Good for Win 7, For 10? Not so much11/29/2016 9:40:50 PM

Pros: -Sleek design -Strong signal when it works -Drivers on cd are perfect for Win 7

Cons: -Despite being listed as Win 10 compatible, my Wifi device would randomly turn itself off in Win 10. The odd thing is the connection light would still blink, and when the wifi would attempt to reconnect, it would connect with the warning sign showing "No Internet Connection" but it would be connected to my home network. I had to reboot my pc and manually turn the wifi adapter back on when this would happen. -No drivers for Windows 10 would work properly for me, no matter how much I troubleshot or what I tried to do to get the adapter to work.

Overall Review: -RMA'd the wifi adapter I was using on my Win 10 setup, and bought an EDUP adapter from another online retailer. So far, the EDUP does what the TP Link could not - stays connected to my home network on my Win 10 machine. The one I ordered for the Win 7 machine I kept, as it works fine for that one. Just be prepared that some people seem to have no issues with 10 and this adapter, while others, like myself, end up having to return it and get a new one. If you do/did get this adapter and it did not work properly on your Win 10 machine, I can verify at least on mine, that both the Realtek RTL8811AU and RTL8812AU chipsets both seem to work very good with Win 10. The 8811 chipset works but seems to have a max download speed of 15 megabits, whereas the 8812 seems to have no problems downloading at my full 30 megabit connection. Good luck!

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Good bang for your buck! Read on...1/25/2016 9:57:00 AM

Pros: -Good performance after Win 10 does its initial scans (See below) -Stays cool with my aftermarket heatsink on the CPU -Well designed case - LED's are pleasing and the pc itself is quieter than my old one (See below) -Got it on sale, really good value for an 8320 + 380 4gb card not to mention 16gb of DDR3 RAM

Cons: -Stock heatsink for the cpu is junk. Terrible. As in, it was so loud whenever I would do something as menial as opening Chrome that I could almost swear I heard my neighbors cussing me out next door. We're not talking "Oh Tim you're just sensitive to sound" loud, we're talking "OH MY GOODNESS, THE COMPUTER SOUNDS LIKE IT'S ABOUT TO BLOW UP!" -Built in Wifi is absolute junk, at least one the pc I received. I think the highest speeds I got on it were ~330kb, and I'm about 100 feet from the router in my home. -Windows 10 initial "burn in" or "setup" phase - as much as I like Windows 10, if you've never used it before you should be aware that for every Win 10 install I've done or seen, there's a period of 1-3 days where Windows does its thing and you don't have the top performance your machine is capable of. This isn't anything permanent, just something to be aware of.

Overall Review: -I put in a DeepCool Beta 400 ST heatsink after less than 24 hours, because the stock heatsink the PC came with would rev out of nowhere when nothing was happening on the computer to cause this. I sleep in the same room as my computer, and I like the white noise of the computer running as I have mild insomnia from time to time, and this helps me sleep. Was not possible with stock cooler. -This pc has 3 case fans - one in front for intake, one on top, and one in the back, both for exhaust. Because the side panel that detaches is not designed to have a fan mounted, the computer is a lot quieter for me than my old one, which was a lot quieter than the one before that. Just something to think about. All in all I highly recommend this pc, even at the current price (I believe today it's selling for $839.99 USD - still worth it) - just be prepared to replace the heatsink. Also, the RAM is ADATA brand if anyone is curious. PSU is iBuyPower branded, SSD is SanDisk, and HDD is Western Digital. I had no problems with the HDD being recognized. Seems like depending on who puts your build together at the factory, it determines if you have to do a lot of extra work or not. Safe travels!

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Good little tablet that could1/14/2016 5:49:08 PM

Pros: -Easy to use, especially if you're familiar with the Android OS -Generally, it just works. It has its moments, see below -Beautiful tablet

Cons: -Comes with bloatware that you cannot completely remove, but to my understanding this is true for all tablets? -If you don't use CleanMaster (a cleaning utility that comes with the tablet's OS) regularly, you will notice the RAM gets eaten quickly, and certain apps like to run in the background constantly, eating up your tablet's RAM as well as battery life. -Takes forever to charge if you plug it into a usb port on a pc. Kind of to be expected though.

