to click, could've received a defective one.

Overall Review: I was happy to see the drive in mine was a Western Digital, a solid brand. I stated before mine failed after 3 days of using it. I had transferred about 320 GB of data & it simply just started clicking and wouldn't work any longer.

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Decent Monitor - Little Overpriced12/1/2015 8:42:53 AM

Pros: -5ms response time -2K resolution -IPS -Good antiglare coating -Good quality stand -USB ports -Flicker-Free -99.5% of Adobe RGB spectrum

Cons: -Overpriced (New & Superior ASUS PB278Q is cheaper brand-new) -Slow pixel-response time (Is not as accurate as LG measured) -Ghosting + Reverse Ghosting -Blacks and whites aren't as true as other monitors cheaper. -Does not downscale well at all. At resolutions lower than 1440P the text and sharpness of content at resolutions like 1080P does degrade a little. A shame considering this isn't the case for other monitors in the same price range and some cheaper than.

Overall Review: The LG 27MB85R-B is a great monitor don't get me wrong. However at it's current price for even a refurb it isn't worth it when far superior monitors are available brand-new at lower cost. It is literally, as simple as that. After seeing how cheap the ASUS PB278Q was brand new and considering its specs are superior I went ahead and returned this LG for a PB278Q. Couldn't be happier.

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Be advised, False Advertising11/26/2015 10:45:08 PM

Pros: -None, see cons below.

Cons: 1.) Monitor cannot support true 120Hz despite dealer claims. Panel/PCB's safeguards have been removed to allow OS to apply a 120 Hz overclock, however the Monitor isn't robust enough to handle the adjustment. Skips frames excessively at 120 Hz. Defeats the purpose of any OC entirely. A frame-skipping 120 Hz is worse than no frames skipping at 60 Hz. 2.) The housing is poorly built and doesn't securely fit the actual panel. (Bottom center portion is warped and bows away from the panel - poor design) 3.) Stand isn't weighted, it's too small for the weight of the screen it's attached to, and the mold that the neck of the monitor fits into does not fall flush into the stand, it wobbles. Every-time you type on the keyboard the monitor see-saws left to right. 4.) Excessive/Severe back-light leaking. Whatever the reason, poor application of the film inside etc or just purchasing of lower grade panels from another manu this Monitor has backlight bleed so excessive that it acts as an overlay when watching a movie or gaming in the dark. Regardless of brightness setting. 5.) Not flicker-free. Despite claims, at lowest brightness setting there is some flickering, suspect monitor may be PWM? Not sure but regardless had some flickering on lower brightness with mine. I have a few DC IPS panels and can confirm if a panel uses DC and isn't defective there is never any flickering at all. 6.) Horrible color accuracy / depth. Out of box the calibration leaves much to be desired. To the manufacturer's credit they allow that as they have an OSD you can access.

Overall Review: Normally I wouldn't give a product one egg but anytime a dealer lies or tries to sell a product using misleading or inaccurate information I consider that false advertising and have no respect for any company that does so. Atron Vision, you need to clean up how you advertise this monitor if you expect anyone to buy it and you need to lower the price it isn't worth this much baggage. Thanks for reading!

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Hoping 2nd is better.11/20/2015 7:44:19 PM

Pros: . G-sync . 144Hz . IPS . Short response time . 27" / 2K

Cons: Really disappointed in Acer's level of standards and Quality Control. I'm starting to feel as if the IPS panel being shipped in this monitor is B/B- grade in terms of annoyances like back light bleeding. While some will always be a factor the level of which needs to be targeted and addressed by you Acer, and your Quality Assurance staff. Paying $599.00 refurbished or not, for anything should warrant a high degree of quality. No one wants to buy a $600 monitor, come home, game, watch movies etc and be distracted by strong semi whitish leakage from parts of the edges pouring into the top center of the screen. In a dark room gaming or watching a movie; it's very noticeable despite what angle / brightness I'm at. Gets in the way of the actual content on screen as if it were an overlay. That's ridiculous?! What's the point of integrating all of the various graphical bells and whistles into this monitor coupled with low grade panels? Who in their right mind wants that constantly in the way of an enjoyable experience? No one. The Korean re-brand I bought had better results than this... lol. I really hope what I witnessed was a manufacturer defect on Acer's part in this case because if not and this is actually how one is to expect this monitor to be, no way I am buying that. Especially not for that high of a price if it's going to be that blatantly obvious. (The leakage) Tighten up your QA Acer, save everyone some time and money. .... Really disappointed and disgusted with this whole experience. Hopefully my replacement will give better results.

