Killer Drives9/12/2015 7:05:50 PM

Pros: I have 5 of these drives. 2 in a Core i7-5820k desktop in raid 0 (getting over 1100mb/s read and writes, and 75k+ iops), 2 in a windows storage spaces tiered pool on a Dell R610 server, and one in a Core i5 mobile workstation. All 5 of them have been rock solid and reliable. They are fast and take anything you throw at them.

Cons: If I had to list any, they are a little pricy yet compared to magnetic storage, and they tend to slow down if you fill them up too much. That's technically a con of any SSD though, so your YMMV.

Overall Review: I'm not sure if Server 2012R2 will support trim in a Storage Spaces tiered storage pool. I have two of these and two 10k SAS drives in a pool. I'll have to monitor performance and possibly zero the SSD's in the future if performance degrades.

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Questionable...9/12/2015 4:29:49 PM

Pros: Looks nice, 32gb, it works at 2133.

Cons: It doesn't work at 2400 w/ XMP enabled. System refuses to boot. Similar issues to the other reviewers. It's fine at 2133, fails to boot with XMP enabled at 2400. Fails to boot when manually configured to the appropriate 2400 settings as well. This ram is on the approved list for the board. Fails to boot when any memory setting is anything other than Auto and XMP disabled. I've messed around with countless settings for hours with no luck. This about my 20th build, so I'm awfully familiar with BIOS settings and how to troubleshoot components. Intel i7 5820k Gigabyte X99-SLI EVGA 970GTX FTW 500gb Samsung EVO 850 SSD x2 2TB Hitachi Ultrastar x2 ASUS BD-RW ASUS DVD-RW Seasonic Platinum 860Watt PSU Corsair H100i Water Cooling

Overall Review: Board has been updated to the latest BIOS and cmos reset. "Grey" ram slots populated per manual for running 4 of 8 slots. DD4_1_1A, DD4_3_1B, DDR4_7_1D, and DDR4_5_1C. I've moved slots around, same results. Only thing left to do is try one at a time and see if it will boot w/ XMP enabled. Most likely going to RMA, shouldn't have to jack with it like this, it should just work.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Dear Customer Glad to hear you like the new G.Skill RipJaws 4 series heat spreaders. This memory kit should work flawlessly with that motherboard and CPU. If you are experiencing an issue reaching the rated specifications, test one module at a time to see if they can all pass. Prior to doing so, hard reset UEFI to make sure defaults are loaded and there are no glitches. The RAM should be able to operate at DDR4-2400 CL15 with XMP enabled, or you can try manual settings. If you continue to have an issue, feel free to contact the G.Skill technical support team and we can make sure the computer is running fast and stable. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum:
Junk x22/9/2014 1:24:54 PM

Pros: Fast - when it worked

Cons: Unstable, crashes, bsod's, black screens, etc. RMA'd it, and the replacement is just as bad, if not worse. 5 minutes into a game it hard locks or justs shuts down the PC. Put my 465gtx back in and its rock solid for hours on end. Avoid.

Overall Review: Don't waste your time with sapphire, lots of web info about junk cards, inferior components, and wasting your time RMA'ing just to get a worse card back.

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12/6/2013 6:49:12 AM

Pros: Large clear screens, ordered two and neither have any dead pixels. Blue power LED's match my other devices. Monitor has an ECO mode setting that saves energy and still provides good image quality and brightness.

Cons: I can't really say these are cons, at least not at this price point: -Only VGA and DVI Input. -Both bezels on my pair were scratched out of the box -Inputs are on the back and stick straight out, if you have heavy DVI cables, they will stress the port since they stick straight out and you can't get these close to the wall. -OEM stand is cheap and has little adjustment capability, I have them mounted on fully adjustable aftermarket stands.

Overall Review: Comes with all cables needed, handy if you're short on DVI cables, but I have about 30 VGA cables now. Wish they were 1920x1200 and not 1920x1080.

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12/6/2013 6:28:08 AM

Pros: Lots of available ports, fairly small form factor, doesn't take up an unnecessary amount of space. Ports are well spaced, each with a blue LED indicator.

