Works great!5/6/2014 7:58:02 PM

Pros: Works great! no problems at all. Adjusted my dB out, and I come throjugh crystal clear!

Cons: none.

Overall Review: Buy it if you are looking for a good desktop mic!

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Works great!5/6/2014 7:56:13 PM

Pros: Works like a charm, great signal, great speeds on the network!

Cons: None. This thing is great!

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WOW5/6/2014 7:54:59 PM

Pros: I am absolutely amazed at this thing. Seriously. My CPU temp dropped 30 degrees under load!!! That's HUGE for an Air cooler. See Other

Cons: None to speak of really.. couple minor things.. see other

Overall Review: The main thing is, this baby is SNUG on the processor. Seriously. Wow. I was alittle taken aback by the fact the fan was a pull instead of a push (push made more sense to me.. but I don't argue it now that I've seen the results. Dang!)

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Outstanding.. but HUGE!4/30/2014 5:55:46 AM

Pros: Great RAM.. no problems getting up to speeds, got it on sale super cheap!

Cons: While not really a CON.. see "Other thoughts"

Overall Review: Good LORD these are HUGE. If you are using standard RAM sticks, and want to know how BIG these actually are... take 2 ram sticks and stack them atop each other.. thats pretty close. If you are on a tight spacing setup.. believe me, you do NOT want to order this memory.

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Very dissapointed4/30/2014 5:53:12 AM

Pros: honestly, not much. I was expecting an iTX board, as it was displayed as such via Newegg search.

Cons: It's over 50 dollars, has NO SATA 6, NO UEFI Bios, NO features to speak of.. the board is OLD.. and will NOT fit in an ITX case, no matter what newegg displays it as.

Overall Review: Spend the 10 extra dollars and get a real ATX board with SATA6 support and other common features that are considered standard in today's market. This board desperately needs either a revision update or outright cancelled.

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Manufacturer Response:
Greetings, I am sorry that the motherboard did not meet your expectations. Should you, in the future, ever have any questions about our products, please let me know through email, and I will be happy to answer any of your questions. 3656936. Regards, Mark ASUS Customer Loyalty
what a CHEAP feeling case4/28/2014 7:55:26 AM

Pros: Looks nice.

Cons: I never even got to the assembly stage of building the PC.. this thing is MASSIVELY WARPED. I mean MASSIVELY. There is a GIGANTIC wobble on the back right leg of almost an INCH between the leg and the table. For a 50 DOLLAR case from a name brand company, I am EXTREMELY dissapointed. Will not be purchasing any further cases from this company. Now Im going to be stuck with boxes of parts for over a week while *I* have to waste my time effort and gas driving around town to ship this broken piece of garbage back to Newegg.

Overall Review: Yeah, Im angry right now. This was to be my son's first computer, and he was bouncing all over the walls with excitement... the fact that I have to tell him it's going to be another week before we can start is going to break his 10 yr old heart, and that REALLY TICKS me off. Royally. I expected WAY better from Cooler Master.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, We sincerely apologize for the trouble you had with our case. This is not normal quality from the case and usually happens due to shipping damage. Would you be able to contact us so we can find out what happened (more details) and also what we can do to rectify the situation in your favor? Respectfully, Marvin R. CMUSA support. Phone: 1-888-624-5099
External Link(s):
Support Ticket
Live Chat
EXCELLENT!4/27/2014 12:59:14 PM

Pros: Amazing tower for the price. Seriously. This tower has great airflow, 3 included fans, good cable management.. i mean.. honestly, for the price, you CANNOT beat this product!

Cons: It wont make me a sandwich

Overall Review: Do NOT hesitate to buy this.. seriously, it's well worth the money spent.

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AMAZING!4/16/2014 8:33:14 AM

Pros: This card is absolutely AMAZING for the price. I have yet to max it out.. Elder Scrolls Online, Assassin's Creed IV, FarCry 3.. pretty much everything Ive thrown at it runs at maximum settings @60FPS. (Capped) I am completely and utterly blown away that this card is not sold out and has no reviews other then my own. BUY THIS CARD. It's TOTALLY awesome!

Cons: It won't make me a sandwich. Seriously.. that's the only downside I can think of.

Overall Review: 1 Minor thing. TakesTWO 6 Pin Power Connectors at the BACK of the card. Can make fitting into smaller cases a bit tricky. Plan for this! As long as you have a brain, this is NOT an issue.

