Works like a charm6/16/2012 5:36:29 AM

Pros: great connection - it connects to more things than my internal one ever did before it decided that it wouldn't connect unless it was on top of the router. It's small, and doesn't get in the way - it's great for my netbook.

Cons: Don't really have any. It's small, connects great, just what you expect a network adapter to do.

Overall Review: I can't imagine why others are having trouble with it connecting. Mine picks up everything in the neighborhood, it seems.

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Love this sound chipset9/10/2011 1:38:56 PM

Pros: Have it in PCI. Sounds gorgeous, can't go back to anything else

Cons: SLI mode is bumping up against it and I'm out of PCI slots except that one. PCI-e version is so expensive.

Overall Review: Wish this would come down in price, or that motherboard makers would consider that not everyone wants on board sound anywhere near their ears. It has gotten better, but this chipset pretty much rules for audiophiles. EDIT: And for the person that said that CLabs sounds like trash for gaming after using this card, you are absolutely right. I wouldn't go back if they were giving them away. Tweak this card, and it makes CLabs hardware sound like mud.

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Good Motherboard - a few flaws8/25/2011 6:35:26 PM

Pros: Lots of features Supports 2133 RAM out of the box Typical Gigabyte quality (meaning great) I haven't upgraded in a while, and replaced my old workhorse, an overclocked to 2.93 Xeon X3120. WOO HOO! With 2133 RAM, I've maxed out memory in Windows 7, nearly maxed out CPU without a bit of OC'ing, and my graphics performance with just one card improved. This thing is smoking fast. When I get something other than stock cooling and SLI straightened out, not to mention an SSD for the hybrid caching it can do, this thing is going to ROCK. Well, honestly, it already rocks. It's just got room to rock even harder.

Cons: I ALMOST gave this MB a 3 Egg for one reason alone, so I decided that it was unfair - let's just say it's a 3.5 egg - FOR THE SATA Connectors! If you are some how able to plug in a drive in this this motherboard, let alone four of them without having to detach it from the case so you can get to the block of connectors at the very edge of the board facing away from it, you have more dexterity than I do, and my fingers are tiny. I have an CM RC690 tower - not a small case by any means! You have to see it to believe it. I thought people were just finding things to gripe about. NO. Whoever dreamed up stacking them on their side facing the drive cage so you can't even see them and barely get to them... ugh. Bad choice. Horrible, horrible placement of SATA connectors, and the fan connectors aren't exactly in convenient places, either. Still, once the case is closed, this MB is a winner. I absolutely dread ever having to hook up another drive to this thing, though.

Overall Review: SLI isn't working for me, either, but it's starting to look like that's an NVidia/Z68 chipset issue, not a Gigabyte one. Considering that the latest drivers from NVidia somehow blew away the USB 3.0 drivers and I had to install them again, I'm thinking it's not Gigabyte. To be on the safe side, I got a bigger power supply, but this one is going to come down to NVidia drivers, I'm sure, since there is an ocean of posts on the Nvidia site. Not exactly unexpected with a new MB chipset and NVidia/SLI/new drivers.

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Awesome - for 2 months9/11/2010 6:49:38 AM

Pros: Great feel, buttons in all the right places, tilt wheel. This mouse would be *perfect* in my opinion if it hadn't...

Cons: ...Died after 2 months. I bought it anyway after seeing people complain about the quality control, hoping I would get lucky. Sadly, mine died, too. It's a real shame because this is such a great feeling mouse. That's not really helpful though if the product fails to work, though.

Overall Review: If Gigabyte could get their quality control issues worked out, this would be a fantastic mouse. It *is* a fantastic mouse until it randomly dies one you :(

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HEC is a premium PSU maker4/12/2010 9:09:42 PM

Pros: I've worked with several power supply manufacturers since I mostly work on servers, but for my personal system, I picked this up because HEC is a server PSU manufacturer. It's nice, and the fan isn't too loud. Powers 6 hard drives, an OC'd quad core, and 2 GTX 260's in SLI

Cons: Could be cheaper

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Not portable - don't expect it in this form factor3/7/2010 10:55:16 AM

Pros: Reads SATA disks, and is able to have sustained connectivity via USB as a data or backup drive. Does not "disappear" like earlier chipsets (notably, IEEE1394/USB). Has been attached with 2 drives since February, doing full backups, the other being a data drive. Transfer rate is as sorry as you would expect from a backup device, and as you would expect from USB, but no worse. I want one with USB 3.0. I'd buy a second one if I had the need.

Cons: No ability to read Stripe sets. Your old stripes will have to be hooked up to the PC, this box won't read your old stripes (it didn't claim to do so). When are we going to have a drive that CAN read our old stripe sets in a convenient, cheap package? This would fly off the shelf if it had *just* enough to read a striped volume. I'm not knocking it for that, just dreaming of what could be - perhaps under usb 3.0 it will have enough throughput to have value :D.

Overall Review: Not a bad product, more stable than most. I've had it a month as a BU device, let's see how it does in the long haul. As it stands, no complaints.

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Nothing exciting, does what it says3/7/2010 7:04:34 AM

Pros: Inexpensive 2 Drive Dock Supports JBOD or Spanning (not RAID 0 Striping - Just Spanning) Stable - I've had it a month with a 1.5TB back up drive and a 400 GB data drive going 24/7 since it arrived. I've had no issues with it "disappearing" - it's just always available under Vista x64. Can't say about hot-swapping, since I bought it to access some old data on a 400GB and have a second 1.5 TB drive for backups and storage. Very stable - pleasantly so if you've used USB/Firewire enclosures that have "disappearing" drives

Cons: Doesn't do RAID 0/1 Striping, but then again, it didn't claim to do so (wouldn't read an old RAID 0 striped set) It wasn't free?

Overall Review: It's nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. The first time I put a drive in the second slot, it didn't see it - turns out I didn't press the drive in there firmly enough. If it doesn't work correctly, reseat the drive. I can't really say about hot-swapping, since I've just had 2 drives plugged in there, one with old data and one as a new data drive since I've had it.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Wow. Reverse the stereo on the phones11/15/2009 10:45:14 AM

Pros: I didn't think these products would be any good due to the price, but I did two alterations to them. One, I put the right into the left ear, because they aren't correctly labeled, the next, I learned how to be a real human and give more than I take.

Cons: It does not have a good graphics chipset, capable of playing ALL games. Release the U230, good graphics aligned with battery life, and people will buy in droves...since it is irrelevant what your battery life is if you aren't doing what you want with your PC.

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Good card for the price1/20/2008 8:06:26 PM

Pros: I must have gotten lucky, but mine can tolerate an intense overclock on the memory. Since memory bandwidth is the main problem with this card, it's great. My memory is completely stable at 2360. I haven't pushed it any further because there is no need to do so.

Cons: 128-bit memory interface means low memory bandwidth. This card is fine if you game at 1280x1024, though. It's fine with paired up with a 19" lcd, but if you have a higher resolution monitor, look elsewhere because this won't cut it.

Overall Review: The 8600 GTS in general is a terrible buy, but this particular card is an exception. It has always had a good price. If you are thinking of getting an 8600, either GT or GTS, this is the one to get. You can't beat the price, and mine is a sick overclocker to the point where I'm afraid to go any further with it.

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Tried it January 2008 - still is awful1/20/2008 7:27:30 PM

Pros: You can buy it cheap now You get 30 days free to see if you like it Character Customization system is nice

Cons: I found the graphics to be subpar, even at 1920x1200 on a high-end rig. I did not enjoy the gameplay. I play another MMO, and was hoping that now after a year this game would be good, but I just didn't like it.

Overall Review: Some people might like this game, but I am not among them. I heard all of the hype about how much better it had gotten, and since I didn't play at release I can't say how true that is. I do know, however, that it is not an enjoyable game.

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Quality Power Supply1/8/2008 12:37:44 PM

Pros: This is probably the most well-engineered and well made power supply I have ever worked with. All of the cables are modular. The 4 pin molex connectors have enlarged pull tabs on the side to make unplugging them a snap. The 8-pin CPU plug splits easily if you need a 4-pin one, but will fit right back together if you need an 8-pin. Someone thought about the fit and finish of this power supply, and it is a pleasure to work with. This was my first Coolmax PSU, but it will most definitely not be my last.

