runs tomato like a champ12/12/2008 9:57:54 AM

Pros: Flashed it with Tomato in about 5 mins. Nice wireless, small and efficient (pulls 3 watts from the wall--I checked), good build quality. Fast processor (240 mhz) and decent amount of flash + ram. Really cheap w/rebate.

Cons: The stock firmware is a complete joke; if Asus were smart they'd fire the people they hired to make that stuff and just use an open-source firmware package. Without tomato, I'd rate this thing 1 to 2 stars. Flashing w/Tomato or DD-WRT is essential.

Overall Review: Great deal--will make your network rock solid w/tomato

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cheap, fast12/12/2008 9:53:25 AM

Pros: For the price (even before the rebate), it's a fantastic deal. After the rebate, it's unbeatable. Card is relatively quiet, pretty efficient, etc.

Cons: Came with 560 shaders, but it literally took 2 minutes and a reboot to fix that. Card is also quite big: I had to move around some stuff in my case to fit it in. A 6-pin pcie to molex adaptor would have been nice.

Overall Review: The 560 shader thing is trivial to deal with, and the card performs beautifully. Totally worth it.

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2/15/2003 2:49:43 AM

Comments: No, this is the one with the ON/OFF switch that I bought. The pictures newegg has are incorrect - if you don't believe me, check the posted reviews of the PS that are listed with the product.'s pictures all show this PS with an on/off switch.

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1/15/2003 11:39:33 PM

Comments: Very fast card, rock solid. My only complaint is that the fan is utter garbage. It started making a strange buzzing sound after only a few months of use - I'll have to look into a replacement fan at some point in time. Other than that, great card.

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Quiet, simple, effective.1/11/2003 2:46:26 AM

Comments: Very quiet Power Supply - objectivly speaking, much, MUCH more quiet than the enlight power supply it replaced. It's quiet enough to have right next to me or on while I sleep and not even notice it. The voltages and rails are right on. Very high quality. VERY good price from newegg. Oh, and mine has an off switch in the back - I don't know what the guy below me is talking about.

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