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Perfection!4/16/2014 8:29:16 AM

Pros: Absolutely AMAZING processor. Overclocks like a dream. Compared to ridiculously priced Intel products, the AMD FX 6300 is literally the BEST processor on the market for a PC Gamer on a budget!

Cons: Haven't found one yet.

Overall Review: It doesn't make me a sandwich

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Excellent!4/16/2014 8:27:40 AM

Pros: Works great. Plugged right in, picked up a strong signal. No complaints!

Cons: It doesnt make me a sandwich

Overall Review: Worth every penny of its meager price tag. Skip the super expensive ones, this one out performs them!

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Works peachy1/22/2014 8:51:20 AM

Pros: Its a 650Ti, works great, installs NP.

Cons: No SLI - Doesnt make me a sandwich

Overall Review: If your looking for a simple 1 step solution to get a decent GFX card, this is it. However if you want to SLI, you'll have to pass on this card, as it does not even have an SLI Connector on the card.

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RIPOFF1/2/2014 11:15:46 AM

Pros: None. This is either a HUGE mistake or a blatent ripoff

Cons: Seriously.. 229 DOLLARS for a simple hard drive?! and Not even a 1TB Hard drive!? Suck it. That is all.

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Decent Cable, Ridiculous Shipping12/31/2013 12:08:16 PM

Pros: It works..

Cons: The shipping cost for this is unbelievably ridiculous. 8 DOLLARS to ship something the size of a Bic Lighter? The Bridge itself is only 10 bucks... WHY would i pay almost 10 more dollars just to ship it!?

Overall Review: Get something else.. for the silly 20 dollar total price tag, you can get something ALOT nicer.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, Were sorry you had issues with this purchase. For furture reference, XFX will gladly ship a free Xfire bridge to any customer whom has a pair of XFX cards in their system. Contact us at Play Hard
Simply the best!12/4/2013 6:30:04 PM

Pros: By far the best laptop cooler I have ever used. The fans being removable make it 100% compatible with ANY laptop (mine is a 17" ASUS G73JH, ) and this baby does great!

Cons: Doesn't make me a sandwich

Overall Review: Bottom line is, you will not be dissapointed with this cooler, and I highly reccomend it to all buyers!

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Defective, and Open!5/15/2013 8:35:48 AM

Pros: None really to speak off, arrived defective, open box.

Cons: Where do i START with this one.. well, first off, I bought a new board, and I recieved an unsealed open box, it was VERY poorly packaged, Im honestly amazed it arrived in 1 piece. Board booted up fine upon installation, but now throws up a Blue Screen of death and randomly reboots itself.

Overall Review: Had I got what I ordered, I dont think I would have had nearly as many problems as I have encountered.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear ASRock Customer We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. BSOD usually related to memory, please set the UEFI BIOS default, test with 1 memory stick in A1 slot, try with another known good memory if its same issue. If you have any technical questions or warranty issues please contact our Tech Support at We can assist you shortly. Thank you ASRock SUPPORT Tech Support Email:
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Overpriced junk5/2/2013 7:18:57 PM

Pros: They're comfy

Cons: Battery life is absolutely HORRID. 2 Hours average just watching video. Nevermind trying to use the microphone (which is situated so far from your face you practically have to shout to be heard.) Also, note - NO CHARGING cable is included in the box, so if your buying these just to use them with your PC.. better also buy a charging cable as well. (Typical Sony.)

Overall Review: Quite simply NOT worth the ridiculous $99 price tag (+$15 for the charging cable.) Skip these.

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Its a Madcatz, what do you expect?2/18/2013 5:00:50 PM

Pros: None.

Cons: Everything. Lets face it people.. if you dont know MadCatz reputation yet, they make the highest priced, cheapest pieces of junk on the market today. If you've ever bought a gamestop brand controller that died in a week.. congratulations.. you've experienced MadCatz products. (They're the same) If you purchased Rock Band 1,2,3, Cymbal kit etc etc.. and half of them didnt work.. congrats, you've experienced a MadCatz product. Absolute junk. Returned in 1 day. I should have known better...

Overall Review: If your considering this.. do yourself a favor.. take your money, throw it on the floor, and burn it. You'll get more enjoyment out of the cash that way.,

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BE WARNED!!!!2/16/2013 7:16:28 PM

Pros: Everything is cheap components.. see Cons for full explanation.