Cons: Literally the smallest details on this PSU scream of quality - I would have to make something up to complain about it.

Overall Review: I got this from somewhere besides Newegg, but Newegg's price is good on it, too. This is a quiet, well made power supply. It is rare to find a part at this price with this level of build quality. I highly recommend it.

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Great card, bad brand11/23/2007 5:44:37 PM

Pros: The 3870 is a great card.

Cons: Sapphire's customer service is awful. Follow PC Gamers advice, and look up the infamous gr33ngecko affair for the real story on how Sapphire will treat you if you are unlucky enough to need customer service.

Overall Review: Buy the 3870, but don't buy it from Sapphire

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Follow up after 6 months10/16/2007 10:10:03 AM

Pros: Mine is still powering: E4400 @ 3.2 Ghz 8800 GTS 640 MB @ 535/850 4 SATA drives DVD-RW X-Meridian

Cons: not flashy, the fan in mine is a bit louder than some, but not annoying

Overall Review: After 6 months, mine (I got it elsewhere before Newegg started selling them) is still going strong powering a fairly power hungry set up. This is a shockingly powerful unit for the price.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Wow, this is awesome10/13/2007 9:21:49 AM

Pros: Wow. This game is breathtaking. It had a lot of issues at release, but since all of the updates (and the expansion), the performance and gameplay bugs have been ironed out. This game is the best game I've played since KOTOR. Easily as memorable as the original Baldur's Gate, and in my opinion easily superior to the NWN original campaign.

Cons: Hefty system requirements. Get all patches because this game was a nightmare at release. Still has the occasional bugged quest, so make sure you save often and in different slots. If you haven't played NWN 1 and are unfamiliar with D&D, there is a pretty steep learning curve. Spend time reading the manual and learning about the hotkeys and interface, because many things are not readily apparent. Once you learn where everything is and tailor your hotbars, though, it is truly a masterpiece.

Overall Review: Amazing game. Obsidian outdid themselves.

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Great Sound Card10/13/2007 9:06:05 AM

Pros: This card has phenomenal sound quality. I bought this card to upgrade the onboard sound. I have an X-F* XtremeGamer in one system, and this card in the other. I honestly expected to be disappointed in gaming audio, and have great movie playback, but I was wrong. I actually like this card *better* than the X-F*I. It supports EAX 2.0, and honestly, there are next to no games that use anything higher. Sound quality is the best I've ever heard, and I've had a lot of sound cards. I've had it for two months and have honestly evaluated it against my X-F*I in my other system.

Cons: I honestly cannot think of a single thing wrong with this card, except that I put off buying it for so long because of the supposed lack of high end gaming capabilities. It does as well as my X-F*I and sounds better. I only have EAX 2.0, but I don't think I'm missing anything.

Overall Review: Great card for the money. This is the same Oxygen Chip that is on many much higher priced cards, and it sounds great. Don't be afraid to buy this if you are a gamer, because it works very well in games, too. For watching movies and listening to music, if you have high-end headphones or speakers, you owe it to yourself to get this and experience them the way that they should sound. Outstanding sound card all the way around. I'm sorry I didn't buy it sooner.

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Good for the money7/26/2007 12:08:45 PM

Pros: 3 Heat pipes, copper base. Fan isn't loud, but gives off a lot of air. It's huge, and gets the job done as well as far more expensive coolers. Isn't hard to install like the Freezer Pro 64.

Cons: It didn't turn my Brisbane into a Barcelona.

Overall Review: Used with a Brisbane 2.1 (4000+) -> 2.9/1.35V Under load, folding 24/7, the highest I've seen the cores get is 40C. There is absolutely no reason to spend more than this for A64 cooling, because you really can't do much better than this on air.

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Great Bang for the buck7/23/2007 11:03:47 AM

Pros: Don't let the low price fool you - these are very decent power supplies. I've had two of these powering two high end systems 24/7 without a hitch.

