simple and effective2/2/2014 6:26:18 AM

Pros: It just works. And for less bucks too.

Cons: On/ off switch is annoying.

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Second works great12/20/2011 7:15:54 PM

Pros: This one works after the first was doa. Newegg's advanced rma is awsome. The drive is very fast and keeps up with my solid state. So far it works good.

Cons: none right now.

Overall Review: These prices are total stupidity and they are already having these made elsewhere so the prices are artificially high. At least ssds and externals are affordable.

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Total junk12/20/2011 7:11:31 PM

Pros: Absolutely NONE

Cons: Second Bad Monitor!!! First had a black screen. This one has a white screen. No picture at all. A complete waste of time. Do not buy this monitor. Buy a 32" lcd tv like I'm doing.

Overall Review: Thought it was a good deal. But after two, i'll just go with a tv.

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The Best12/20/2011 6:31:22 PM

Pros: Works out the of box. Drivers installed very easily. Evga precision for overclocking. Played battlefield 3 without adjusting anything and it plays VERY clean and fast. All around great card.

Cons: Price went down ten bucks after I bought mine.

Overall Review: Was going with a radeon 6950, but was too big for my case. I went with this card and couldn't be happier.

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Good case12/8/2011 7:04:16 PM

Pros: Lots of features, good price.

Cons: Hdd cage is not good. My ssd cannot be mounted in any way. I have it loose inside but am not thrilled about that. Also large graphics cards that are 11" or more will not fit.

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Dedicated gpu worthless with intel gpu11/19/2011 8:36:55 AM

Pros: Good specs for the price. Build quality looks good.

Cons: Buy this computer if you do not game because the nvidia gpu is worthless in it. Optimus technology fails. Won't recognize the nvidia gpu on higher end games and will crash games constantly. Avoid at all costs and go with a cpu that DOES NOT have a integrated gpu.

Overall Review: Bought this to go to school and game on occasion. After playing an older game it would crash after a couple minutes and found out there was not much I could do about it. Thanks optimus. I'll continue to go with amd radeon which does not give me the same problems.

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6/7/2011 9:50:13 AM

Pros: fast

Cons: Started freezing off and on. Have owned the drive for four months and is now crashing every couple of minutes. The only thing I like about it is the 20 second boot up time. I am replacing with a wd scorpio black for storage.

Overall Review: I will update when I hear from the manufacturer.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, we are sorry that you have had difficulties with our product. Please contact our ADATA customer tech support department. Our staff members will be happy to assist you with your problems on the products. Thank you. Phone: 1-888-962-3282 x604 Email: