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Great on-demand hot water dispenser.

Rosewill Electric Hot Water Boiler and Warmer, 4.0 Liter Hot Water Dispenser, Stainless Steel | Great for Coffee, Tea, Soup, or Hot Cereal | White, R-HAP-15002
Rosewill Electric Hot Water Boiler and Warmer, 4.0 Liter Hot Water Dispenser, Stainless Steel | Great for Coffee, Tea, Soup, or Hot Cereal | White, R-HAP-15002

Pros: -Set temperature hot water on demand. -Large 4 liter stainless steel sealed container keeps water at set temperature. -Cool blue-lit swirly bubbling cyclone effect when water is dispensed. -Great for various teas and matcha, instant ramen, hot chocolate, or hot water for honey and lemon.

Cons: -After several uses I noticed there were some black flakes in the main container. Rinsing it out cleaned up the issue and it has not returned. -If you live with anyone else, they will fall in love with it and use all your hot water and never re-fill it.

Overall Review: I'm not sure if the black flakes were from our water/faucet (we do have hard water), however the flakes never went from the container to the cup. The water release valve inside the container is slightly raised from the bottom, which is where the flakes settled, so it never caused a problem. After rinsing it, I have not seen flakes again. It may have been caused by someone improperly filling the container, or from our hard water, or from the manufacturing process. I would recommend rinsing the unit well, fill and boil at max heat a single container, then use the pour feature to empty half of the water, and finally dumping the rest from the main unit and rinsing it out again upon first use.

Most Critical Review

Bricked in 1 month

Seagate Desktop HDD ST1000DM003 1TB 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive Bare Drive
Seagate Desktop HDD ST1000DM003 1TB 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive Bare Drive

Pros: Was ok while it worked, good price when I purchased

Cons: Drive was a little louder than my previous old WD 600 gig drive that I owned for years now. Speeds were similar to that drive as well. I updated the firmware upon seeing the reviews, and even doing so I heard a little clicking here or there which worried me. Exactly 1 month after purchasing this drive, it bricked on me. PC was extremely slow to attempt to boot until I removed this drive then everything was back in working order. Plugged in the drive and rebooted, windows said there was an error loading the drive and to attempt to run a repair. I already knew it wouldnt work and wasnt the problem but tried anyway and I kept getting that the drive wasnt being recognized and that there was an error.

Overall Review: For the price per $ that I spent for 1t, I was happy to get this drive and hoped that it would last like many other drives I've had (I've never had a drive brick in under a year). I read the many many reviews of people having issues with this drive and hoped that I would not have any problems.... I'd suggest buyer beware, go for a drive that has higher reliability than this and save yourself some time and frustration.

Replaced GPU - Perfection.

ABS Gladiator Gaming PC - Intel i7 10700KF - GeForce RTX 3070 - G.Skill TridentZ RGB 16GB DDR4 3200MHz - 1TB Intel M.2 NVMe SSD
ABS Gladiator Gaming PC - Intel i7 10700KF - GeForce RTX 3070 - G.Skill TridentZ RGB 16GB DDR4 3200MHz - 1TB Intel M.2 NVMe SSD