Cons: Could be quieter, and there is a decided lack of bling (which I don't consider a bad thing) Could use more connectors, cables are very long (both bad and good - great for a tower, not good for a mATX)

Overall Review: I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this power supply. I bought mine elsewhere for a better price, too, but Newegg has great service.

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@ SickPirate7/11/2007 10:27:10 AM

Pros: New drivers really help performance under Vista/DX10

Cons: none

Overall Review: I'm running it with Vista and the DX10 Lost Planet Demo, and it works great. I've played a bunch of DX9 games with it, and have had no issues, driver or otherwise. I suggest you get the latest drivers, because they offer a nice performance gain., and I've been on forums with many users of this card+Vista+DX10. In other words, plenty of people are using it with Vista and it rocks.

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Good Headunit for the money6/20/2007 10:02:43 AM

Pros: Great Price High Power Loads of features Excellent Tech line if you have a question - answered the phone & my question in two minutes - and surprisingly (for this day and age) actually knew what they were talking about! That alone is priceless

Cons: Could be labeled a bit better, and the manual is pretty sparse, but if you are doing this yourself you should have a pretty good idea of what you are doing anyway. As long as you get a factory wiring kit (if you are swapping out a factory unit) you should be fine

Overall Review: Great power, and the only bump in the road I encountered was installation into my Ford Explorer, which has a very well hidden factory amp that needed to be bypassed. The guy I talked to in support knew immediately that was the issue because it is a common issue with aftermarket Explorer installs. All that was necessary was matching a different wire to the factory bypass than was obvious. I used splicers and securely clamped all of them together *before* I put it in, so that made it extremely easy to install (and figure out what the issue was, since it clearly wasn't a short). Take my advice, get a factory install kit and don't cut ANYTHING - it is just easier that way.

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Steal for the price compared to other 8600GTS6/18/2007 10:00:23 AM

Pros: Very highly clocked, not much more than some of the overclocked GT prices Good DX9 performance, future DX10 performance (tried the Lost Planet demo with it under Vista, and it was playable - though the LCD it is paired with is only 1280x1024, so that isn't beyond the card's capabilities).

Cons: If the particular LCD it was paired with had a higher resolution, this wouldn't be an ideal choice. Since it isn't going to be paired with a higher resolution LCD for the foreseeable future, though, this card offers good performance in DX9 and will be able to do DX10 in the future.

Overall Review: Wow, this is nearly the same price as the 8600GT and is well overclocked. I don't find it to be loud -at all- so this is pretty much a steal for a GTS. This is in a secondary Vista box, and it hasn't had any issues with compatibility so far, or any indications of instability. This is a good purchase for someone wanting adequate DX9 and 10 performance in 1280x1024 and lower resolutions without breaking the bank.

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Great HSF Assembly6/4/2007 10:23:18 AM

Pros: Good price Works extremely well, comes with thermal paste (though I used Arctic Silver 5 with it - just prefer it over anything else) Inaudible in my case (Also made by Rosewill)

Cons: It's HUGE - this isn't a con in my situation, as my tower has adequate room for both this HSF and a 120mm intake side fan directly above it. If you are using a tower that isn't very wide though, you might have issues. Also, my case sits on it's side, with the HSF being vertical rather than horizontal - I can't comment on how well it would hold up if the case was standing up and the HSF was horizontal. I think it would be fine as long as you were careful when moving it.

Overall Review: Dropped my temps by 15C at load vs. stock fan on a Brisbane OC'd 700Mhz to 2.8 Ghz... though the thermal paste I had previously was questionable (I reused it which is a no no). Has been folding now for 24 hours and the temps have maybe gone up 9C from idle which is phenomenal. Excellent HSF for the money - I will definitely buy these again (Rosewill cases are really good too, as are their case fans - quiet, decently powerful without costing an arm and a leg - beware the power supplies, though!). One other good thing, this was easy to put on. I have used others that nearly required an engineering degree and/or caused an emergency room trip to install. This went on in 10 seconds.

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Extremely powerful fan5/21/2007 9:26:40 PM

Pros: Extremely powerful. I put it over an 8800GTS in a R*sewill case with the 80mm and 120mm fan mounting holes. My GTS never got above 50C at idle nor above 63C after heavy gaming.

