Great Picture, Easy setup3/14/2017 6:35:41 AM

Pros: This is a great monitor is easy to setup and the split screen app is great. The price is great for this size and type of monitor. Movies and TV shows look great. Games look great and the wide size for games is awesome!

Cons: Seems some of the TV and Movie streaming serveries do not fit to the whole screen this is not a fault of the monitor but the providers.

Overall Review: I got it when its on sale making this a great deal!

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Would be OK card if they would fix it!!!!!!!!!!3/31/2016 4:33:45 PM

Pros: 3 fans, you can change the color on the light up logo, when it works right it is quiet.

Cons: Having to pay 31.29$ to send something to them that broke after a little over 3 months of use is crazy, then getting it back with now a wire hanging and the same problem after not having my card for 3 weeks is also crazy.

Overall Review: As fare as i can tell they did nothing to my card other then mess with one of the working fans that now has a wire that is so long that i would almost say that will be the next breaking point on that card. to get back to my problem one fan dose not spin right and u can see it doesn't by watching it and it got to the point where it stops and goes all the time no matter what speed it was on, mine let me know with this grinding noise. so make sure u watch the fans after they been under lode for a wile at 100% speed and make sure they all spine the same and that one doesn't slow or doesn't seem to spin right. it was my own fault for not watching it for a bit wile the fan where on and after having them on 100% for a wile when i first got it because this card has had problems from the start and newegg would have fixed it, so don't just stick it in and see if it seem to work, watch it before you close you case up and u don't see it!!! the coil wine is not as bad as you would think at 100% fan speed. also the newer software keeps crashing so i had to downlode the older one that seem to run OK. over all i will stay away from them because now my card is still broke and unless i pay more money out of my pocket that for a card that i spend 650$ is crazy. this card is broken i will just end up having to replace it.

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Must have!!!!2/12/2016 4:53:10 PM

Pros: works perfect, charges it fast, and keeps it powered as u use it, comes with a cord.

Cons: none

Overall Review: tried 4 different ways of charging my new shield when i got it and none worked right. then i looked up to see what others are using and they price is about the same plus u had to buy cords. this is a well made and good deal for the prices, i think its a better deal then a off brand that may work on your shield.

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Love it!!!7/21/2015 5:56:38 AM

Pros: Pink, very comfortable, great sound and love in-line controller, great mic sound quality nice white braided cable. I wear this headset sometimes all day when i am on my pc even when i am not gaming and just watching movies. I love the 7.1 Surround Sound it makes games and movies sound much nicer. The headset keeps out sound to wher i can hardly make out what someone says in the same room and the mic blocks out back ground noise well. I usely have my husband in the room also on a headset and i sometimes get a echo that before with my old headset i could not fix but whit this one i can by moving my mic closer, this is not a problem from my headset picking him up but from his picking me up. I like that they give you 2 kinds of ear cup covers and at first i tried the none leather kind but for me they are a bit itchy so i am using the leather and they are so soft and really don't make you skin sweaty like i thought it would. The carry bag is nice and i love how it comes in a pink box also. Kingston has gone all out making a headset that females will love right down to the pink and white box.

Cons: Only thing i have wrong with my headset is that i noticed that one of the braided cables is coming un-braided at the connection point into the in-line equalizer and i may need to tape it in the future.

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