Great card but a bit annoyed about possible thermal issues12/3/2016 7:58:50 PM

Pros: - Fast card - Still a little headroom for small overclock even though it is already 11/10 - Very little fan noise - EVGA has been great in communicating with me about getting a thermal pad mod - Core temps are great on GPU - Coil whine is not terrible - Warranty service has always been good with EVGA - 1080 is a heck of a card even for 4K!

Cons: - Reports of cards blowing up making me uneasy - Some coil whine - Evident lack of build quality with cooling solution in general. Thermal pads not touching the VRAM consistently is a real issue that could hurt the lifespan of these cards.

Overall Review: This card is great if you are looking for one of the fastest 1080s out there and trust EVGA to stand by their products (in my experience they have been pretty good). Unfortunately I cannot give a $700 card a 5-star review when the cooling solution does not have the quality control one would expect. Also, they coil whine is not indicative of the highest attention to detail. Otherwise I have to give EVGA a bit of slack because they have done insane amounts of work to do right by buyers of these cards which sadly isn't the norm with all companies anymore. EVGA is still a great company that seems to care about their customers and has excellent communication with them.

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Great tablet at a great price12/7/2013 9:13:14 AM

Pros: *Speed, speed, speed.... Did I say speed? *Screen is good, just be sure to turn off prism. (I also think the "native" color setting looks better.) *The included pen is awesome, and works very smoothly. *EVGA's community and support is a huge plus. *Fast OTA updates. *Sound is very good. (Microphone is very good too.) *Stock Android *Price is awesome.

Cons: *The volume rocker works great when turning the volume up, but when turning it down you have to press harder. *Feels a tad cheap, but overall it seems to be built well.

Overall Review: For the price this tablet is an awesome contender. It definitely beats the 2012 Nexus 7 by a long shot.

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Great ram no issues6/30/2013 6:41:34 AM

Pros: Excellent Ram, everything has worked perfectly at the rated 1866Mhz.

Cons: The heatsinks on the chips are just too tall for me personally, but that is just a small gripe.

Overall Review: Shame the price of DDR3 has gone up so much.

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Don't buy these unless you have a soldering iron1/2/2013 2:10:44 PM

Pros: Once I got both sides working correctly they sound alright. Mic works good. Really cheap.

Cons: Left speaker was much quieter, but thankfully I had a soldering iron and didn't mind cracking them open. After re soldering the left speaker contacts it works great.

Overall Review: Really cannot complain for the price.

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Excellent Thermometer12/8/2011 8:25:12 PM

Pros: Good accuracy. Nice display. Low price. Fun to use Cats love it!

Cons: None

Overall Review: It is a little off sometimes, especially around my space heater, overall it is pretty accurate.

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Nice, while it lasted11/13/2011 2:28:57 PM

Pros: Nice screen Feels good in your hands Fast

Cons: Lack of software Bad software from Acer Cheap plastic on the sides

Overall Review: I had mine for about 2 months, then it got broken. It was nice when I had it, other than lack of software.

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This card has been awesome11/10/2011 6:59:20 PM

Pros: -EVGA's excellent customer service -EVGA's community -EVGA's Folding at home promotion This card is a beast, it has served (and is still serving) me well for about a year.

Cons: None

Overall Review: This card can take everything that you throw at it.

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It's not the fastest on the block, but it packs a punch8/12/2011 11:34:14 AM

Pros: It is a good entry level processor, it has hyper threading witch is a big plus.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I built a computer for my sister using an MSi H67-MAE45 motherboard paired with this processor, It works great. (Newegg had all the parts to my home in two days after I ordered, and they all work great. I love Newegg!)

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They work12/8/2010 7:28:38 AM

Pros: They move a lot of air and they're pretty.

Cons: These are loud, I bought two of them and they sound like a jet.

Overall Review: I'm going to get a fan controller for these things.

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