So far so good2/12/2020 9:24:54 AM

Pros: So far this laptop is serving me well in the capacity I need. I like that it’s a clean install of Win 10 too. No issues, everything works.

Cons: None

Overall Review: See above.

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Appreciate Newegg6/9/2017 8:53:32 PM

Pros: This is a solid power supply that runs my SLI GTX 980's and multiple drives and accessories. Plenty of extra power.

Cons: I did have an issue with the first psu I was sent. It was DOA.

Overall Review: This was a replacement psu for the one I originally bought when I built this rig a few years ago. The replacement psu arrived DOA. The return process was seamless and quick. I got the replacement as fast as I could expect. No hassles, they just did their best to get my psu to me with the least inconvenience. This feedback is more about my appreciation for newegg and why I buy my computer parts here.

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Great case - Buy it4/19/2015 10:36:02 PM

Pros: I am completely impressed with this case. It has a well thought out design with the builder in mind. There is plenty of room for a big heatsink. I installed the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo and there is room to close the side door with a 120mm fan on it. Actually, the fan is mounted back enough to allow the door to slide shut without hitting the top of the heat sink. There are other smart features like the mounting screws are preinstalled for an ATX motherboard. The Asus Maximus Hero VI that I installed lined up perfectly. If you use a smaller board, just remove the unused screws. While I did not install a water cooler, it will easily accommodate one. The sata dock on the top is another smart feature I liked.

Cons: The harddrive tray pins that go in to the hd screw holes, pop out too easy when your squeezing in the hd. You have to pop out the hd to push them back in. It’s not a big deal though.

Overall Review: This is just a well thought out computer case that’s priced extremely well for all that you get. It improved my build time. I would give this case a higher rating if there were more eggs.

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Works with 4790k4/19/2015 8:54:35 PM

Pros: This board works with the Devil Canyon 4790k. The board I received has the 1505 bios update. Recognized the cpu immediately. The board works well I like all the features it has to offer.

Cons: I just built my rig recently, there are no cons to report.

Overall Review: Have not overclocked yet. I will update once I run the board through it's paces.

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Solid Performer3/25/2013 7:36:23 PM

Pros: This line of SSD's are very stable. I have had no issues and have bought enough of them to give 5 stars. I was looking for an SSD that didn't need immediate firmware updates and works well right out of the box. No problems with SATA 2 but prefers SATA 3.

Cons: The read/writes are not as high as other SSD's but still fast enough. The Marvell Controller provides reliability but not top notch speed other SSD's claim to offer.

Overall Review: Your read speeds will vary from low 400's to high 300's depending on configuration. Writes are little softer and haven't got above mid 300's with SATA 3 and SATA 2 coming in mid to low 200's. Crystal Disk Mark is the benchmark used. I have bought 6 so far. 3 for builds and 3 for the rigs in my network. No fails and I am happy with these drives based on stability and reliability.

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Great router7/23/2012 7:03:39 PM

Pros: I have owned this router for 2 years and it has met all my home network needs. I can't remember if I have ever reset it intentionally because of performance. I have had to add 2 switches to connect my slingbox and tv in one room. And another for the printer and 4 pc's in another. Plus it handles a houseful of wireless phones and laptops without any problems.

Cons: None for me.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Impressed7/23/2012 6:41:00 PM

Pros: I am happy with this speaker system. Well worth the money, it's actually a bargain for the sound and bass depth you get. I have owned for over a year and sounds like the day I bought it. Plus I have never turned them off, the system have been on for over a year.

Cons: None

Overall Review: It is a recommended purchase if you are looking for a great 2.1 system.

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Great power supply7/23/2012 6:34:09 PM

Pros: Great power supply. It handles everything I can connect to it and I have a lot connected to it. I have owned this psu for over a year and works flawlessly. It is my 5th Cooler Master psu purchase.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Get this psu if you are running SLI, Raid and other multiple hardrives situations.

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Solid and consistent performance4/2/2012 10:01:41 PM

Pros: I added this drive to my rig on 07/11 and it has exceeded my expectations. I got a 7.7 WEI then and I still get that now. It is connected to an Asus Rampage III Formula 1366 board. Other components: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 12GB i7-940 Bloomfield 2.93GHz LGA 1366 COOLER MASTER Silent Pro 1000W EVGA SuperClocked GeForce GTX 580 LG WH10LS30 10X Blu-ray Burner - LightScribe Support Western Digital VelociRaptor 600GB 10000 RPM Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200 RPM

Cons: None to list

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I am glad I got one of these...8/26/2010 8:27:01 PM

Pros: Access to your TV anywhere you want through your smart phone, laptop or pc. What's not to like about that? The setup feature is not hard at all follow. The software walks you through what to do easily. Slingbox did a great job on the software. You can run multiple slingboxes.

Cons: If you have AT&T Uverse be ready for a challenge. I have not found a way to get the remote viewing feature to work with the 2Wire 3800HGV-B router they supply. There is no way to open a port to allow the remote view. I chose to dmz the network and slingbox through my NetGear router. This may be a con for some, wasn't for me. Also, you can remotely watch your slingbox from one phone, laptop or pc at a time. Which is why I have 2 so I don't interrupt the family room TV...

Overall Review: Depending on the design of your house, you'll want to hook the slingbox directly into your router. My office is at the front of the house where the routers reside. I ran cat5 from the rooms that have slingboxes through the attic to the office. If you can't run cat5 directly to your router, Slingbox offers an electrical wall socket solution to hook up to the router. I have no experience using this so I can't comment if it is as good or better than running cat5.