Cons: It LOOKS nice on paper, but where this system went HORRIBLY wrong is the POWER SUPPLY. What they DONT tell you is this thing is bottom of the barrel cheapie PSU. So much so, it doesnt even have a 6 PIN PCI-E GFX CARD CONNECTOR. I say that again.. because ALOT of you are going to be EXTREMELY irritated when you find it out on your own.. THE POWER SUPPLY DOES NOT HAVE A 6 PIN PCI-E CONNECTION. (IT DOESNT EVEN HAVE A 4 PIN CONNECTOR EITHER!!!!!) People are going to buy this thinking they can slap a high end card in and shoot up to super frame-rates. What most of these other people do not realize is A- This is NOT a "Gaming" Card in this system... Its a low powered Multi-media card. Just because it plays WoW on ultra, means nothing. It wont even run Farcry 3 on Medium Settings with ANY sort of Advanced options without completely crapping out. AGAIN - THE POWER SUPPLY IS ABSOLUTE JUNK.

Overall Review: Do yourself a VERY huge favor and skip this entire system. Its NOT worth the effort, and you cannot put any modern "GAMING" Card in this system. My old Galaxy Nividia GTS 450 outperforms this ENTIRE SYSTEM by itself.. and my card was bought brand new when the 450 released... and it STILL puts up better frame rates in all the games my wife and I play together.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The system was configured to support the components pre-selected for this build. The spec of the system is given prior to a customer’s purchase. We do apologize that the system doesn’t not meet you expectation for expansions and upgrades but as mentioned before these parts were configured for the original build. If you have questions or concerns you can always contact our technical support, 888/937-5582 or you can email to
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Typical Mad Catz2/5/2013 5:43:55 PM

Pros: None

Cons: Its a Mad Catz Product... they already KNOW they put out utter garbage made in china.. but this is just 200+ dollar garbage made in china. Dont buy it unless you want busted junk in your mail... then your trash.

Overall Review: utter trash.. anyone who knows mad catz should already know better.. thankfully newegg gave me a full refund of this trash after the THIRD STRAIGHT keyboard arrived non-working.

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AWESOME!10/27/2009 11:35:06 PM

Pros: From the SECOND this TV arrived, I KNEW I had made the right choice. The picture was FLAWLESS, no dead pixels, Newegg had it here FAST, PHYSICAL Set up was a breeze.

Cons: Speakers are weak, but I use with a Sony 1000Watt Surround Home Theatre, so I dont really consider that a CON per say, The Picture by defualt was ALL messed up, it took quite a while playing with the settings to get it dialed in, but once you do... Wow.

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This thing ROCKS10/27/2009 11:32:24 PM

Pros: This system is by FAR the best value out there. The sheer sound quality ALONE makes it EASILY worth the 300 bucks. The Auto Configuration of the Sound System is a MASSIVE bonus, especially for people who dont quite know how to set up a sound system of this caliber.

Cons: I didnt buy this thing ages ago

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Good enough10/27/2009 11:29:05 PM

Pros: It works

Cons: The charger base uses gravity and the wieght of the controller to keep the battery on the charge pad. This is INCREDIBLY stupid IMHO. Simply because I have noticed several times that the controller does NOT make full contact at all times. Honestly, skip this and get a Play and Charge Kit from MS.

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Great... but dont buy it.10/27/2009 11:27:27 PM

Pros: Fantastic game, a must for any music fan. Buuut.....

Cons: Unfortunately, there is absolutely NO reason to purchase the game anymore. With Rock Band 2 out, all you have to do is go RENT RB1 from any video store and pop it into yer 360.. once you do, 360 has an update, update allows you to Export the Songs on RB1 to yer HD for a license fee of 400MS points. Once you DO that, all the RB1 Songs except 3 (Google it) are listed as DLC for RB2.

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Get it!10/27/2009 11:25:17 PM

Pros: FANTASTIC game. Worth Every penny!

Cons: What Cons?

Overall Review: Uber game. A Must Own for ANY 360 Player

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Verified Owner
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Well...10/27/2009 11:24:00 PM

Pros: CHEAP! and these cables DO BROADCAST 1080p NO PROBLEM. For those complaining about it.. try learning how to set your game system to use 1080p, then make sure you Home Theatre and TV are Set to 1080p.

Cons: They are DEFINETLY dodgy as far as quality goes, after reading the reviews posted by others about DOA products, I simply ordered 6 plugs for the 3 I actually needed. Sure enough, 1 Cable died less then 2 days after use.

Overall Review: Even with some of the cables DOA, they were STILL a bargain compared to the $50+ cables in stores. I laughed at this and still am laughing. I saved a bundle. I had a friend bring over his Sony HDMI Cable. We could NOT tell the difference between the 2 cables.

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