Awesome5/1/2012 3:23:02 PM

Pros: This may not help you in making a choice, but this is the best monitor I have ever owned. I would not hesitate to buy is again. I've played through ME3 and Skyrim, and Blu-rays are beautiful.

Cons: Of course, I wish it was less expensive.

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Great Picture after setup difficulties12/8/2010 3:55:52 PM

Pros: Great picture. Wonderrful for BD playback and monitor usage. I do not use this as a TV. It's big, but a 27 is the perfect size for me.

Cons: Setup issues. The base. How in the world could Samsung produce a fantastic TV/Monitor that rocks worse than my crab boat in the open sea when it is touched?

Overall Review: OK, we covered the base. Setup issues. Don't get me wrong, if you are looking for a quality 27 that you are not going to touch, this is your baby. Setup issues. The monitor comes with a HDMI cable, so I was duped into believeing that it would work when I went from my ATI 5870 HDMI to the monitor HDMI. I used the remote, switched to HDMI. Terrible. 1920x1080, I just don't know the words to properly describe it. I then hit these boards, after striking out with the experts at Samsung, who wanted me to UPS my new monitor to CA. Thanks to my fellow eggheads I learned this. You can not obtain the 1920x1080 resolution if you plug into the HDMI slot on the monitor. You can however get the highest resolution if you go DVI to DVI or HDMI to DVI, and then switch your input via the remote, remember no rocking, to DVI input. Worked like a charm. Thanks to others on the Newegg boards, the brilliant minds at Samsung did not get me to ship my new monitor to CA.

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Great Sound Reproduction12/8/2010 3:24:30 PM

Pros: Fantastic sound reproduction in all spectrums. Quality build.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: I'm a part time professional musician and have always wanted to pull the trigger on a Bose product, but never have. I've read reviews, and read the forums. Bose does have their lovers and haters, and you won't convince one side, or the other, of anything. My son has a Pair of Klipsch 2.1 THX, and they sound great, but I would give those a rating of 8, and these a 9+. I've been listening to everything from metal, to classical guitar, and from blues, to jazz. These speakers are stunning. AND,,, I've been playing a little fallout 3, and it sounds awesome. I'm very happy with my purchase.

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Cheap in Price/Works Great !!!12/8/2010 3:10:27 PM

Pros: The price, Ease of set up, Strong signal strength, I had this thing up and running is about 8 minutes.

Cons: I have no complints at this time. Wireless computers have experienced no dropouts.

Overall Review: Did I mention I had this this up and running in about 8 minutes, and then had another 3 computers signed on in about 10 more. For the price, how can you go wrong? I had some reservations about Dcarflips experience and the fact that I was getting so much product for so little money, but you know what? The product delivers. I'd buy it all over again.

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Incredible card7/1/2009 2:57:49 PM

Pros: Fast Stable Low price Far Cry 2 COD WaW

Cons: Size Low stock fan speed

Overall Review: I built a System with these ards in mind. My first time running an SLI system. These cards are large, but my CoolerMaster had plenty of room. I'm also running a 1000 watt PSU. I am overclocking a I7 965 with water cooling and so far there is not a game I can't play on the highest setting. I may chage out these cards in the future, but at this price, this speed, Far Cry 2, COD WaW, and the rebate, WHY???? I did find that they run a little hot at the 40% stock fan speed. I up them to 60%, and also increase my card fan when I play. They are air cooled.

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