Update: Artifacting still an issue after BIOS update2/2/2014 8:48:45 PM

Pros: Stunning visuals, nice oc software

Cons: Random artifacting without any causes found by monitoring software

Overall Review: I updated to the new v BIOS. Initially, things were good, but here we are, 3 days after the update and once again, I have artifacting in Guild Wars 2. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason for the artifacting. I check temps. They're good. Other monitoring software suggests that the memory is good. I may need to research core voltage to see if the default voltage to this card is problematic.

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Manufacturer Response:
Greetings, I am sorry that you are having issues with the display card. At your earliest convenience, please contact me through email, and we can discuss this case further. Within the email, please provide the following information: drivers installed, troubleshooting steps tried, test applications used, video card BIOS installed, computer part list, operating system; and if you are using an ASUS M/B, the BIOS version installed. 3473718. Regards, Mark ASUS Customer Loyalty cl-mark@asus.com
Corsair H5012/11/2013 9:20:18 AM

Pros: This is a quiet unit, and the looks are very good. Some people have good luck with it. I didn't. Read other thoughts.

Cons: The poor instructions make this very difficult to install, and the poor labeling and inherent design issues make things worse.

Overall Review: This is for the H50. Please note that all the reviews for Corsair closed-loop coolers are lumped together, so make sure you are reading the review for the product you wish to buy I wanted to like this a lot. I hated it, and will return the unit. I purchased an H100i to replace the H50, and I love the H100i. Here's why I hated the H50. 1. Poor instructions. The back bracket is a hard, yet flexible plastic. You need to put pins in the appropriate holes in order to mount the bracket correctly. The printed instructions do not show which holes to use (note that the older issue dates did have diagrams, which you can find on the Internet). The socket holes have labels stamped on them, but these are small and easily missed. If you have eyesight older than 35-years, you'll miss the labels. 2. Even once the back bracket is installed, cooler installation is tough. The cooler unit has phalanges on it that have to be twisted to fit under the phalanges of the mount. This means that the mounting bracket has to be very loosely twisted into the retaining bracket. In theory, this should be an easy push-down-and-twist installation. In practice, the phalanges don't line up well with the openings, there's not enough clearance, etc. I had to mount this twice. The first time, I didn't get the retaining bracket mounted correctly, which is when I did a google search to find more resources on how to mount it. The Corsair demo makes it look a lot easier than it is. On both occasions, it was hard to get the unit to screw in properly. Even after getting the retaining bracket correctly mounted, the unit couldn't be tightened down as much as it needed to be. Once installed, it was quiet, and the clean looks are impressive. The unit did cool well at idle--at about 23-25C. However, under gaming load, the temperatures went up to 70C. It failed one of the stress tests within a minute. I know that this unit works well for other people, but I was very disappointed and would strongly recommend against it. If you do wish to give it a shot, do significant research on the Internet in order to find out how builders in real life situations handle the idiosyncrasies. I eventually went with the H100i because of the easier mounting system. My system: Gigabyte GA-Z87-OC Intel i5-4670K HAF 922 8 G RAM ASUS R9 280x Corsair 650 PSU Kingston 120G SSD WD 1T Blue HD

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Keys too stiff12/16/2012 8:40:59 AM

Pros: Great backlighting. Attractive layout. Nice media features.

Cons: Keys are stiff. You will have to hit them very hard, and you have to hit them precisely in the center in order for them to register. If you're using the keyboard for wordprocessing, expect to be fatigued quickly. If you're using it for gaming, expect to miss keystrokes and find yourself getting killed or missing commands.

Overall Review: I bought this on sale, so I'm not complaining too much. I will definitely replace it with another backlit keyboard, though. I find this one to be very hard to type on. Backlighting has to be on in order to see the keys--which sometimes even this touch typist needs to do. I think there are other keyboards that are better. My ancient Saitek, which this replaced, had a better feel. My Logitech G15 (the original) was a dream to type on. I'll probably look for deals in Logitech as a replacement.

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Good way to extend an old mobo1/4/2011 7:05:10 AM

Pros: Great way to extend life of an older motherboard. Nice overclocking capabilities.

Cons: As per most available older cpu technology, the price is higher than it would be to buy a better, more modern cpu architecture.

Overall Review: If you have an older motherboard, in my case a Gigabyte 965P-DS3, with an older Conroe chip, then this cpu represents a good upgrade for a lot less than buying components for a new system. Please be aware that if you do own the GA-965P-DS3, that only the Revision 3 boards have the BIOS upgrade that allows you to use the Wolfdale cores. Do your research ahead of time! Also, remember that this processor has a faster front side bus. That means that you MUST adjust your clock speed in order to bring the cpu up to spec, lest you run underclocked. I got this because I wanted to extend the life of my mobo, and I plan to hand this system down to my mother, whose computing needs are significantly more modest than my own. Getting this cpu was significantly cheaper than building or buying a whole new system, so even though the cpu costs more than it should for such old technology, it's a good upgrade for those still using the older technology.

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Good value in a lower-1/23/2009 4:27:07 PM

Pros: Overall, it's an affordable machine, well-built, and easy to clean. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. I had expected to spend several attempts trying to make a decent cup of espresso, but my first attempt was quite drinkable. I was impressed by just how easy it is to clean the machine. The steam wand works very well. Overall, I think this is a terrific value in an espresso machine.

Cons: The height under the nozzle is, as has been mentioned, quite small. You'll not be able to fit a coffee cup under there. My solution was to use the glass espresso pot from my old espresso machine.

Overall Review: The person who said that pods make poor coffee doesn't own this machine or hasn't read the instructions. This isn't a pod system, though perhaps it could use pods. Rather, you use your own espresso coffee. It is true that there are other, better, and much more expensive machines out there. However, this fit my budget well. My last machine, a refurbished Krups my husband gave to me, lasted for close to 10 years of daily use, but the coffee never had as smooth a taste as the first cup out of the DiLonghi. Also, newegg rocks, as always. My old machine broke a week ago. I placed the order, and I'm now drinking espresso once more. Great service!

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great for neophytes10/31/2008 9:47:46 PM

Pros: Easy instructions. Point and shoot auto. Easy mode makes auto even easier!! My last camera was an instamatic. It was time for me to go digital, and this was a nice point and shoot. It can be accessorized to have more flexibility, but right now it's fast and convenient.

Cons: As per all digital cameras, it wants to pretend that you have to use its stupid bloatware software to edit the pictures. Do not be swayed! Instead, just plug in the handy usb adapter to your computer and turn on the camera. Use a nice freeware or opensource program (I like Irfanview and paint.net, but there are other, equally good programs out there) to resize and otherwise edit the pictures. I haven't yet checked to see if the USB cable is proprietary. Some digital cameras do have proprietary hardware.

Overall Review: It's a good first intro to the digital cameral world. I don't know if it'll be limiting for those with skill, but for my immediate purposes, it works great. I'm very happy with the purchase.

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Works as specified8/22/2008 5:57:28 AM

Pros: Plug-n-play. This is extremely easy to set up. If you know your wireless network information/password, it's a simple matter of connecting. TiVO interface makes this an operation that someone with no tech background should be able to accomplish without an hour's worth of cussing.

Cons: It's a wireless-g, so it can't take advantage of the newer wireless-n.

Overall Review: From reading around, the TiVo Wireless Adapter is the only adapter known to work consistently with the TiVo. You are gambling if you use any other wireless-g. Buy the product from newegg so as to get a greatly-discounted price over what TiVo sells it at on the TiVo website.

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Wish I had one3/2/2008 4:01:14 PM

Pros: Clear sound, easy to set up, easy-to-use controls. Selection of ear pieces means you can find the most comfortable one for you particular ear. It's lightweight, and fairly comfortable for longer wear.

Cons: No lanyard?

Overall Review: I bought this for my husband. He liked it so much he decided to get me a bluetooth headset. Well, he got the Motorola H400. Half the time, it doesn't pick up. I know that sometimes technology can be overpriced, but other times you're paying that extra for better audio. I'm putting the H800 on my shopping list. I do wish it had a lanyard, though.

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Great Value2/8/2008 9:07:41 PM

Pros: The price is good. It's easy to set up. The speed is excellent. True, you can buy faster these days, but for our purposes, this is great. We use TiVo to transfer recordings to our storage. The connection is fast enough that we've no real delay between the query of the storage and the listing of programs. The media files, too, are streamed fairly well.

Cons: None I can think of. Hope this lasts!

Overall Review: This was purchased to replace an old hub that my husband had lying around the house and that's worked for us for 10 years. In its heyday, that hub was state of the art at 100mbps, but right now it limps under today's load. This switch is a real joy. Fast. The shipping was amazing, too. We got it a day early!

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Nice features for gamers9/13/2007 11:13:41 AM

Pros: Easy-to-create macros help customize the keyboard to different gaming needs. An active community of enthusiasts has created a variety of mods/applets to provide more functionality. Want to know who's talking on TeamSpeak without alt-tabbing or using TeamSpeak Overlay? Download the mod. Backlit keys are useful for my poor eyes, even if I do touch type. Different levels of backlighting are possibl. Keys have a good response, despite a "softer" feel to them. USB ports and some cable management features help round out the features. There is a new version out (see Other Thoughts for a quick overview), but I believe that this version is the better buy of the two. I like the feel of the keys, but keyboard response is very subjective. If possible, buyers should try the keyboard out ahead of the purchase.

Cons: The keyboard does take up desk real estate, yet despite the size of the keyboard itself, the keys are closely spaced. Think old Mac keyboards, and you get the idea. If you use a notebook, you'll likely not notice. USB ports are USB only, not USB2. Overall, though, these are fairly minor issues, and the keyboard size is a matter of individual preference.

Overall Review: There's a new version out, but the differences are largely cosmetic. The LCD screen is at a fixed angle instead of adjustable. In my opinion/experience, the adjustable screen on this model is a plus. This version also allows for more programmable keys, which is a plus for those of us just learning the capabilities of the board. The newer version has an amber backlight and LCD screen. I prefer blue backlighting and the current LCD. The big advantage is that this version is significantly cheaper than the revision. The fact that USB keyboards are often not recognized in newly-built computers is more an issue of the motherboard manufacturer, who should have a BIOS setting to recognize the type of keyboard/mouse as a default feature. Some OEMs may also require adjustment in the BIOS before the keyboard is recognized. Perhaps Logitech could include this information in the documentation.

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It works!8/16/2007 7:51:33 AM

Pros: Convenient length, helps with visual identification of cable connection.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: It's a USB cable. It works. There's not a lot more to say about the product. I use it to connect my aging HP LaserJet (don't these ever break?) to my computer instead of using the LPT port. The lighted color at the ends of the cable help with cable management. I'm considering getting more of these as a result. As per usual, fast shipping. Oh, and even with shipping it was tens of dollars less at newegg than at bricks-and-mortar stores.

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Great price, nice OC7/6/2007 9:16:41 PM

Pros: For price and performance, this hits a very sweet spot. Additionally, the later units have been overclockable. I have mine at 2.8GHz with tight timings and stock voltage, and have had it as high as 3.2 with looser timings and 1.37v. I think I can do better, but I'm still a bit of a noob with respect to overclocking

Cons: None at all, really. I know that some see the 8 multiplier as a con, but I think it's okay.

Overall Review: Gigabyte P956-DS3, 2x1GHz SuperTalent RAM, Tuniq 120, Centurion 534 case. Temperatures are at 25-28 on idle at default. At a mild oc of 2.7GHz, and during load, it's 39. At 3.2GHz, under 10 minutes of Orthos, I was still at about 41C. I am very happy.

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Simple to OC. Needs better documentation.7/3/2007 5:49:58 PM

Pros: Good overclocker. Clean layout. Solid state capacitors. The Hardware Installation Guidebook is a full-color step-by-step newbie-friendly illustrated guide of how to set up the board. First-time builders can follow this easily. Excellent overclocker. My E6420 has achieved a 3.2 OC at 1.375v and 407 GHz. I'm still stability testing, but I know it's stable at a 2.75. There are also a gazillion guides on overclocking this board. See hardforums, ocforums, forumz.tomshardware.com, etc. There is a CMOS reset jumper. If you hook up your computer restart connection to it, you can easily reset CMOS without much trouble. The BIOS allows you to save "portraits" so you can save different settings. Very nice!

