Slow AF SSD drive8/8/2020 3:59:11 PM

Pros: I bought this in February with my Tomahawk B450 board and had a problem installing it at first but that was easily handled by booting to my older SSD once with this installed and then rebooting and setting this as my primary drive (No idea why that worked but it did so I won't complain about that). Nice fast drive compared to my 3 year old 512g SanDisk SSD.

Cons: It doesn't copy filed from other drives at all and even if it does it's slow as molasses. I wouldn't recommend this drive at all. It's August now and I've read that Intel has already discontinued these after only a year in production. Not a good sign since Intel is having problems all over the place like AMD used to back in the early 2000's and they barely survived as a company. Save your money and buy a Samsung or WD drive.

Overall Review: Got it really cheap on a Newegg promotion and I should have known not to go buy these after all the time's I thought I was getting a great deal on Newegg and I just got junk they were trying to get off their shelves to make room for new junk. I avoided getting a Samsung myself since they had so many problems being recognized in the B350 boards and I thought what the heck, Intel puts out great processors and so I gave this a try. I just ordered a WD Black 1tb drive to replace this and hope it gives me a better time then this drive has.

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Not a good motherboard in the long run.6/13/2020 4:59:53 AM

Pros: It was easy to install and the drivers worked out of the box.

Cons: A lot. After I installed windows 10 I updated all the drivers and everything worked great for a few days. But of course then my computer started randomly rebooting when I was using Chrome with no error messages left in the System Event Logs other then there was an incorrect shut down detected. Not helpful at all. A week went by and it did it several more times so I re-installed windows Again from a fresh install as I did when I built the computer and it still happened so I switch to Microsoft Edge as my browser. It happened again so I removed my Intel 660p 1tb M.2 drive and I am sending it in for an RMA. I had to go to a standard SSD as my main drive and it is a noticeable difference in speed on loading games and everything else I do (a lot slower). After 29 days my sound went out on the motherboard. Did every update I could from updating the bios to drivers in windows, I even changed speakers, nothing worked. All I get now is a crackling noise and nothing else so I disabled the audio on the board in the bios and moved my sound to my HD video/audio. (Just to be sure it wasn't having a problem with the HD audio I disabled that first during testing and that didn't help, I then re-enabled the HD audio). I am going to be ordering a B550 from Asrock to replace this board because I ordered my wife a B450 when I ordered this board for myself and she has no problems at all and she has every single part that I have from memory to M.2 drives to power supplies I made them all the exact same. She loves her motherboard because it has more RGB then this one but i didn't want that so I went with something that I though was a really top of the line B450 but I was proven wrong. I will be RMA'ing this board once I get another to replace it since I can't go without a PC for over a month or I'll go stir crazy with being stuck inside due to Covid19.

Overall Review: Sadly I will be moving away from MSI from now on. This has left a very sour taste in my mouth. I have built computer for over 30 years and I haven't had this much trouble with a motherboard other then one DOA from a company that no longer exists.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI motherboard. We are sorry to hear you are experiencing a problem with the product. If you have any further questions regarding this product or have any suggestions for improvement for us, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at and we will be more than happy to assist you. If you would like further technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team | JM06018202028 |
Good video card, not great for the price I paid, but a good low range card.6/6/2020 8:09:44 AM

Pros: It plays all current titles.

Cons: The information on this card is deceptive sales at it's best. It says it's a PCIe 4.0 card, but unless you really do a lot of digging further you won't find much more then that. I didn't realize that until after I watched a video on a another 5500xt video card by Steve from Gamers Nexus that all 5500xt cards are on x8 speed not x16. I went through every single 5500xt video card on Newegg and found on 1 out of the 14 found actually said PCIe 4.0 x8, they all said just PCIe 4.0. This one little omission doesn't seem very important until you understand the real problem with it. With the card being only x8 it means it's not really a future ready card with more powerful systems. If say you upgrade your motherboard to a B550, you should probably upgrade your video card to a 5600xt or better to get the full use of that PCIe 4.0 x16 slot to get full video quality. Save your money and get a PCIe 4.0 x16 card if you want a card that's going to be usable for the foreseeable future and not just some low end card that gives you OK, but not great, graphics.

Overall Review: OK card that's definitely low end, and not really any kind of an upgrade if you already own a RX580 or RX590. Go with a 5600xt or 5700 if you are an AMD fanboy like I am and can wait a few more weeks to save up the extra cash.

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Not a bad product4/13/2020 9:35:38 AM

Pros: It works OK, basically it's as cheaply made as possible to be able to sell so cheap. It does work but it's definitely not bling of any type.

Cons: Took 2 weeks to get to me, even though I had the rest of the parts in 3 days. So I had to re-open my case to install it and it's very picky as to where you place it to get it to stand correctly.