Cons: Power cord's transformer is a bit bulky, USB3.0 cable is a bit short.

Overall Review: Never heard of this brand before, long term reliability remains to be seen, but so far so good.

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2 of 3 DoA!6/26/2012 7:42:09 PM

Pros: None so far.

Cons: 2 of the 3 I received were DoA. Nothing but constant beeps, head noise, and eventual spin down after 10 seconds or so. Tried in 3 different systems and a sata to usb dock, no dice on them.

Overall Review: Really disappointing. I've got a stack on old seagate drives that still work perfectly, but to not even get to use two of the three that I ordered is unacceptable. It makes me seriously question the long term viability of these drives.

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Agree with the previous review1/6/2012 7:55:38 PM

Pros: It's a fairly simple device that does what's advertised.

Cons: Like the previous reviewer said, the bracket is bent in the WRONG direction. Totally worthless as is. I put it in a bench vice and bent the stupid thing the right way. It kept falling out of my SFF dell optiplex with the bracket being built wrong.

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Great Router1/6/2012 7:51:46 PM

Pros: I got this specifically to put DD-WRT on it. Its been rock solid since I've had it. The usb port comes in handy to share my laser printer on. It will support a usb storage for a basic nas as well, but I prefer to share my printer as I have a dedicated amd e-350 based custom nas I use. The stock firmware is a little sketchy, has a few "engrish" things in the menu.

Cons: Its somewhat large, antennae could be higher gain, they are fairly stubby.

Overall Review: Blue LED's are obnoxiously bright. No brightness control that I can see either in stock firmware or DD-WRT.

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Get it if you can find it6/4/2011 9:25:00 PM

Pros: Great sub for music and movies. Rattles the floor, matches the other polks I have. Stand by mode works better than my old yamaha. No port noise at higher volumes. Have only at half volume and its MORE than sufficient for shaking the house during movies. Managed to grab one recently when they came back in stock, glad I got it when I did, since they are sold out again. If you see one, get it.

Cons: The feet are plastic and held in by a single dinky nail. Ok for carpet but not hard wood. I put rubber on the bottom. Vinyl cabinet as opposed to real wood veneer of all my monitor series II.

Overall Review: Using with Sharp 70" LCD, Pioneer Elite VSX-33, Polk Monitor 70 x2, Polk CS2, and Polk Monitor 40s for surrounds. Makes for a pretty awesome home theater setup. Blu-Ray with Dolby TrueHD or DTS Master HD with this sub and those speakers makes for an awesome experience.

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Great5/29/2011 8:54:53 PM

Pros: Pretty Good Sounding. No complaints. Accurate Bass. Will take all the power you throw at them. Using them with a Pioneer Elite VSX-33, Monitor 70 Fronts, CS2 Center, and Monitor 40 Surrounds and a PSW505 Sub. DTS Master HD on Bluray with this setup is spectacular. No regrets in buying them.

Cons: Big, no rubber feet for hardwood. Comes with plastic "carpet spikes".

Overall Review: Some people said theirs arrived damaged from shipping. The boxes and packing aren't too bad. Heavy styrofoam on the ends, and one in the middle. They protect the speaker pretty well. Unless UPS drop kicks them, they probably will arrive in good condition.

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Junk5/24/2011 7:55:21 PM

Pros: Stable when it works. Sata 6.0, decent layout, decently fast for a board with integrated video hardware.

Cons: Hard locks whenever you use the front USB ports. No matter what I plug in, Ipod, my droid2, usb hard drive, anytime I plug in anything it locks the whole system. I've read there are grounding issues with the front ports. I can make it hard lock if I plug in a usb cable and touch the case too. Bios also likes to randomly lose settings or revert to factory. I booted up one day and one of my 6 cores was disabled. I had to clear the cmos to get it to keep the settings. I don't think I'll buy another ASUS board anytime soon. ASUS used to be rock solid, I've had 10 of their boards since the 90s, guess the quality just isn't there anymore.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Please email us at listing the USB devices you are using and we will try and replicate the issue. Regards ASUS Customer Support