Overall, a Great system.9/19/2008 3:38:14 PM

Pros: Very, very small form factor, but still with plenty of room for components. Has everything that you need. ICE cooling system is outstanding and does a very good job of cooling the proc as well as the entire system. The PSU is a beast and can handle almost anything you throw at it.

Cons: Overclocking with this guy is very difficult. I was only able to get a Q6600 up to 2.88GHz from 2.40GHz (normally I can get one up to 3.4GHz easily). If you are using a 45nm processor, be sure to have another LGA775 proc handy because you will need to upgrade the BIOS before the 45nm proc will work.

Overall Review: I am really impressed with the quality from Shuttle. I am running a Q6600, 4GB of GSkill DDRII 800MHz RAM, a 50GB WD Hard drive, and soon to be an 8800GT. And all of this is on a 250W PSU. Also the On-Board graphics is not all that they built it up to be, it has no shader support so most games won't even load. I always like to have boards with the on-board in case something happens to the PCI-Express card.

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Amazing Processor From Intel9/19/2008 3:30:12 PM

Pros: Over clock's like no other processor I have ever seen. Got it to run stable at 3.6 GHz on a Asus P5K Deluxe. Currently have it in a Shuttle SG31G2 at stock speeds. The temps are relatively low for the amount of power it has.

Cons: None so far. OEM procs don't come the Core 2 Quad case badge, but thats hardly a con.

Overall Review: Huge increase in performance from a Core 2 Duo. I would recommend this proc to anyone for any application, even those on a budget. I also recommend the Q6600 over the Q9300 because it can be overclocked well over the Q9300 and it's a lot cheaper!

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More great Memory from GSkill9/19/2008 3:25:09 PM

Pros: Amazingly fast, very realiable. Scales right up with my Q6600 to 960MHz in a Shuttle SG31G2 with no problems. Ran MemTest86+ with them OC'ed for over 20 passes without any errors.

Cons: None what so ever

Overall Review: I have been using GSkill ever since my friend introduced them to me, and I have never been let down.

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Amazing Printer8/6/2008 5:38:04 AM

Pros: Print quality is excellent. Prints incredibly fast, even over the wireless. Also has manual duxplexing. Once you get the networking portion working it is truly amazing.

Cons: Wireless network set is a real pain. It's little on the loud side when printing, but nothing to serious.

Overall Review: If you are going to use the wireless networking you will need a decent understanding of networking. Like others have said, don't follow the setup program. Go to the Brother website and read the online pdf manual. Also if you are going to use the wireless networking and you get it all set up, when you go to add the printer in Windows, you MUST create a network printer port using the IP. Windows will not find it over the wireless.

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Excellent Enclosure3/10/2008 7:18:45 PM

Pros: Outer shell is made of metal. Very study and all connectors plug in nice and snug. Blue lights are a nice touch. Works fine with both PATA and SATA drives.

Cons: As others have said, the internal SATA connect is a bit on the weak side, so be careful. Also the hard drive tray is made of plastic, not aluminum like the outside shell.

Overall Review: The lights could annoy some people, but can be easily unplugged inside.

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Outstanding1/13/2008 1:43:01 PM

Pros: This card is outstanding. It can play Crysis on very hight at 1280x1024 and every other game that I have on max settings. Card also over clocks to better than the 880gts. I have mine at 700/2000

Cons: As many others have said the cooler is very loud and ineffective. I installed the Zalman Fatal1ty cooler and it dropped the temp 15C to idle at 37C and load at 54C

Overall Review: My setup: Intel e6750 OC to 3.20GHz, Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L, 4GB GSkill Memory, XFX 8800GT, HT Striker Omega Sound

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Another Great Product from Logitech1/13/2008 1:32:34 PM

Pros: Amazing Keyboard. Looks stylish and sleek, but most importantly works flawlessly. The media buttons are nice for Vista Media Center and the four shortcut keys on F9-F12 are very handy. The mouse is very comfortable and precise.

Cons: The only problem I had was in Crysis the middle button did not work with Setpoint installed. If you go into Setpoint and change the middle button to "Generic Button" it fixes the problem.

Overall Review: Logitech has yet to let me down in any of their products. I highly recommend for performance, style and price.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Its Ink12/5/2007 12:10:14 PM

Pros: Its a lot cheaper to buy HP Ink from Newegg rather than from HP directly or other retailers.

Cons: none.

Overall Review: I prefer the XL cartridges over the standard because they give you more bang for the buck.

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Great RAM12/5/2007 12:05:17 PM

Pros: Great RAM, it does everything that is suppose to do. No defects, I ran Memtest for 16hrs and no errors.

Cons: none thus far!

Overall Review: These sticks seems to run very hot to the touch. I cannot overclock, NOT the memory's fault, but some other component on my board (or the board itself). Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L, Intel E6750, 4Gb G-Skill DDR2 800, XFX 7900GS, HT Omega Strike 7.1 Sound

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Rock Solid11/13/2007 3:46:54 PM

Pros: Amazing proc. I upgraded from a Pentium D 925 to this and all apps run very smoothly. I have mine overclocked to 3.2GHz and Vcore at 1.350V, idling at 39C with fans barely moving.

Cons: The Multipliers are locked.

Overall Review: Its a lot better bang for the buck than the E6850. Also I am using a Zalman CPNS9500 Heatsink.

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Great Mobo11/9/2007 5:05:38 PM

Pros: Board posted with no problem. Solid Caps are a big bonus. C.I.A 2 is really amazing.

Cons: A few problems with OverClocking in the Bios, but OCing in Windows works just fine with EasyTune5 or another software

Overall Review: Don't let all the negative reviews turn you away. I and many other people that I know have used this board and have had no problems.

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Great Card7/11/2007 9:20:35 AM

Pros: Amazing Card. Plays mostly all games on High to Ultra High. I upgrade from an Ati x800, and the proformance of this is outstanding.

Cons: The stock fan is a little on the weak side. I have not overclocked the card because of this.

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Great Board8/6/2006 10:57:02 AM

Pros: Great motherboard. Onboard graphics are amazing. Can run HL2 and Rainbow6 Lockdown on high settings (no AA). PCI-E x16 is accually a x16 slot.

Cons: Overclocking not so great. Included Floppy Drive cable is not notched and poorly marked. On two DIMM slots

Overall Review: Great motherboard for the price. Has all the features of the higher end boards for half the price.

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