It's great2/6/2014 10:12:27 AM

Pros: Firstly - I think this RAM has gotten a bad rep because it was given away and it's one of the few solutions for short RAM. This ram works at the stated speeds. It was clearly the stated number of sticks and GBs. It's small - as in the same height as the brackets that you click the RAM into. This will allow you to have any heatsync you can desire or wire cables or not block airflow. It's lower voltage too. It has some chintzy spreaders on it, but you don't need that. It makes it easier to grip at least - but RAM hasn't needed to be kept cool in a long time.

Cons: None - worked flawlessly for the better part of a year.

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Great Budget PSU7/10/2013 11:02:37 AM

Pros: It powers my computer! (that's the main point, right?) It is smaller than I thought it would be and looks good in my micro-ATX case. The semi-modular is great. I obviously need the mobo and cpu cables, so those being attached aren't a big deal. Even though I'm using 3/4 plugs, that's still 1 less cable I have to hide/route/etc. The fan and its noise on this are excellent. On low power use it's totally silent. When pushing the computer I can hear it spin up some, but if I"m gaming, the GPU fan beats it out anyway. CPU intensive only tasks it is the loudest fan, but my case has every fan on a very low RPM. It stays cool and hasn't caused my case to become a furnace. Price - I got an instant rebate and waiting on the mail-in. I never count on rebates, so the price before it even was pretty good.

Cons: There are 2 cons and they are very annoying - 1 can be fixed and 1 can't. The first one that can be fixed is the included cables for SATA power. They're fine looking and good cables, but the 2 plugs are WAY too close to each other. I'm thankful my case is small and I can make it work, but if you use a mid case or anything else, powering 2 things off one cable is going to require you to cram all your components together. The cables are long enough, so I dont get why corsair felt the need to space the connectors practially on top of each other. You can buy a new cable set in many pretty colors that seem to be spaced better if you like or need more sata connectors. This is an added expense though. The second cable issue is the CPU 4/8 pin connector. I'll start with saying it's 2 different ribbons of cables that eventually connect into one. The ribbons are permanently twisted so managing the cables is hard due to the twists. Secondly and this is hard to explain without a picture, the 2 ribbons are for the top and bottom so when you split the connectors you basically have 4 ribbons of cable and it makes it very hard to manage. It is almost interfering with my top fan and I had to REALLY bend the cable to keep it from stopping the fan. Poor design by corsair and it looks bad. The CPU power cable should have been a bundled and sleeved set-up like the mobo - BEWARE.

Overall Review: My real raiting for this is honestly 4/5 eggs, but given the typical caveman reviews here, I feel I need to put 5 to help bring up its rating. The CPU cable is a big issue and made it harder to route cables that look good in my case. Also to explain why I have to give 5 to bring it up - if you don't get your rebate because you didn't do it correctly (which is most likely why, I've always gotten rebates if I followed it to a T) you don't give this a bad rating. The product should stand on its own and you should factor in rebates may not always so the price you initially paid should be OK with you. The second is if you got a DOA unit yet you had the newegg RMA process or the warranty to fall back on. I'm only applying this to if it's initially DOA - almost any computer part since the dawn of time has the potential to be DOA. They are sensitive pieces of equipment and can fail with the smallest problem. RAM, PSUs, Mobos, etc. Yes, it's inconvient, yes you paid money, blah blah blah. Newegg is GREAT with returns. I've heard and read Corsair is great with warranty issues. So, unless you get a 2nd or 3rd DOA unit, please be a bit kinder. It isn't like you dropped 45k on a new car that doesn't start....

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Excellent PSU7/3/2013 11:44:03 PM

Pros: This is a great PSU, especially given the excellent price I got it from elsewhere (hint: it's a huge river in South America). It's got plenty of power for a regular build with 1 GPU. The semi-modular design is great. The fan is cool I guess. I can make my case glow when I want, and turn it off when I want. It's also very quiet.

Cons: The only issue is the sleeving is a bit cheesy. The 24pin cord for the mobo is fraying a bit after just routing cables and plugging it in for a new build.