Overall Review: Implement a stricter process of QA on your monitors. It is unacceptable to read reviews on here stating "love my monitor no dead pixels no back light bleed" from other buyers only to have mine arrive at the SAME PRICE POINT BUT BY A LOWER QA STANDARD?! That makes absolutely no sense, that is ripping your customer off!

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High quality adapter11/17/2015 4:12:28 AM

Pros: -Quality build -Great insulation -Reliable

Cons: -None

Overall Review: Have had over a year without issue.

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Best Affordable Ext HDDs I ever bought.11/17/2015 4:10:00 AM

Pros: -USB 3.0 -High Capacity -Stable/Reliable -Small form factor -Doesn't run too hot under load.

Cons: -None.

Overall Review: Bought two of these a while back (over a year ago) both still work well without issue to this day. Great buy.

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Hit n miss11/17/2015 4:04:04 AM

Pros: -Compatibility -Small

Cons: -Unstable - seems getting a good one is hit and miss, had two literally fry due to regular use. It's sad considering the compatibility and legacy support of the adapter.

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Decent quality - worked for me.11/17/2015 3:38:03 AM

Pros: -Stable -4 ports , USB 3.0 -Small

Cons: -None

Overall Review: Bought this to help out with benchtech work. Used as a hub to external HDDs in constant use for file backup/recovery tasks. It has held out constant use for over a year so far.

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Bang for your buck'11/17/2015 3:24:08 AM

Pros: -Durable (have had well over a year and it keeps running) -Works with Macbook Pro -SATA-6GB/s -Hybrid (having the SSD cache is pretty nice, after repetitive use it begins to learn a little - boot times are pretty good)

Cons: -Bad sectors out of box on mine. Luckily using the Seagate manufacturer tool was able to flag them and as of over a year of use no more have appeared than those I originally identified.

Overall Review: Normally I'd have RMA'd mine considering 15 unrecoverable bad sectors (in-correctable errors) however as stated the manu tool flagged them and since every sector scan I've ran hasn't showed the drive getting worse. Installed in a Macbook Pro Mid 2012.

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Doesn't get any better than this11/17/2015 3:15:45 AM

Pros: -Large cache -Latest Instruction sets -Overclockable/Unlocked Multiplier -Powerhouse performance -Workstation grade (Awesome for rendering) -PCI-E 3.0 support

Cons: -More power hungry than SB-E

Overall Review: Have had for over a year, no issues whatsoever, upgraded from a 3930K to this and couldn't have been happier. Works great anywhere from Maya to today's games. I wouldn't recommend this as a buy for strictly gamers as it's more of a workstation chip but nonetheless it can handle whatever workload you throw at it.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Best 'quiet' air-cooled solution out there11/17/2015 3:03:12 AM

Pros: -Durable (Have had over a year without any issues) -Quiet / Silent (Depending on what profile you setup and the needs/strains you put on your system the Noctua can go from completely silent as in cannot hear it at all to a quiet soft whooshing sound if turned up) -Easy to install -Copper pipes -Good quality native fans -Great airflow

Cons: -None

Overall Review: It's big, really big. Make sure you have a case large enough to fit this thing. Cools my 4930K at 4.5 while maintaining low noise profile. Under Prime can reach up to 80C however, mainly due to sacrificing increase in fan speed to maintain low noise.

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Awesome performance at a great price.11/17/2015 2:53:59 AM

Pros: -High quality RAM -Overclockable -2133MHZ -Heatsinked -Tight native timings -Compatible w/th X79 -XMP profile -Durable (Have had over a year to date no errors)

Cons: -None

Overall Review: Would have preferred the heatsinks not to have that little ridge at the mid section as it comes close to the underside of my Noctua but they still fit just would have preferred flat heatsinks.