Cons: Loud. Let me say it again LOUD. Mine sounded like a truck was going through the house. I got three 120mm fans of a different brand and CFM to replace it. It is just too loud. Note that it will likely take two of them, though, to equal to CFM output of this fan. If you can stand the noise, or put it in a well insulated case this is pretty much -it- in terms of powerful air cooling.

Overall Review: Be careful when working with this fan. It is extremely powerful, and if you finger gets close... I'm female, and I have fairly long nails, and they are very strong nails. My thumb got too close and the fan *sheared off* a very large chunk of my thumbnail. Luckily, that is what fingernails are for, to protect you from losing your fingertip and I wasn't injured. The fan didn't even stop, either - there was a tiny mark in the side of one of the fins, not even enough to notice if I wasn't looking for it. (this was after it sounded like a truck - I was mounting it with a sound dampening gasket at the time of the fingernail incident - didn't help).

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Good fan for the money5/21/2007 9:10:16 PM

Pros: Moves a lot of air, doesn't cost much, doesn't have LED's (a plus IMHO).

Cons: It isn't silent.

Overall Review: This fan isn't what I would call loud. It makes noise, but it moves a very large volume of air. If you want to appreciate that this fan has a hum, but not a roar, listen to a Sun*n for about 5 minutes, or even better, a V*nt*c Tornado. You will think you are in heaven with this fan after hearing those, and I'm not kidding. My Sun*n sounded like a truck was going through the house and it wasn't broken - it was just loud (which is a characteristic of high CFM fans). There might be better fans or quieter fans than this one, but you not at this price.

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Killer Value4/16/2007 8:34:26 PM

Pros: Extremely good value price/performance can't be beaten You will need room in your case and a decent power supply. I haven't had heat issues that were anything alarming - under a full folding load it hits 65 in my case. My case is okay in the ventilation department but not great.

Cons: Warmer than I would like, but still nothing bad (65). I have a strong PSU, too, but I have heard that those with weaker power supplies have difficulty. Mine has been up at full load folding for a week and a half, overclocked to 545/1400, rock solid stable. Doesn't get much better than that for the price.

Overall Review: Ultra cheap for folding. Mine folds a frame ever 9 minutes. Not bad at all for the price, and it games well too. This was mostly for a spare machine, though, so it mostly just folds.

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Mixed Bag-*NOT* for Brisbane-Overheats! 1 PCI slot & needs soundcard-AudioMax Awful3/18/2007 10:08:48 AM

Pros: Great overclocker for Windsor Dual 40mm Exhaust fans for SB cooling Loads of cables and accessories Very stable

Cons: AudioMAX sound is atrocious! It is Realtek "HD" 882, so no EAX (though it claims it - search the web for info) and electronic noise and hiss despite the audio riser, tinny sound with even latest drivers and EQ settings, even through headphones setting the jack foor amplification 1 PCI slot and you *will* need a sound card **NOTE: Brisbane temperatures read wrong!!** and overheats (over-volted?) even with newest BIOS!! I have written ABIT twice and gotten no response, tried two different HSF's (T-Take PL-0396 and AC Freezer Pro 64 both with AS-5 paste) still the alarm went off It might be reading the temps wrong, but who wants to take the chance? It could be overvolting the CPU, but ABIT has not responded

Overall Review: If ABIT would respond, I would know whether the CPU is reading wrong, or if it is truly over volted and over heating. I don't trust it. I had to put a Windsor in, even after using the latest BIOS. Sat on hold for 25 minutes to support before giving up. I guess I'll try next week. AudioMax is atrocious - search the web for information on Realtek audio and how they do not really support EAX or any positional audio, though they claim to. You will need a sound card, and since it only has one PCI slot (which I knew beforehand, but figured the AudioMax would be fine) you will be using it This MB could be great, but lack of support, Brisbane overheating and poor sound render it a loser. It is really a shame, because for a Windsor it overclocks like a beast. Shame on you, ABIT. You should have at least answered the two emails I sent to tech support (and waited a week and a half with no response!!) or at least answered the phone!!! Poor poor service for a motherboard this expensive.

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