Cons: The documentation could be better. Gigabyte doesn't document their utilities well and the website is filled with broken links--especially links to the more technical documentation. I still have no idea what Xpress Recovery 2 does, except that it is an imaging utility--but why image a drive on the same drive? Or is this a Gigabyte version of Ghost? Who can tell? Also, don't use the EasyTunes for overclocking. The bios is pretty easy enough. To tweak the bios, you need to press Ctrl F1 at the main Bios screen. This is in the manual, but not in screamingly large letters. In other words, while the board is easy enough to set up, and very tweakable once you do, but the Internet is better than Gigabyte as a technical resource.

Overall Review: I had trepidations after I bought this board, but I'm glad I did. This is the 2nd computer I've built and it was smoother than the first. I have a Centurion case, 2 x 1G SuperTalent DDR2 6400 RAM at 4-4-3-8, E6420, Tuniq 120, geForce 8600GTS. Using the guides I found on tech forums, I overclocked easily to 2.75, and am looking at stability testing over 3.2, though I have relaxed timings to 5-5-5-15. I am not running RAID. I had no problems with my IDE optical drive. It works fine. My SATA HD uses the native SATA ports, not the Gigabyte SATA ports. People have had issues with the Gigabyte ones. Intel has discontinued native IDE support with the 965 chipset, so issues with IDE are not Gigabyte's fault. You are stuck with jmicron. Sorry. The board default memory voltage is 1.8. Make sure your RAM will work at 1.8 else you'll need to have cheapo RAM just to boot up to get into the BIOS. If you plan anything other than a mild overclock, get extra cooling for the northbridge.

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Avoid like the plague--XP won't boot now5/29/2007 6:55:47 AM

Pros: Price and ease of use--but these are outweighed by the bad.

Cons: Hardware incompatibility issues caused my original pc to lose the ability to boot to XP. I now get to try to repair XP. I set up as per directions, ensuring that the keyboard and mouse ports were properly connected as per the diagram. I had the unit plugged into a USB port on my old Socket A computer and a USB port on my new C2D. I booted the Socket A first. Computer posted fine, but won't load windows. Tried to get the data off the harddrive, but it's not being recognized even when I use an external enclosure and try to copy files that way. My old system ran on an ABIT AN7 board, with a Saitek Eclipse keyboard and a G5 laser mouse. The new system is a Gigabyte 965P-DS3 (3.3). I bought the KVM from a bricks-n-mortar store, but thought I'd pass along the story of my pain.

Overall Review: There's a reason that some people here have had great experiences and some have had lousy ones. The Quality Assurance on these products is extremely iffy. I bought one of these to help me with my new build project. I had wanted to be able to switch back and forth between computers, so I could use the old one as the primary work station til I had completely tested my new one. My desk space was so limited that the second monitor meant that my back was at a weird angle and I started to have back problems. I bought this switch as a convenience. Now I wish I hadn't. The only upside is that I didn't turn on the new comp. If that had fried, I'd have been even more livid.

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Lots of room, easy drive installs, poor instructions5/28/2007 6:26:07 AM

Pros: This case is very roomy. If, like me, you want to try some overclocking, you're going to need room for an aftermarket heatsink. I have a Tuniq 120 in here, and yes, it fits. The drive bays are completely screwless--very convenient. PCI expansion slots have retainer brackets+holes for screws. My vid card uses both, as I thought that the card didn't seem all that secure without the screw, but if I needed any other cards, I would use the retainer brackets. They're screwless--how convenient!

Cons: The case directions are awful. I found myself longing for my Antec case's clarity (and that wasn't good, as it failed to label the power on switches adequately). While the cables do have some labeling, the audio cables are teensy and the numbers are raised on black plastic--pretty hard for middle-aged eyes to see. Polarity wasn't always the easiest to determine, either. The build took about 4 hours, at least 40 minutes of which were puzzling over the audio cables.