Pros: After dealing with a wonderfully pleasant service rep named Seth, I received a replacement GPU that is in perfect working condition. The 30x and other lower series (including much, if not all, of the 20x) had issues with the green lines and dots that I was experiencing. I guess I hit rotten lottery luck. :( But now the PC is working. WOW. As stated, the price is a LITTLE high but considering its impossible to get this GPU+CPU combo without paying an arm and a leg, it is worth it if you are looking at cost / time. As the news is reporting these cards will remain in short supply until Q3 2021 I feel the cost to not wait several months to play the titles I want (and anything new that comes out) with zero problems now. I am considering purchasing a second! I used quadpay and its been very easy to pay this PC down with it. Even if you have the money, you might wanna try it out in case there is a future purchase you want to use quadpay for. I believe the more you use it, the higher the consideration on 'credit amount'. (Its not reported to the credit agencies, I believe). I think the wording said they make the decisions in-house basically. I plan to use it as there HAVE been times I've missed a deal because I happened to be low on funds. (NO I'm not being paid by quadpay, just my personal endorsement). Its a neat service imho. The customer support person I kept getting was a very helpful guy. He was also very friendly and personable, but also professional. I really appreciate his help as he made me a very happy customer! *** After a couple of days of normal (even light) usage, the same issue has plagued the new video card as well. Its unfortunate as the rare time I've had with the PC in normal working conditions, every game I tried was silky smooth. Now it is back to RMA'ing, though I'm certain its the GPU and will try to replace only that part. Will update AGAIN once things are working. *** Old review below. Got the replacement PC in. The wiring wasnt quite AS good as the prior build, and there was noticeable nicks and marks on the GPU, but it actually works so yay! I got a zotac as a replacement card while the original was, I believe, and MSI or Asus (whatever the card was, it looked nicer than the Zotac, but the Zotac works). It boots faster off of the Intel M.2 than off of my old EVO 970 M.2, and twice the size. No bloatware or garbage pre-installed, which is nice. Its so quiet that you wouldnt know its on were it not for that bright blue case fan! Lots of ports as well so you shouldnt need any USB extenders. The case and its general setup is nicely done, with easy cable management and no issues fitting my drives in. *** Looks great! Good wiring job, very clean install. Everything about the product looks fantastic.

Cons: The biggest con has been the wait to get the replacement GPU that worked. It took a bit of time, but I happened to get the same sales rep several times in a row funnily enough, very cool chill friendly guy, and he made things painless to get through. If the PC worked out of the box it would be a 5 star for sure. A bit of a con for me is that there are only 4 memory slots on the motherboard. While it can accept 128, getting there with 4 sticks will be very expensive. Fortunately its not necessary, and the 32 gigs I have in there now are plenty for all currently games and applications that I use. If, for whatever reason, I need an increase in RAM I'll just buy some high ram and replace the slowest. *** A few days after running the PC normally, the same green dots and lines began appearing again. LOTS of research later came back with it almost always being the GPU (with low power, improper seating, a bad video cable, or a conflict with onboard graphics being a distant follow up of causes). While checking the seating of the card, I also found that the wireless card had no screw securing it at all for some reason. *** None so far! Booted up easy first time, zero issues, zero needing to tweak or fix anything (aside from turning off all of the LED's, as I do not like LED's). The only con I have currently is that the exhaust fan seems to have a separate control from the other LED's, and as such I am unable to find a way to disconnect the light (short of cutting the lead to it). Its a shame as all the other lights were easily disable-able in the bios and the Aura app. It also only has a stereo out port, which is a shame on kit at this price. On-board 5.1 would have been nice, but I just slotted my old sound card in from my last PC. *** The major two cons are the PC would not post to windows, and the screen was covered in green dots.

Overall Review: Rear exhaust light is still bothersome. I'll probably clip and cap the power to the LEDS. The PC is both large and extremely roomy for lots of additions! I wish there were 8 slots for ram, but 4 is ample for the average to mid/high level user. I stole a couple sticks from my old PC and am at 32 gigs so I'm good. It supports 128 which is nice future-proof-assistance, if costly... I would very likely recommend this PC to anyone who has the cash for it, or who will have the cash over quadpays terms. Great PC now!!! *** The rear exhaust fan's light is still annoying, but the PC is very powerful (when working correctly). *** After receiving the replacement and downloading a few games and fiddling around in them with very high 4k settings (games like Cyberpunk, for instance) with all the ray tracing goodness etc. etc. etc. I had a very enjoyable time. Short answer: When you get a working everything, this is a very nice setup for not too much more than the cost of the parts. Taking labor into account as well, this is a decent PC for the price, if a bit on the costly side. No regrets here though, especially as RTX 30 series cards are near impossible to find atm. I wish I could turn off the exhaust fan colors though. An egg off for the first one being DOA, and the inability to thus far turn off that last LED. If you want a powerful PC at a reasonable price, take a try on one of these. You might get a DOA, but if you want an RTX 30 series, this is one of the better ways to go imho! Normally I build my own PCs, and this rig is setup almost as good as I would do it. *** I am hoping the replacement comes quickly and I can see if this PC is as beefy as the specs. Until I get the working return, I'd tell others to pass on this for now.

