Solid card, great performance, runs hot8/27/2021 6:23:53 PM

Pros: - Runs most everything I've thrown at it at either max or near max settings consistently at or over 60fps (1080p)

Cons: - Runs hot!

Overall Review: In a world where you need to wait for months until your chance to win the Newegg Shuffle to buy that RTX 3070 card you originally wanted, having the option to buy this card without having to participate in the shuffle was a godsend. I built my gaming PC back in January 2021, and had for 8 months religiously participated in daily shuffles and not once got a break to buy the card I originally wanted. After seeing reviews and charts and such, and realizing that this card is very close in performance to an RTX 3070, I decided to buy it and hope for the best. I have to say, I'm impressed. This card has run most games I've played at 60fps or more using max settings (at 1080p). I haven't tried using RTX in games that support it, but my understanding is that this card takes a huge performance penalty in those scenarios. The AMD drivers and software aren't as bad as I remember them to be, and I was able to use MSI Afterburner to manually modify the fan curves. Speaking of which, the default fan curve is very passive. The card would routinely hit 90-95C temps while gaming, which is something I had never had happen to me with nvidia cards. Adjusting the fan curves has helped me keep them in the 60-70C range, which I am far more comfortable with. But apparently these cards can handle the hot temperatures. I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you haven't been using AMD cards for a while, and you need that upgrade ASAP, this card is a very solid contender for the money. I am very happy with the performance boost (upgrading from a GTX 970) and super happy that after so many months I can finally play in my new gaming PC.

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Great monitor8/27/2021 5:58:47 PM

Pros: - Crisp image - Good colors - No blurring on movement - No ghosting - No trails - Great adjustable stand

Cons: - No speakers, although not really that important to me. - Had to install software to be able to change the settings because the on-screen display is not at all intuitive. This monitor comes set to 60Hz mode by default, so I had to pump it up all the way to 165Hz.

Overall Review: I bought this monitor to replace an ASUS TUF Gaming VG24VQ I've owned for 3 weeks or so. This G24F monitor is leaps and bounds better than the ASUS one (and it's worth mentioning that the ASUS one is a VA panel). I'm using this monitor to work during the day, and then play at night and it has been working great for both scenarios. Colors are nice and bright, text is nice and crisp, and best of all NO BLURRY IMAGES. The stand is pretty solid and its height is adjustable, which is very nice. I've been testing the monitor by playing an assortment of games: Hades, Void Bstards, Halo MCC, Rocket League, SMB3, and Nier: Automata. I had played these games as well on the ASUS monitor. On the ASUS any camera movement felt like the image was a lot blurrier than with the G24F. In games like Hades and Void Bstards, where the colors are a lot brighter and the art style tends to have thicker black lines, you can really see those blacks leave a trail behind. The G24F had none of these issues. I was even getting headaches while playing with the ASUS monitor, something I haven't experienced with the G24F. As mentioned in the Cons section, I did have to install a program and connect the monitor via USB to be able to change the settings because to me the controls and settings were almost impossible to set in the monitor. However, if you're into profiles and such, the software lets you set up different profiles and bind hotkeys to them if you want to switch between refresh, brightness, contrast, etc. Monitor came with an HDMI cable, a Display Port cable, and 3 different AC adapters (I'm guessing to cover the different plugs used around the world). I would not hesitate to buy another one of these if I ever need to either replace my second monitor or if one of my kids asks for a high refresh monitor. Very happy with my purchase.

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Not sure why it's so highly rated8/22/2021 6:33:43 PM

Pros: - Great stand. I would give this monitor zero eggs, but since this is by far my favorite stand for a monitor I've owned, I'll throw in two eggs.

Cons: - Bad colors, even with the recommended settings and color profile that was suggested in other reviews and online. - Blurry image, even when not gaming. No matter what settings I choose, I can always see a mouse cursor trail/ghost. I have been getting headaches and motion sickness playing games, something that had never happened before. Tonight I realized why that was. See the attached video to see how badly this monitor bleeds colors and blurs on movement.

Overall Review: This review is mostly a cautionary tale to those who, like me, haven't been able to keep up with the pros and cons of the panels used in monitors nowadays. The monitor is physically solid and looks really nice on my desk. The stand is by far the best I've had on a monitor and wish I could keep it and put a different monitor on it. I am very disappointed at the poor display quality and washed up colors/ghosting when there is movement. I also use this monitor when I work from home, and sadly even the text is kind of blurry and not ideal for coding. I've had this monitor for about 3 weeks now and I believe I have given it enough time for me to get used to it, and give it a chance to shine. Since I probably am too late to return it, I'll probably sell it used and buy something a little better (or maybe go back to my old Samsung from 8 years ago and give this to one of my kids). I honestly don't understand how this monitor has so many good reviews.

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20C difference at full load!7/27/2016 7:55:53 PM

Pros: I bought this item to replace my stock i7 fan from 3 years ago (i7-3700 IIRC). While encoding video I would notice that temps would constantly hit 80-82C when the CPU was at full load. I was honestly expecting a 5-10C reduction when replacing the fan. I was blown away to see it top off at 60-62C now while full load, and best of all: silent. I also noticed a 5C reduction on my idle temps, if that helps as well (25C ambient temp). So yes, get this fan. It's does the job very, very well.

Cons: The installation instructions are pretty meh. There are tons of videos explaining how to do the installation, so check youtube for that. I was already aware of this based on other reviews, but I was expecting much worse. I got it installed in like 10 minutes being extra careful.

Overall Review: Note: You will have to remove the motherboard from the case if you're upgrading an existing cooler.

