Big, but Awsome!2/5/2008 1:25:39 PM

Pros: Awesome construction, first Lian Li case I have ever used, feel light but yet very sturdy. The case has a nice finish on it also, just looks real nice, a quiet sleeper

Cons: Its so quiet, not really a complaint but it is so weird to go to bed not hearing my rig :P

Overall Review: Awesome case, if you are looking for something different this will work awesome for you. I am using it in a Intel Q6700 setup, Intel DG33TL motherboard, 4 gigs of OCZ DDR2 800 ram, 7900GT, Seagate 320 and 500GB perp drives, Lite-On DVD burner, make sure you get everything SATA for this thing, gives more room for airflow.

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