Love it... but got a bad refurb :(

Logitech Certified Refurbished G933 Artemis Spectrum (981-000585) 2.4 GHz Wireless and Capable 3.5mm / USB Wired RGB 7.1 DTS Surround Gaming Headset - Multi-Source 20 Hz - 20 KHz
Logitech Certified Refurbished G933 Artemis Spectrum (981-000585) 2.4 GHz Wireless and Capable 3.5mm / USB Wired RGB 7.1 DTS Surround Gaming Headset - Multi-Source 20 Hz - 20 KHz

Pros: Wireless that is very difficult to tell its wireless, including the 7.1 and mic! Good wireless range. I am able to get about 30 feet from my PC through about 5 walls with absolutely NO signal loss, but once you reach signal loss range, its 100% loss (silence). Mic is cool and stows away into the headset and effectively disappears. Comfortable with nice ear cups that arent uncomfortable or too hot after wear. Awesome color spectrum though I dont particularly use this feature a lot, but it helps to show people who come from behind or the side that I'm not going to be able to hear them well or at all. Battery pack is lighter and longer lasting than batteries, but this can also be a con (see below). Can be used wired, or wireless with almost indistinguishable quality. Nice big ear cups that dont feel like theyre squishing my ears in. Real 7.1 not virtual. You can tell the difference if you've experienced virtual 7.1 and then wear these. I honestly loved them even with their faults, though I wish I got a good pair. Even with the screw up, I recommend these to friends and family who want a good wireless headset, or a good 7.1 headset. If the replacement comes in bad shape, I may change my tune but for now I love(d) them!

Cons: The headset is a bit tight and after wearing it for a fairly short time, it can feel a bit head-vice'y. Without the newest software updates the sounds are VERY high... this is a positive because... after updating the headset to their latest drivers, the sound volumes TANK HARD. Generally I have my system volume at 30-40, with media volume at about 50-75, this lets me keep a good range where I can turn things up easily if need be. With the stock drivers, the headset was around 10-15% with media volumes at like 10-30% and it was cinematic. With the updated drivers, I often have my system volume cranked to 75-100% and same with media volumes. This changes slightly when you have 7.1 surround on or not. The plastic on the headbands may be brittle, leading to cracking and breaking at a non-visible point (under the headband padding), see other for more info.

Overall Review: Across the board everyone hates the newest drivers, but they add functionality and fixes issues with the headset so its tough to decide whats "best" (I wish I could have old driver volumes with new driver fixes). Very specific and difficult to remove battery pack makes swapping on the fly if you run out of juice impossible as you arent using standard AAA's, but you can plug it into a standard mini-USB to charge and play at the same time. (MY REFURB: Mine came with I think what was cracked plastic underneath the headband so one earcup was CONSTANTLY slipping. It took me a little bit to realize what was going on! The other headband never moved so it helped me figure out why I had to keep adjusting them. There was also an issue with the battery, where it looks like someone tried to fix the battery pack and ship it out refurb without anyone noticing. Unfortunately, they did a shoddy job and the wire was stripped out of its socket and glued in, making wireless not work as wireless is battery based. Newegg worked with me and should be sending a replacement to me soon)

Fiddle with it!!!