Overall Review: This is my 2nd build. I'll agree that the instructions are less than clear. However, the overall case quality is superb. If you need a roomy case for your build, and if you don't want to break the bank, then you really can't go wrong with the Centurion. There is a reason that it's recommended by so many reviewers as the mid-range case of choice.

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Great bang-for-buck upgrade4/23/2007 11:43:11 AM

Pros: Great value for an upgrade to my husband's 14-month old Acer notebook. Memory was quick and easy to install (thank Acer's easily-accessible design for that). Memory is stable, and applications run more efficiently.

Cons: None so far!

Overall Review: We originally were going to RMA this memory because we'd purchased it thinking that the reason the notebook had slowed was due to low memory. In fact, the old harddrive had a bad boot sector. We popped in a new harddrive and kept the memory. We're happy with both. Newegg's fast shipping and prompt customer service impressed my husband enough that he will be recommending newegg to his business.

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good value, but with comfort caveats3/19/2007 9:28:57 AM

Pros: This is a cheap, convenient product, ideally suited for the purpose for which I bought it: a spare headset for my office so that I could use VoIP services such as Skype. The behind-the-ears fit makes this easier on the hair than the over-the-head fit, and the flexible mic has a sturdier boom than I'd anticipated for the price.

Cons: Fit is okay for phone conversations, but I'd not use this as a gaming headset, as it's not comfortable enough for the 2-3 hours online that a lot of gamers will spend. Sound is okay, but lacks the richness and depth that other headsets offer. Listeners will notice a bit of a tinniness to voice quality. Video clips on the web sound okay, but again have something of a muffled quality.

Overall Review: I would never use this as my primary gaming headset. It's not comfortable enough for the longer sessions. However, if you're looking for a cheap but decent headset, and you just need the occasional voice support for either TeamSpeak or Ventrilo, then this headset will likely serve your needs well. I also recommend it to cube dwellers who use Skype as a way to cut down on long distance expenses, though perhaps a USB Skype phone would be better.

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Nice essentials for DS play1/2/2007 6:09:04 AM

Pros: If you're looking for the basic accessories for your DS, you won't have to go any farther. The case is sufficiently padded to stand up to backpack knocks and bumps. The ear buds and car charger means that you can play the DS on the go without worrying about infringing on other people's aural space. The mesh pockets lining the case, in conjunction with the hard plastic game safe (roughly the same dimension as the DS itself) enable the DS enthusiast to travel with several different games. Overall, the kit is a very good value and highly recommended over the larger cases like those produced by Intec. Really, all you want with the DS is a decent case to protect it, screen protectors so you don't scratch the touch screen, a car charger, ear buds, and game cartridge storage. This kit has all of those. I highly recommend it.

Cons: Why 4 instead of 5 stars? The reasons lie in the trade off between cost and quality. The ear buds are hard and large. I'm an adult, and I tend to play the DS on commutes. Obviously, I don't want to share my game sounds with the world at large. However, the buds are so uncomfortable in my ears that I cannot imagine how they would fit in a child's ears. They're fine for perhaps 20 minutes or so, but for anything longer, you'd want to have a better quality ear bud.

Overall Review: This really is a good value for DS accessories, and the quality of protection afforded by the case is decent. Let commonsense prevail, though. The case is not a play-through case, so you will have to remove the DS from the case in order to play it. A DS dropped on a school's linoleum floor will break. This kit assumes the user will be traveling via auto with the family. As mentioned above, I'm an adult, so I tend to be careful of when and where I play. I do put the DS in my briefcase, where it is protected, and I play it only while seated. If you are buying accessories for a child likely to be less careful, a play-through case might be better, but then you'd have to buy your accessories separately--and therefore lose the kind of package value that we see in the Naki product.