Overall Review: I don't get most people knocking products - especially this PSU. People say it can't power multiple GPUs? It's not meant to... it has one PCI power plug and it only puts out 530W. You aren't going to run 2x titans, 17 HDDs, 3 SSDs, a 125TDP CPU and such on this - so why do you folks put this as a con?? Also - the other complaint is that it's only semi-modular. It's a cheap PSU, so that should tell you something to begin with. Also, you HAVE to have the mobo and cpu power cords on any build I've done so I don't get why you'd want the option to have these be removable... some people.

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Excellent GPU7/2/2013 7:22:25 AM

Pros: This is an excellent card - especially considering its power requirements, size, and cost. It runs on relatively little power compared to many GPUs of today. You only need to use one pci plug too (or you can use the molex adapter but see below). It's cheap and the price to performance ration on this sucker is nice. It plays all my games very well. I can go between high-ultra on any game I've thrown at it so far. If I put it up to ultra, AA, antsio, etc. and go to busier sections of a game, it will start to bog down. Easy to install. Drivers were easy - my heavens! Coming from a Radeon card, people weren't kidding about the drivers. They work, they update a lot better. I don't have to play hide and seek on which one works best. I don't have to flash new bios. Plus, the computer seems to be more stable. It's very small. I love this and this was about the best small card I could find, without also getting a loan. I have a flex-atx board (between micro-atx and itx boards). It doesn't block any ports and run into the HDD bays or anything like that.

Cons: My only con and I'm not knocking an egg off for, but I should warn you is this card freaked out on the molex adapter. I have a modular power supply and didn't want to plug in the PCI cables if I didn't have to. I already had the molex there for fans. Well, I tried restarting one day - computer freaked. It wouldn't show any video, it would halfway boot, etc. I since pulled it from the molex plug, put it on the pci power rail, and rearranged my case's wiring so it looks better now than ever. Also, no issues now with the card.

Overall Review: Outside of my power issue, it works well. I love it and it's very compact. Also, some other reviews have noted it's very muted - which I find great. I think PNY is on it somewhere, but you don't see any junk on this card. It goes well in an otherwise muted case (Lots of black fans, noctua fans, no LED junk). Last thought - I've seen people mention SLI not existing on this card as if it's a con. This card clearly states from the outset that it doesn't do SLI. It isn't lying to you or anything... so get over it.

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Great Fan6/18/2013 12:03:39 PM

Pros: It's big and slim! This fan fits well in my mATX case - a 30mm width fan would hit the power supply so I had to use a 20mm. It moves a good amount of air, especially at a nice low speed (duh, that's the point of a 200mm fan!) It was very easy to install, this fan took to being threaded well with screws MUCH easier than others I've used. Maybe it's the plastic, maybe it's the screws, who knows.

Cons: It's not silent as the name states, but it's quiet enough. I'd have taken a slightly lower speed and less airflow to have it 'silent' but you can't have it all. Also, I was stuck getting a 20mm thick fan and anything that was decent and got decent reviews had lights. Blue looks nicer I think, I had another blue fan on my power supply that I can turn on/off so I figured I'd match it.

Overall Review: Overall this is a good purchase. I had the option of 4x80mm fans on my Xion case or 1 - 200mm. Given that I didn't want to hear a helicopter everytime I used my computer, I opted for the much better choice. I will NEVER use 80mm fans on anything as long as I live again. They break, they are noisy, they don't move air, blah blah blah. Bigger is better in this case (get it?! Pun intended).

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Awesome CPU6/18/2013 11:54:44 AM

Pros: This processor is amazing. It's fast out of the box, you can obviously ramp it up beyond belief without ever using water cooling. This quad core chews through everything. Installing was a breeze, booted right up. I love it.

Cons: I'm going to put this just as many others do and it IS a valid complaint - the included cooler is so-so at best, and terrible at worst. Yes, it works, but beyond that it doesn't do much. Here's my reasoning - the K series chips are Intel's chips made to go faster and all that jazz - we know this. It's unacceptable that the included cooler keeps it at barely OK levels at normal speeds. If you purchased a Corvette, you don't need to do ANYTHING to it - it's fast right off the lot. The included radiator(s) keep the engine more than cool. You can make the Corvette do 2-3x the speed limit with ease and it's not going to overheat. Chevy isn't dumb and realizes people will do this with their sports car, even though you can't legally go over 75mph just as this chip 'shouldn't go over 3.8ghz.