Overall Review: -I would buy this tablet all over again if given the choices I was given when it was purchased. It's a good tablet, it's not as powerful as some of the more expensive ones, but if you're like me you are looking for something that doesn't need to be rooted to do more than read books ;) An interesting note: The most taxing game I've played on this tablet has turned out to be Hearthstone. I have to run Cleanmaster to boost my RAM as well as hibernate background apps to get it to play without too much interface lag. More thoughts: There are many cheaper tablets supposedly better but by brands you've never heard of. I've worked in retail long enough to tell you just because something costs less, doesn't mean it's more value. Value should mean the quality of product in relation to its price, not just the price alone. Don't let the bloatware scare you. It's an integral part in all modern Android OS's for some ungodly unknown reason. It's easy to go into the settings and turn the programs off so they don't auto start when you power on your tablet. If you're just wondering if this tablet is worth the cost? In my very humble opinion, it is.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Excellent anti malware1/14/2016 6:08:14 AM

Pros: -Was easy to set up and use -Got at a great discount -3 machine activation for those with multiple machines

Cons: No cons

Overall Review: Other thoughts: Great product, has stood the test of time. Does not completely replace av software, but works in conjunction with it to protect you better. Worth the money, especially when it's on sale.

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One week in... initial thoughts5/18/2015 10:35:32 AM

Pros: -Lower noise output than my old 7850 -Excellent bang for your buck - the Nvidia equivalent costs almost twice as much, last time I checked -As long as you have a 750w or higher PSU, this card performs rock solidly -Lower heat output than my old 7850 -Very cheap right now ($169.99 before MIR) -Limited lifetime warranty via XFX -$20 MIR as of this posting -For the price point, you're getting a near-top-of-the-line graphics card from AMD (I think it's either the 3rd best or 4th best card at the moment from AMD)

Cons: -Not really a con, but make sure you have an 8pin adapter on your PSU prior to purchasing this card. It comes with a couple adapters, but the one is a combo 6+2 pin, and it's usually better to have a straight 8 pin. -Also not a con, but the graphics card is so quiet I had to check to make sure the fans on it were working -Has issues with AA as all AMD cards seem to. Detection issues with certain games (SW TOR I'm looking at you) where the game will default to low/medium settings even though the card can run the game with most/all eye candy maxed.

Overall Review: This card is big. It probably won't fit in a micro atx case, but should fit in a medium/large case providing your PCIE slot isn't right next to your drive bays. ***MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AT LEAST A 750W PSU!*** Card is PCIE 3.0 compatible, but backwards compatible. Also, games like Thief which are forward-designed for the max graphics setting, struggle in cutscenes but do fine in the general game. Another thought is back when the 4xxx series by AMD was popular, a lot of people had issues with XFX because their 4xxx series cards had a really annoying high pitched whine to them. That is most definitely NOT the case with this card.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Timothy, Thank you for the great review. Its definately a big card and we recommend atleast a 550W PSU. XFX Support
Terrible Bleedthrough2/21/2015 11:21:43 PM

Pros: Once you get the monitor set to your liking, it looks good, REALLY good. Crisp, clean images and high response rate using an HDMI cable.

Cons: After about a week of owning this monitor I started noticing bleedthrough around the edges (whiter edges than the central image) - it started on black backgrounds and now, about a month and a half later, it's noticeable on everything other than white or near-white backgrounds. If you google this monitor you'll see the bleedthrough is of epidemic proportions, which is a shame because everything else I own by ASUS is awesome.

Overall Review: Speakers are cheap, but serviceable. Don't be expecting to host any parties with them, though.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Leucuis, We appreciate your valuable feedback with your new ASUS VE247H LCD monitor. I do apologize for the LCD bleeding you are experiencing. Since it is a new monitor, you do have a few options for getting a replacement LCD. You may either contact Newegg, or myself regarding your manufactures warranty. You may email me at with case number N150279341 if you would like more information. Thank you for choosing ASUS! Best regards, Jolene ASUS Customer Loyalty
Leucius' Update1/6/2014 6:23:51 PM

Pros: See other thoughts, this is a follow-up review

Cons: See other thoughts, this is a follow-up review

Overall Review: I did some heavy gaming involving a mix of graphic intensive and cpu intensive games, and while the cpu intensive game was still running, I had Steam open, a browser with several tabs open, and my email program open. This was after several hours, and Sisoft Sandra reported my CPU to be 35 degrees Celsius. I am completely sold now, and the only reason I'm holding onto the stock heatsink is because I like to have a backup. Also, please note in my original review I said I had a Phenom X II - it's actually a Phenom X 4 3.4 Ghz 965 Black Edition. For the price, I don't think you're going to do better, at least for a quad core cooler. I can't speak for anyone with 6 or 8 cores, since I don't have that experience. As a point of reference, the highest I've seen my cpu temps get with the new heatsink + Arctic Silver 5 is 36 degrees Celsius, while the stock heatsink + Arctic Silver 5 would idle at around 42-45 degrees Celsius. As before, idling, my cpu is around 24 degrees Celsius. I fully support this product.