Overall Review: Not a bad product but nothing great really.

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Extremely good ram4/11/2020 2:58:30 PM

Pros: I purchased this so it would match my MSI Tomahawk MAX motherboard and run with my Ryzen 3600 processor and it does NOT disappoint. It was shipped directly from the manufacturer and I received it just one day after I got my motherboard so no long wait period there. With the XPG rgb software I downloaded from their website I am able to configure the colors to match my build exactly. I'm just using a solid blue build for RGB and no special effects. I get all the best abilities of 3600 MHz ram with my Ryzen 3 processor and no draw back.s

Cons: None at this time. I will update if anything occurs.

Overall Review: Excellent ram for the price.

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Really great headphones.4/11/2020 5:58:18 AM

Pros: I can make phone calls with these and I get excellent voice and audio with them. They last for 8 hours straight of music playing and are still not dead. I bought some of the magnetic charging cables and put one of the plugs in and just put my phone and headsets on my desk and they both charge quick and don't have to keep pulling the charging cables in and out. I use these at work and for gaming, their really awesome (I bought two pairs, one is always connected to my PC).

Cons: None so far, I will update if i come across any problems but after a month using them no problems at all.

Overall Review: A great product. Mine were on sale here on newegg and I got them half off so i bought two pairs for the price of one.

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Fantastic Video Card8/10/2016 6:37:17 PM

Pros: The graphics quality is just mind blowing. I had a NVidia 9500 GT 1GB card installed and replaced it with this bad boy and just wow. Literally WOW. I am a huge World of Warcraft player and I raid regularly and I was getting 20 FPS while in a 25 main raid with the NVidia card, and now I get 60-70 FPS even during boss fights. I checked daily to see if the new AMD RX4 cards were in stock and this one was in for just a day or two and it was only $199. I got it in just 2 days with my Newegg Premier and it took me just 20 minutes to remove my NVidia software and pull the old much smaller card and install this one. Software installation was so easy with the CD and the software isn't a memory hog. Really great work MSI.

Cons: None but check my other info below for installation tips.

Overall Review: So the Card is BIG, but I have a very big gaming full tower case so its not a problem for me. I also have a 600 Watt gold rated power supply (Rosewill) with the necessary 8 pin PCI-e power connector for the card. My suggestions are these. Make sure you use a use a tape measure and see if your PCIe-16x slot is long enough for this card inside your case before you consider buying this card. You can get the full dimensions for this card on the MSI website for it's length, and also it's weight is something also to consider. Making sure your power supply power cord is unplugged first, being a very big card I will suggest you lay your case down flat and hook up your 8 pin power to the card. Then slide it into it's slot for easier installation. Being that it's so large it's heavier then most normal cards, and if you try to install it while the case is standing up the card will bow downwards slightly making it difficult to screw in the holder screw on the end of the case. Holding the card up in position at the same time and screwing it in place is very hard. Make sure you have the 8 pin connector for the card on your current power supply and make sure you have the space needed, but most of all make sure you have a power supply that is at least rated at 500w or above. This card takes a lot of power at full load and you don't want to burn up your power supply or frying your system trying to run this. Have fun and happy gaming!

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It would be a great product if it arrived, but got lost in the mail2/19/2016 4:55:55 PM

Pros: I use this on two other pc's in my home and I love it, The networking abilities are excellent and its not cluttered with bloatware like windows 8 and 10 are.

Cons: It didn't arrive. Fedex tracking says it was left at my door without a signature but my wife is a stay at home mom and no one knocked or rang our bell. Bad delivery service.

Overall Review: None, Will update when or if I ever get what I paid for.

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Not gaming memory1/15/2011 12:08:21 PM

Pros: Fine for normal windows stuff like word and exploring the web.

Cons: Not for Gaming. After searching for information through the internet, finall found the CAS latency info so I could set all the parameters in my BIOS for the memory and found this on a EU (European) PNY website. Dimm DDR2 800MHz (PC2-6400) 2GB Part No : DIMM102GBN/6400/2 FEATURES Dimm memory modules for desktop computers Technology: DDR2 Speed: 800Mhz – PC2-6400 Backward compatible* 667Mhz – PC2-5300 533Mhz – PC2-4300 Capacity: 2GB Number of pins: 240 Case latency: 6 Now if you know anything about online gaming, you know that the MORE latency you have, the slower the gameplay. Standard gaming memory is 3.3 Latency, where as this is 6, 6 is some of the slowest there is on the market, but amazingly, neither PNY nor Newegg list this in their information, why, because NO ONE WOULD BUY IT.

Overall Review: If you are looking for cheap memory just to be able to browse the web and do small things on your PC's, this is for you, but if your a serious computer owner, don't buy this memory, its junk. Its even listed on as some of the slowest memory out there.

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