Nice on paper, reality is a little different6/13/2018 7:37:17 PM

Pros: - 8 HDD bays - Great look - Silent fans - Cheap

Cons: - As many said, the Molex connector thing that can set fire is stupid. There is 5 Molex connector coming from the top/front panel and the user manual doesn't explain them. Since other reviews mentionned that you can short the 5V and 12V power rail, plugging this is like a Saw movie. Use a multimeter. - Space behind the hard drive too small to fit straight sata cables with an acceptable bending radius. I find it to be a very poor design as the 8 HDD bays are definetely the main feature of that case (in my opinion). I installed only one side panel to avoid damagin my sata cables.

Overall Review: More details about the fan/fire issue : There is 2x 3 position switches on the top that are each connected to a Molex connector (5V/Gnd/Gnd/12V) and the other side of the switch is connected to 2x 2 pins fans connector. By moving the switch you can connect the fans to the 12V or 5V rails. BUT, if you don't want to use these switches, you can also connect the front fans directly to the 12V rail with a Molex conenctor. If you do both, moving the switch to the 5V position melts the wires... This should be documented, at least! I bought this case to make an affordable NAS with 8 bays. I am disapointed that I can't really close the side panel where the HDD cables are. A 90 degrees cable should do the trick, but the power connector doesn't fit either and most PSU have straight connector for those. I would have given at least 4 stars if it wasn't of the lack of cable space behing the HDD. The case is cheap, I didn't expect a wonder, but I would expect to at least be able to fit standard sata cables.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Pier-Yves, We greatly appreciate your purchase and strive to provide the best quality and service to you. Rest assured that your feedback about the STEALTH case will receive the attention it deserves. We will continue improving our products in the future. Thank you. Phone: 1- 800-575-9885 Email: Email2: Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
Great home server6/13/2018 7:21:17 PM

Pros: - Slim - Good performance/price ratio. - 4 Gbe port is nice! - Work like a charm!

Cons: -Hard drive doesn't allow to screw from the side, which is usually to way to go when fitting a 2.5" drive into a 3.5" adapter. I ended up screwing the drive into the front cooling vent. -Lot of empty spaces inside, could probably be smaller

Overall Review: Depth is 14", it can fit into a 12" deep rack using some 4" extension brackets. The 10" version of that server is about 250$ more expensive, brackets are <20$

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Thank you for your comment! Supermicro needs your comment to improve our quality and service. If you still have any question, feel free to contact us. Please see the below technical support contact information: Phone: (408)503-8000 Hours: 9:00 a.m – 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time (Monday – Friday) Email address: You can also submit your issue online: Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question. Thank you! SM Technical Support
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