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Terrible product... Buy at own risk1/6/2014 10:45:45 AM

Pros: -Cheap -When it worked, the sound quality was definitely better than my onboard sound

Cons: -Caused Windows 8.1 to endlessly reboot -After reinstalling Windows 7, powered down my system and my system wouldn't boot until I removed it. Both of these situations happened with the cmedia drivers straight from the source.

Overall Review: I got this card to try to be able to record using Line-in, as I record my guitar sometimes. Not only would Line-in not record, but it showed as being active (before the card crashed my system) even with nothing plugged into it. I cannot recommend this card at all. Also, be aware if you want to take the gamble, to RMA it costs over $10 to ship it back, so it's essentially wasted money if it doesn't work. I realize under Win 7 there's a good chance it was my PSU and not the audio card, but if that were true I'd have other symptoms beyond removing the audio card and my system reverting back to normal. Buyer beware. I'm thinking my card in the trash because I don't even feel comfortable trying to sell it to get my money back on consumer swap meet sites.

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Eggcellent thermal compound12/25/2013 6:37:32 PM

Pros: -Good thermal compound -Though I have only owned this particular tube for 1 day, I have used Arctic Silver in the past. It really does work. -After leaving my pc on for 24 hours after installing my new heatsink, which is a Logisys Beta 400 ST AC4400BT, I checked my idle temps and they are stable at ~25 degrees Celsius. For point of reference, on the stock heatsink with Arctic Silver, my idle temps were around ~38 degrees Celsius, and with stock thermal paste on a stock heatsink, my idle temps were ~45 degrees Celsius.

Cons: -Arrived a day late due to shipping during the holiday season, but it's not Newegg's fault.

Overall Review: -Absolute MUST: read Arctic Silver's instructions for how to apply the thermal paste for your particular chip. If you go around the 'net most of them tell you to rotate your heatsink to spread out the paste - this is FALSE for a Phenom 965 Black Edition - DO NOT SPREAD THE PASTE - use a ball-grain size of rice and just set your heatsink down and clamp it - if you spread it, the copper on the heatsink won't dissipate as much heat and your temps will be higher by a good 10-15 degrees.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Awesome mouse despite a minor quirk12/25/2013 5:58:01 PM

Pros: -Excellent finish and feel to it -Steel pads as feet -Tracks well -Adjustable DPI and fully programmable mouse buttons, with settings that can be stored into the mouse's memory

Cons: -The .10 millisecond response time to the mouse click takes some getting used to. If you're like me, you're used to the mouse click taking longer to respond, and not having to be as precise when clicking on links and windows. I am not docking the product for this though, since it's easily fixable in the mouse settings, I'm just too lazy to change it because I want to improve my hand/eye coordination any chance I can get.

Overall Review: This mouse was an absolute steal when my family member got it for me as an early Christmas gift for $25 - it's currently listed at $69.99 - I still say it's worth every penny, and it comes with a limited warranty. The mouse buttons are rated for 10 million clicks, and if you know anything about the supposed "King" of mice, Logitech, you know their mice typically last a fraction of that amount of clicks. Over a month of use and the mouse is still pleasing to use and I LOVE the finish and the way it feels. I still can't believe I was able to save my family member so much money on this one, it beats out the G500 as my favorite mouse ever used.

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Top notch AV software12/2/2013 9:46:40 AM

Pros: About the same in resource consumption as MSE with much higher protection capabilities. Got it for 4.99 (What a steal!)

Cons: The only con I have is when I have Steam running (gaming and app platform) if I step away from the PC for an extended period of time, it will re-scan Steam for about 1-2 minutes before everything goes back to normal. This is the reason it got 4 eggs out of 5. It's just doing its job, but it hangs Steam in the process for that 1-2 minutes.

Overall Review: For the $4.99 I paid for it, it was a no brainer. Anyone not using Windows 8/8.1 with the built in anti virus software should pick this one up. By installing it, you remove the need for SuperantiSpyware, Malware Bytes, and your current AV software - it does it all.

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Works as advertised11/25/2013 8:17:08 AM

Pros: -Exactly as advertised - higher gain means a stronger signal. This is the second one of this model I purchased, after my own pc's wifi adapter started going bad. To give you an idea, I pay for 15 meg down speeds and my setup is wifi, and on the pc that already had one of these, it consistently gets the full 15 megs down. The other pc that was just upgraded with this, was posting download speeds initially of 12 megs, and then would bounce down to 7 megs, then to 4.5 megs. All the while the upload was consistent at just over 1 meg. I figured out it was the wifi adapter after some research and trial and error. This replaces an older Rosewill wifi adapter, not sure what model it is but it's one that is white with an antenna. That wifi adapter worked fine for about 2 years, so if I can get 2 years out of this one, I'll consider it money well spent. I picked this up for $7.99 during a promo, but it's easily worth the $13.99 - it mitigates a lot of the hassle you deal with with some wifi adapters - see Other thoughts

Cons: No cons at this point. The one I'm using on this pc is less than a week old, but on the other pc I bought one of these in April of this year, and it's shown no degradation whatsoever.