Acoustic Audio AA5180 Home Theater 5.1 Bluetooth Speaker System with USB / SD
Acoustic Audio AA5180 Home Theater 5.1 Bluetooth Speaker System with USB / SD

Pros: 5.1 surround at a good price (got it on sale for far less than retail/other outlets). Good range of speakers and a strong sub (a bit too strong, often had to turn it down to get it to not bother neighbor). When properly configured, the small satellite speakers have a good sound (not audiophile level but still excellent for the price I got them), better than my old 2.1 $100+ desktop speakers had. Same for the sub, clearer and stronger than the old expensive one it replaced. Unassuming but pleasant looking speakers. Black housing with red probably aluminum protection with an off-white Acoustic AUDIO printed on each one. Kinda wished each satellite didnt have the logo printed but what can ya do?

Cons: First, I just want to get into the nit-picking part of the cons, then followed by the detailed complaints. I'm using it as a 5.1 hooked up to PC with a sound blaster Z audio card, using all 3 ports for surround sound. Cables: Cables all speakers are hard wired into their housing, so if something goes wrong, you cant just replace the cable (not so uncommon with speakers.) The length of the wires are also shorter than expected, so unless ur basically having these within a few feet of you, you may need extensions. It also did not come with enough 3.5 RCA cables to setup the 5.1 properly (only came with 1, need 2 more if you want to hook it up to a sound card that has 3 ports for 5.1), fortunately I had spares on hand, but keep that in mind when purchasing! Power cable: Surprisingly short, maybe 2.5-3 feet? The system it replaced had cable to spare where as this is quite tight, which combined with the short-ish length of the audio cables can make setting up the audio in the way you want a bit tricky (of course, extension cable/power strips that this will likely be plugged into help). The subwoofer: The way its facing makes it difficult to position (the main sub is aimed right, which is unfortunate as my PC desk only has a spot for it that aims it basically into my wall.) Instructions: Setting up a 5.1 isnt brain surgery, but this entire system was actually a bit complex without, as the title says, fiddling with it. The instructions are extremely lacking. After playing with it for a few days and seeing what it liked and didnt like, I was able to adjust my EQ and speakers to get it sounding great. The worst part about these 5.1 surround sound speakers is that they do NOT like to play well with others. By this I mean that when using options in games or other programs that have 5.1 surround available, it seems to really screw with whatever is supposed to be going on. The audio gets distorted, the base and center speaker drops out or doesnt play at all, and the rear speakers react strangely. However, setting the programs to stereo instead of 5.1 surround makes these puppies light up and come to life. No idea why this is, but if things sound bad, check your audio properties in game/program and see if 5.1 is turned on, turn it off to stereo, and see the difference.

Overall Review: ***MAKE SURE YOU USE PRO-LOGIC*** On the remote is a "pro-logic" button, and if you want 5.1 with proper base and sounds, make sure to use the pro-logic turned ON. Not doing so will make these sound like garbage and make you regret the purchase. As said above, if you get them, make sure you set up your audio config properly, enable the pro-logic, and play around with your settings on both the speakers, and in whatever program you have running. The first several hours, games, and music files I played with these were all odd sounding and overall disappointing. Distortion, sounding like theyre under water, having speakers just not work or sound like $5 knockoffs was initially disappointing. I was afraid it was a mark-up to mark down type of "deal"/rip-off. If you have the time, patience, and knowledge to play around with these to get them into a good place, theyre excellent speakers if you get them on sale as I did (doubtful I'd touch them for much more than I paid). One other thing that was my own fault, from the back of the speaker looks as if it has an spdif-in next to the power cable, but it does not. For whatever reason they marked the power cable with a box that looks like an SPDIF in. No biggie, it was my own fault though it would have been nice to have the single SPDIF in instead of the multitude of cables for 5.1.

New 2M Hot Digital Optical Newest 6.5ft Fiber Optic Toslink Audio Cable
New 2M Hot Digital Optical Newest 6.5ft Fiber Optic Toslink Audio Cable

Pros: It was an optical audio cable. Inexpensive. Came in a timely manner.

Cons: Did not come with a free set of quad Titan Black's.

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Wrong item twice

Twice I have received the same exact wrong item (a protect case as opposed to the tablet I had ordered). In both instances, I was constantly told that I was out of luck and the blame was passed around so as not to take the blame of whomever I was speaking to at the time.

Customer Service