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Avoid this piece of junk9/21/2014 9:33:14 AM

Pros: Has support for a lot of features most other routers only get when applying a 3rd party firmware. Looks good. Range is great. Open source firmware.

Cons: Intermittent. Very intermittent. I have a cron job in one of my servers to reboot it every 24 hours because the router usually starts dropping packets after some hours of uptime. I'm considering lowering it to run every 8 hours because it's doing it way more frequently now. Google search for this issue and you'll find lots of threads and rotten reviews of this problem going back more than a year. I flashed it with the Merlin fork of the firmware, but it also has this annoying bug. I'm not using it for any crazy scenario nor extending other wireless access points, just standard routing between my cable modem and my devices. I find it insane that a router that costs this much can't do the simplest thing a router is required to do: route packets in and out. Avoid at all costs. You have been warned.

Overall Review: Gave it 2 eggs because despite of all the cons, it has a very nice range (compared to my old linksys and netgear routers), and the features baked into the firmware are usually only found in 3rd party firmware.

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Wow7/15/2013 11:13:20 PM

Pros: Bought this monitor to replace a 20" 1600x900 monitor that was used exclusively to play video games. After a month or so of playing on it every day I can say that I'm really happy with my decision. Colors are great, contrast is great, no ghosting in games, etc. I really like the way the monitor controls work now on newer Samsung TV's and monitors. It seems like it will be more durable than the buttons on my old LCD that are busted after just 1 1/2 years. Great buy, you won't regret it.

Cons: The stand came with it's screw hole misaligned. I'm still to this day wondering if I should contact Samsung to send me one or RMA the unit. The biggest reason I don't want to risk an RMA is because of having no dead pixels nor bleed issues with the monitor. The monitor sits in its stand even without the screw (because of how the weight is distributed). But moving the desk will probably cause it to fall and break. Good thing this desk is heavy and no one moves it.

Overall Review: I've had a couple of Samsung displays now from CRT's to LCD's to TV's and I'm yet to be disappointed. I don't regret my purchase one bit.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Works as intended7/15/2013 11:06:41 PM

Pros: Bought one for work to replace my old wired keyboard. Went with Logitech because I already own an Anywhere Mouse so I took advantage of the unifying receiver to save a usb port. The keys feel nice, even after 10 hours of coding at work. Range is fine, response is as good as wired. Haven't tested it with games since I use this only at the office. Comes with AAA batteries. For those wondering, I can disconnect the unifying receiver from my work Mac and plug it into my secondary PC (running Windows) and I'm free to use both my kb and mouse there. I can even use it to enter my credentials for decrypting the hard drive before windows starts.

Cons: Extreme nitpicking here, but I would've preferred if it used "AA" size batteries since I have a lot of rechargeables at home.

Overall Review: Very very very worth the money. Can't complain.

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Not bad10/23/2009 8:38:15 PM

Pros: Keyboard and mouse in one.

Cons: Odd loss of signal when out of line-of-sight of receiver. Odd loss of signal when hand is over where I think the keyboard transmits the signal. Seems to interfere with my WiFi router.

Overall Review: All cons being said, I'm really happy with my purchase, especially considering that the other alternative was getting an actual wireless keyboard and mouse combo. For an HTPC I'd rather worry about having my keyboard rest on my lap or couch than having to worry about getting an extra surface to roll the mouse on.

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Not bad for price11/1/2006 10:03:54 AM

Pros: Colors look "alive" when compared to my previous (but still decent) 17" CRT Monitor. I've been playing World of Warcraft on this baby for this past month on it and the difference in colors is amazing (although I'm inclined to believe you'd see such a dramatic improvement on pretty much any LCD). Minimal ghosting (more on this below).

Cons: Motion blur (aka, ghosting). At 8ms pixel refresh, I'd expect it to have no ghosting at all. It's not as drastic as, say, on a laptop LCD, but it's still there.

Overall Review: You can't beat it for the price. I'm probably keeping mine despite the ghosting (unless I can get a refund =P)

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Odd...1/3/2006 5:51:09 PM

Pros: Asus type packaging quality.

Cons: Not sure if I should put this as a Con, so read below...

Overall Review: Bought this for a client and the card shows up in Windows as a Geforce MX 4000 (and performs like one too). Probably a manufacturer's mistake if no one else has noticed this. Considering the fact that my client refuses to return it, I guess it's "good enough" for whatever it was he needed it.

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No noise ^_^1/3/2006 5:45:43 PM

Pros: Pretty silent. Now instead of a whiny turbine sound, I can barely hear the usual "wind blowing through" sound. Replaced 2 cheap noisy fans for 3 of these. All 3 fans installed make less noise than 1 of my older ones alone. They come with the 3-pin to 4-pin power adapter. This wasn't mentioned anywhere and I almost bought some adapters in vain.

Cons: None I can think of.

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Not bad1/3/2006 5:42:36 PM

Pros: No problems with drivers, easy to use software, excellent sound quality when tweaked through it's software.

Cons: No hardware EQ (explained below)

Overall Review: This isn't mentioned in the product specs, but this card uses the Envy24 chipset. Nice card overall, but without tweaking the "TruSurround" settings in the included software it sounds exactly like my other $5 5.1 card. -1 eggs because I was expecting to at least get a hardware EQ (like on some other similar cards in its price range).

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9/14/2005 9:36:12 PM

Comments: I have to agree with the guy who posted below, very easy to flash - got my 16 pipes. I replaced my GeForce 6600GT with this card and well, you can definitely see some performance boosts, but as far as I can tell 4xFSAA looked way better and smoother on the geForce than in this one. I can still see some aliasing on some textures, and OpenGL seems to ignore the AA settings altogether. I'm hoping it's a driver thing...

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