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Great11/17/2015 2:45:10 AM

Pros: -Good insulation -Stable/Durable

Cons: -None.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
The best money can buy'11/17/2015 2:41:18 AM

Pros: -Completely Silent (Note - I recommend using Antec rubber grommets for mounting instead of metal screws) -Durable (Have had over 4 for over a year so far so good) -Easy to clean (Fan module detaches from mount for easy dusting) -Great airflow

Cons: -None

Overall Review: These are by far the best case fans I've ever owned. I wanted a silent build and coupled with some settings in my motherboard's bios these are by far the best on the market for silent while maintaining good performance (Good airflow). It's rare when I can say nothing bad about a product

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for your purchase of our high quality products at affordable prices. Nothing but the best for your dollar!!
Garbage, just garbage.11/16/2015 3:52:08 PM

Pros: None, not even one. I can literally think of none.

Cons: -Cheap stand, wobbles. -Flickers slightly at low brightness. -Slight ghosting. -Poor Color accuracy/depth. -Chassis not native. Not all buttons work, mine came warped since the chassis's frame was slightly smaller than the actual panel which is pathetic. -The worst backlight bleed I have ever seen, considering this monitor was singled out for being a "perfect pixel" display I'd have figured if the backlight was severe it'd have been returned to LG and repaired yet it was sold to me. Worst quality control I've ever seen.

Overall Review: It'll be interesting to see if other people risk this and what their experiences are. Newegg was outstanding, they issued me a full refund/free shipping label after inspecting the backlight bleeding and approving my request. First negative review I've ever written,I admit this whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth.

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Decent Re-brand of Apple-rejected LG panel11/16/2015 3:34:41 PM

Pros: -2K Resolution/cheap price. -IPS panel -Great color accuracy and depth. -Haven't noticed any flickering. -Good brightness range. -Few dead pixels, mine had 3. -Reasonable response time. -No ghosting. -True whites/blacks.

Cons: -Backlight bleeding. -Empty speaker slots in case. -Buttons that do nothing (Only the Power/Brightness buttons work) -No accessible menu for calibrating. -Case is cheap, very cheap and stand is low quality build.

Overall Review: So basically a Apple Thunderbolt panel that got reject which LG sold to a Korean manu. A-/B+ grade LG pre calibrated display. These are very hit and miss, you get a decent to good one or you don't. Note the cons listed as they can be dealbreakers, especially for gamers.This is not a monitor for gamers. It's refresh rate overclocked to 70Hz at the most with mine. Some will go higher, some won't oc at all. Besides those thoughts it's a great monitor for the price and if you need a 2K display for everything but intense gaming I'd say this is worth it. Note it will only work with certain GPUs.

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Quality Cable11/16/2015 3:17:49 PM

Pros: Good quality make. Haven't noticed any issues whatsoever and great if you need a longer IDE cable.

Cons: None

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Stable, Capable, Affordable11/16/2015 3:15:59 PM

Pros: Modular, 80 Plus cert, cheap, quality build. No coil whine, runs stable and clean. Decent amperage on 12V rails.

Cons: Is louder than one would think from the marketing / advertising. The loudest thing in the machine is definitely this power supply. It's not a severe noise by far but you will notice the fan from this PSU when it's on up to 15/20 ft. away if in a quiet room. Could have been way quieter.

Overall Review: OCZ should revamp this with a silent fan solution, instead of lying and selling a product that is FAR from silent. Lost one egg for false advertising.

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Great FDD Cable11/16/2015 2:49:27 PM

Pros: Great cable, needed the length and type due to tight spaces in the case. Easy cable management with this as opposed to standard ones.

Cons: None

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"An affordable thing of beauty"10/6/2015 4:33:42 PM

Pros: Works as advertised! -Supports current networking standards, 5GHZ. -Easy to setup as a WAP/Router. -Compatible with Windows 10. -Works out of box with OS X Yosemite. Good range (iPhone's grab at over 50 ft in my house). -3 Adjustable antenas. -PCI-E based, small, compact. -Packaging is neat, professional, simple but secured. Comes with reading material and disc.

Cons: Only one. - The latest drivers are compatible with Windows 10 however they don't support WAP mode natively. Meaning you have to run the WLAN utility in compatibility mode for Windows 7 as administrator. This then enables the SoftWAP feature of the device. It'd make more sense to integrate this out of box so the process for Win 10 users would be more seamless. Win 10 doesn't have integrated WAP features as part of the GUI but it can be access via command line. Point is the support is there and the manu could spend a little more time fine tuning their driver software.

Overall Review: Buy it.

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