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For the price...not bad8/26/2010 7:37:05 PM

Pros: Inexpensive and easy set up. Great coverage from a central upstairs location.

Cons: For the price, it is hard to complain about anything. The router sent has lasted over a year to date.

Overall Review: I added this into a relative of mine's network. They have a large house with pc's in 4 rooms and a wireless printer. The router is located upstairs in a central room. It provides laptop coverage through the house and garage. This router is not N capable, so this router will not be a good choice if you need that feature.

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I like this keyboard, but...5/2/2009 10:20:45 PM

Pros: This is a very solid keyboard. It sticks to my desk and doesn't move. A gaming advantage I like (see below there is a disadvantage). The keys are a joy to press, but loud. Anyone in a room near you will know your typing. However, the function of this keyboard makes it worth it.

Cons: The only con for me is when I game. My mouse is utilized for most of the functions I need, but once in awhile I get in a jam (firefight) and when I press multiple keys at once...I get a memory dump and restart. My old keyboard did not do this. I have learned to not do that as much and this is now a minimal issue. Gamers will experience this and have to adjust like me.

Overall Review: I still rate this keyboard a 4. It is well built, solid and works well for me. I would give it a 5 if it wasn't for that occasional dump during a game. Future versions may have this rectified? My OS is Vista 64.

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A lot of GPS for a small price5/15/2008 6:38:44 PM

Pros: I am really pleased with this GPS. For the money it fulfills all the GPS needs I have. Compact enough to fit in your pocket. Voice gives you directions plenty of time before turns. Plenty of on board memory to load mp3's if you so choose. The additional memory slot has worked fine for me. In the event I miss a turn, it recalculates and gets me back on track. When I away on business, I take it with me when I walk somewhere. Now that I own this GPS, I will never travel without it.

Cons: This is a sturdy unit. The mount that attaches to the windshield does not work well. In warm/hot weather it will fail and fall off...taking the unit with it. For some reason the rubber suction cup does not adhere well to a windshield that has sat in the sun. It will fool you. I've attached the mounting device and tugged on it to make sure it was secure. Only to have it fall off after I'm en route. Then I have to pull over to pick it up off the floor. So far no damage to the unit but now I'm concerned if this will be covered in the event damage is caused by the mounting device not working as expected. I am now inconvenienced because I can't trust the mount anymore.

Overall Review: The pro's outweigh the cons. Be careful when you mount it to the windshield and be prepared to pick your unit off the floor in very warm or hot weather if it is mounted with the suction cup. Pull over if you have to do this...don't try it while driving. ;)

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Works very well5/6/2008 7:04:59 PM

Pros: Works right out of the box. Very easy to expand your network if you have more pc's than ports. Just plug into a router port and the pc's you plug into it are assigned ip's from the router. It's that easy. Other pro's is the price. If your going to do is internet and game then this will do fine. I have not had any issues with large file transfers between pc's hooked into the switch so far.

Cons: None to list. The price and ease of installation make it a great device to expand the home network.

Overall Review: I see that others had a problem with temperature, but I have not detected this switch to be any warmer than the router or modem.

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Pleased with this monitor and the price!4/3/2008 7:43:37 PM

Pros: This monitor is a bargain for the price. I'm impressed with the multimedia range. My games and movies look great. There is enough room to have side by side spreadsheets for business. It arrived without any bad pixels and came packed very well from the manufacturer. The pixel detail is high for what it cost.

Cons: I didn't need the web cam addition. However, if and when I do it's there. From what I'm reading Asus needs to get the software straightened out. I have not installed the software, so I can not comment on that at this time. If you don't need a web cam just get the VW222U. It looks like the exact same monitor minus the webcam and you can save a few bucks. This monitor has many modes for gaming, night view, scenery, standard, and theater. Standard is what it is set at at and I don't really see that big of a difference to set it at any of the others. Theater might be the only other I may switch it to.

Overall Review: If your upgrading from a smaller monitor, make sure that your video card is new enough to handle the higher resolutions this one offers. On the other hand it might be a good time to improve your vid card too. Prices are dropping on the 8800 series of cards. There are some good deals available. Q6600 sizzling @ 3.6ghz, Zalman 9500, P5E-WS Pro, 4gb G-skill PC DDR2 1000, EVGA 8800GTX SC'd, WD caviar HD, SB X-Fi Fatality Pro, in a COOLER MASTER RC-690 with extra fans.

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Cool case2/28/2008 10:44:27 PM

Pros: This case is designed for cool operation. Plenty of airflow.

Cons: No speaker for mobo beep warnings. I didn't have any, but if you do, that might come in handy to help resolve issue. The hardrive holder is made of very flimsy plastic.

Overall Review: Other than the cons I mentioned, the case is a great buy.

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No probs - Great board!2/28/2008 10:40:08 PM

Pros: Absolutely no problems with this board. From install to oc'ing my Q6600 to 3.6ghz. No bios issues at all. Buy an anti-stat wrist band for all builds people. I recommend this board.

Cons: No cool LED...

Overall Review: Q6600 @ 3.6ghz, EVGA SC 8800GTX, G.Skill PC1000 4gb, Thermaltake 750. Plays Crysis at DX10 no prob. Video and photo editing with PS a breeze. Very fast rig for the money.

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