Overall Review: I can't say it enough, this processor is a beast. I love it, never a bottleneck in my system. I got mine from a local brick and mortar store on a fire sale. I could have spent approximately $50 for an i7-2600 (not the K) but I figured my needs don't require hyperthreading and the extra cache wasn't worth it when I could get more RAM or a much better FX card.

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Same as stock, but bigger6/14/2013 8:24:26 PM

Pros: This thing looks look. It's not that bad to install it as well as Zalman has always had decent solutions for mounting.

Cons: Where to start with this? I'll give the overview - this is no better than the included stock cooler for my i5 processor. Temps were probably 2-3C hotter with this. It's VERY noisy - and no, it isn't a bad fan. When I took it off the processor simply because it was worse than what I had, I noticed it hardly made contact by how very unspread out the thermal paste was (I'm from the school of putting a small dab in the middle). The copper pipes create huge ruts for air to get in and the base is machined terrible so it makes little metal to metal contact with the cpu.

Overall Review: The only reason I can think to buy this is if you want a 'cool' looking cpu cooler. Which doesn't hold up honestly, because at the same price point, others make ones that truly work. And they're quiet.

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Great bracket1/6/2013 12:10:56 PM

Pros: Great bracket. It's solid and very easy to install. All the holes and mounting lined up perfectly. My ssd has a real home instead of being hooked in with zip ties. Bonus of having a fan. Price is great too.

Cons: As others have said, the plug for the fan doesn't have an additional out so you can't continue to daisy chain with this plugged in. Not a deal breaker, I have plenty of cables and manage them well.

Overall Review: Makes your case look cleaner and keeps your stuff stationary. The added fan is a bonus, but I find it useful to blow on my old hdd since those are what get hot, not an ssd. I can now mount my hard drives more efficiently and have better airflow.

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Great fans1/6/2013 12:06:57 PM

Pros: 120mm fans. They are quiet yet push a good deal of air. They come with all the needed hardware - screws and adapters. They are the right size too - not too thick.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: These fans are great. I originally had 3 case fans and 2 were dying, so I figured a 4 pack was great, especially with all the extra hardware included. I like that the holes weren't threaded already - this is a bonus to me. I could reuse my old screws so they still matched my case and worked well. I ended up only using 1 pack of their screws (for the 4th fan, my case only had 3.) Purchase these - the price per fan is great considering you get all the hardware and these are pretty quiet and move air. I had to unplug the 2 on the side of my case for a while and noticed my case temps jumped approximately 5-6 degrees so they do help.

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Great cooler1/5/2013 7:27:13 PM

Pros: This a great cooler. It's compact and fits perfectly. The bracket is a much improved solution over the plastic push n twist pins. It is quiet, I can't hear it over my case fans. It looks good, dropped my cpu temps approximately 8-10 at idle and a bit better under load. It's also small and doesn't block or impede anything.

Cons: None, works as advertised.

Overall Review: This is great at cooling yet it doesn't block the ram or other things like many of the aftermarket coolers do. It also isn't huge to the point it may hit up against your case. Many people worry about it not having adjustable speed - who cares, it runs at full tilt and is cooling at 100% always, that's what I wanted. Lastly, yes you have to remove your mobo to put this on. Not a big deal, if you're adding aftermarket stuff to your computer, you should know how to do this. Plus, it makes it very secured, gives you a chance to clean off your stuff, and gets you familiar with your board again.

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Good little drive12/31/2012 8:42:28 AM

Pros: The drive is great and has a good capacity. It set up with Windows 7 in no time at all. It runs fast and I don't see any errors. A trouble free drive so far.

Cons: There are non so far.

Overall Review: I've had a good time with this drive so far and the problems seem to be with the 120 version, so this 240 is better. Plus, you get a useable amount of storage for games and programs and such that will run at SSD speeds vs. putting that all on a traditional HDD. As another note, remember to scale your system back. I had mine overclocked still when trying to install and it made my system very unhappy at first. So, put your system back to stock and then rev it up after installing. My system is older too so I only get this to run on sata 2, but it's still blazing fast. Also, others complain about this being async memory, it clearly states that on the product info. It isn't that big of a deal, if you need a super fast and top of the line drive and technology, don't buy this! Lastly - as this states, it is a bare drive only. They sell one with a whole install kit, but it costs a signifant amount more, which is odd given the parts are only a few dollars. Thankfully my mobo came with more extra cables than it could even use, so I'm good in that department.

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