U Have 2 B Kidding Meh6/13/2008 10:43:29 AM

Pros: Good sound, keeps up better than my X-Fi Fatality Xtreme Gamer (In 32-Bit), and is much smaller than it too.

Cons: No 64-Bit support for a lot of Asus boards, Biostar boards, Jetway boards, or Abit boards. Tried installing the drivers twice in a row, like instructed from the other reviews, still nothing. I have lots of PCs in my shop that I tried to get this to work with... some with boards in the 300-400 dollar range. Nadda.

Overall Review: I'm sticking with my Xtreme Gamer Fatality. It at least supports 64-Bit if you wanted to upgrade to it.

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Phenom Kills XP6/10/2008 3:01:00 PM

Pros: good processor for vista. especially for 64-bit vista.

Cons: in xp, it is slower than a slug on a salt hill. xp doesnt know how to use the processor right, and the 6400+ is way faster in xp than the 9850, even overclocked.

Overall Review: definitely a processor for vista.

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wow5/7/2008 11:28:34 PM

Pros: upgraded to 2 GB. Fastest thing in the world.

Cons: Huge as heck.

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of course!4/24/2008 9:15:08 PM

Pros: yes, it has pcie 2.0. but at least the site isn't as bad as biostars and gigabytes technical support.

Cons: ..........

Overall Review: this is 4 the bri770 guys request

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Seriously...Ignore the 1- 4 Eggs!!!!4/11/2008 2:45:22 PM

Pros: It supports the new 2.4 and 2.5GHz Phenoms.I've already overclocked my 2.5GHz Phenom to 3GHz.This board makes overclocking easily safe.And you get lots of free stuff with this board too.A 2GB Thumbdrive with a built-in Hub (yeah,I know. a thumbdrive with built-in hub too),loads of cables. The board has a giant copper-based heat sink on both the north & south bridge of the board, with liquid coolant in it.So I know it's not going to get extremly hot like a lot of gigabit,abit,and asus boards do.And there is also a giant heatsink near the ports on the side of the board too (with liquid coolant).Solid capasitors are spread everywhere as well.This board is surely going to live a while.But if you think this board is luxury...you should see the box!It's huge, luxurious looking, has a strong magnetically sealed top, and the packaging is crazy-fancy!I'm keeping all of it, just because it's so neat!Oh yeah, and you also get crazy graphics with it too.4get the other phenom boards!This 1 is gr8!!

Cons: I read the back of the box to find something very surprising... there is a sticker that reads "the solder and other materials used in this product may contain lead, or other chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive harm"... lol. crazy. the motherboard tht i love so, may kill me one day.

Overall Review: buy this baord if you want to go with a AMDX2 6400+ or Phenom 2.4GHZ/2.5GHz. totally worth it since overclocking is easy as pushing the up key. lol.

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