Would definitely recommend12/8/2020 11:51:35 PM

Pros: I'm no audiophile but the bass and treble seem very well balanced to me. I'm able to fall asleep with these in with no discomfort. When I wake up they are still rockin'! The charge lasts for what seems like forever. The range is fantastic.

Cons: I had an issue where the left earbud was not pairing and was out of sync. The included (poor) instructions did have some pictures on how to do a reset but that was not working. A quick google/youtube helped me fix the issue. This does appear to be a known problem. Not enough of a problem to knock an egg off.

Overall Review: I'm pretty late to the party when it comes to wireless earbuds. I have used the single bluetooth headset variety, but that experience was lacking. It's my first time buying Anker as well and the experience has overall been great. I would definitely recommend these particular earbuds.

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Awesome11/21/2014 10:51:47 PM

Pros: $99 on sale. Dual Core. Windows 7.

Cons: Keyboard and mouse are no good. MOBO does not support AHCI.

Overall Review: Videos playback smoothly in 720p on Youtube, 1080p videos stutter a bit but are still watchable. I bought this for my dad. He was still on a single core Windows XP computer with only 1 gig of RAM, so this was quite the upgrade for him. I would definitely recommend this for basic internet browsing needs.

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Disappointing11/16/2010 1:15:23 PM

Pros: When it was working, the speed was incredible. With the arctic silver thermal compound I purchased, it was running right around 38c idle, 44c full load. That's the coolest and fastest cpu I've ever had.

Cons: It started messing up after two days. When I'd try to power on my computer, the power would come on for a split second and then go off. Then the second time I tried powering on, everything would power on, but it would not post to bios or give any video. Then a random amount of times later it would finally post and run beautifully for x amount of time until I turned it off and tried powering it back on. Now it will not post or give video no matter how many times I try turning it on. I tried the chip in a totally different computer and it is giving the same effect. I installed my old P4 and it boots up with absolutely no problem.

Overall Review: It was installed perfectly, so I guess I just got a bad processor. Just about to RMA it so we'll see how the second one turns out.

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Buy this drive11/16/2010 1:03:00 PM

Pros: Install was a breeze, partitioning was no problem, data transfer rate is superb.

Cons: It isn't 1TB.

Overall Review: I previously had a 40GB 5400rpm IDE as my primary os hard drive, so I may be a little biased with the speed increase, but seriously, this drive has been awesome so far.

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Mmmm3/7/2007 3:17:08 AM

Pros: Got it, plugged it in, worked no problems. Extremely fast WRITE. No coasters!

Cons: Reading is a bit slow. It doesn't read some of my previously burned cds either. Might be because of my setup though. Also, if I burn at the maximum I get cyclic redundancy errors while trying to read certain files on the disc. However, on other people's computers the files read fine. It's a bit loud as well.

Overall Review: As long as I don't use the max speed to burn, all of my files burn very nicely. Jumping on the DVD burner bandwagon relatively late in the game, I can't express how awesome it is. I was able to backup all of my accumulated "dust" from about 6 years ago till now. Of course Newegg was faster than H to the E to the double L.

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