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Everything you need; too bad it literally stinks11/1/2006 5:58:37 PM

Pros: This product has everything you'd need: ear buds, fitted case for accessories, screen savers, car charger, extra stylus, game safes, and even a spare compartment for small odds and ends. The interior is divided into two sections: a section with fitted compartments for the console, charger, ear buds, game card holders; and a separate compartment with some mesh pockets that can hold additional gear. The two compartments are separated by a retaining flap. Overall, the design is very good.

Cons: The problem is the deal breaker. This case literally stinks. The smell is unbelievably bad. Other reviews on the Internet indicate similar customer experiences. The case has a strong smell of petroleum or solvent emanating from it. I have had the case air out for over 24 hours, yet I still cannot have it in the same room without feeling faint from the toxic smell. I would absolutely not recommend this product to anyone. It would not surprise me to find this is a health hazard.

Overall Review: I bought my Gamer's Kit from a local store. I will be returning it tomorrow and ordering a competitor's product from newegg. I have always had amazing customer service from newegg, and unlike my local store, newegg carries more brands than Intec, and I notice that one of these has exactly the accessories that I want at a better price. newegg definitely rocks!

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Good drive, good price7/19/2006 11:57:41 AM

Pros: storage capacity reliability speed easy-to-see lanyard tough, yet flexible rubber casing

Cons: none

Overall Review: I must often travel between two separate offices, so I use this drive to port non-confidential data. I'm impressed by the speed of transfer and ease of use. While it's true that the lanyard doesn't lay flat on your neck, it's likewise true that it's really hard to lose the lanyard--and thus hard to misplace the drive! The cover is easy to misplace--even on your work surface--but that's a problem with all flash drives. The rubber casing, though, makes this cover stick more to the metal of the USB pin. The price on these is right. I wish I'd had the money to go for the 4gig. However, at this time, it'll be hard to fill 2 gig with productivity-related files.

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Comfortable, good sound, but....5/3/2006 10:34:06 AM

Pros: Comfortable, good sound, decent quality cabling for headset

Cons: short wire on split, limited mic lifetime, foam pulls away from headset

Overall Review: I bought a pair of P-150s after my Plantronics Audio .90 started to hurt my ears after extensive gaming sessions. The Sennheisers are very comfortable, good at blocking out surrounding sounds while still being easy on the ears. The audio was good, too, though my major concern is with voice comms. However, after less than 6 months, the mic stopped working in the middle of a PvP battle. Ooops! I switched back to my Plantronics, which may be less comfortable but are still going strong. I should also mention that the foam cushioning on the top of the headset started to pull away at the second week. I'm not impressed by the quality of these headsets, which cost considerably more than the Plantronics but lasted considerably less time. I'd look for a different make/model next time.

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Good case, poor instructions3/17/2004 1:43:40 PM

Comments: I'm a first-time builder. I chose this case after reading several positive reviews on various hardware review sites. I wasn't disappointed. I love the ease with which this case opens. It's hard to find sharp edges in this case, so it's easy to work in without cutting yourself. The removable bays make installation fairly easy, and also made it easy for me to rectify some minor mistakes in installing drives. I made mistakes because the case manual does very little to help out the builder. I've put together other kinds of projects, and even the very cheapest DIY kit has a parts list that shows exactly what kind of hardware comes with the package and how many of each type of hardware. There were several screws included, yet no indication of which screw was meant for what task. Likewise, the drive rails did not come with instructions on how to install them. I was able to figure this out without much difficulty, but a single picture page would have been handy. Furthermore, the only real mistake I made in assembly was in connecting the power lead from the Power On button to the motherboard. There are identical leads with 3 identical labels that lead to the front of the case. Only one of them plugs into the motherboard. I have no idea what the other two do or where they go. However, I chose the wrong lead to connect and nearly suffered heart failure when the computer didn't power on. Fortunately, my better half has extensive hardware experience and was able to troubleshoot the problem in minutes where I'd have taken longer. I very much like the case, though, and I will buy more Antec cases in the future. However, if you're a first-time builder, you need to be a bit more wary about the kinds of pitfalls that case instructions can cause. Antec SLK3700ABM ABIT-AN7 AMD XP2500+ Powercolor ATI Radeon 2600

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