Overall Review: I highly recommend installing the driver by going through Device Manager. Make sure you uninstall your old wifi adapter first (Not your Ethernet adapter) and select to delete its drivers before installing this one. Plug it in, make sure the driver cd (included with adapter) is in the disc drive, and go to Control Panel > Device Manager - the wifi adapter will be listed under "Other Devices" right-click it, select Properties, select Update Driver, select Manually Browse, and update it off your disc. I've heard this wifi adapter doesn't play well with Windows 8, but have not tested it myself. I'm running Win 7 x64 Home Premium. Be aware if you are using Windows 8, due to the nature of the apps and the constant phoning home of Windows, you won't get your full wifi speed unless you severely tweak your system (I don't know how, hence going back to Win 7)

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NIC that works... Read on8/13/2013 5:51:57 AM

Pros: Affordable NIC card that works, wifi coverage will even work if you install it incorrectly and the driver isn't installed. Faster than onboard NIC by about 1 megabit when onboard NIC was working. More consistent speeds, less spikey in downloading and uploading.

Cons: It is not obvious when you put this bad boy into your pc that it prefers one PCI slot over another until you start up your pc and get the error message that the driver did not install with the hardware description of "ethernet adapter". This is easily fixable though, so I'm not docking any eggs.

Overall Review: If you are like me, and your pc would not detect or recognize the NIC card when you installed it, do not assume it is DOA. Try the top-most PCI slot; you'll know you've installed the card to the correct slot when it shows up in the new hardware bubble as "Realtek yadda yadda" (Sorry can't remember the exact name it shows up as) Also, this may be plug and play for you, but don't be alarmed if you install it, it shows the Realtek name, and it doesn't automatically install the drivers. Not every Windows 7 system will have drivers for this card, but the ones included on the cd DO work. Also please note that Realtek has newer drivers on their website - the cd comes with version 7.45, on Realtek's site you can find version 7.65 I believe it is, which will slightly increase your transfer speeds. I bought this card after researching and researching and researching some more why my internet speeds were dropping to 100kb-300kb most of the time with occasional spikes up to my normal speeds. If you need a new NIC card, this one is simple, affordable, and works. Best of all, your internet will level out with less spikey ups and downs, at least in my case that's what happened. I also noticed when doing a download test that instead of throttling the other pc's network speed on the internet, this NIC card plays nicely and allows the second pc to surf the net without slowing it down - onboard NIC would throttle secondary pc to the point where it was easy to detect whether I was downloading something, or even playing an online game. Assuming this card lasts until I get a new pc, I would say it was the best sub-$20 upgrade I've ever gotten.

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UPDATE VIA CODEC12/10/2011 3:48:59 PM

Pros: Beautiful lightweight case, solid enough construction you don't have to worry about it falling apart. An absolute beast.

Cons: This is true for the pc I got from them, your mileage may vary. The front 3.5mm jack for speakers did not work on mine, and I could only get one speak to pump out sound at a time. I'm thinking there's a conflict between the AMD codecs and the VIA codecs (assuming VIA is the audio adapter in this one) - first things first before you bash or freak out - download the newest codec from VIA - this will solve all problems, or at least it did for me. Not a con so much as an inconvenience

Overall Review: I got a more modest version of this pc with everything this one has besides the gfx card. Mine is a 6670 while this one boasts a 6870. I have owned my system since July, 2011. This is a beautiful machine. As with any machine, open it up and ensure everything is secure (maybe just us geeks do that, idk) but I'm 99% confident you will get a pc that just works. Mine did, and having to update the codec after updating the ATI driver is a small inconvenience, hence 5 eggs. I can only imagine this puppy with a 6870 screams in games, I know my 6670 holds its own and it's not nearly as powerful. Forget alienware, go with Cyberpower.

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Review part 28/31/2011 11:58:11 AM

Pros: Beautiful lightweight case, graphics card does not get loud, cpu fan does not get excessively loud compared to my old machine. More in Other Thoughts. Pretty LED lights. Easy to clean exterior.

Cons: The ATI card has some issues with some games recognizing it and how high quality it is, but this is true for all ATI cards in some respects. Be aware for some games it will default to low settings - your card is more powerful than that, you just need to adjust the settings manually.

Overall Review: In one game I play, I noticed it's the only game that causes my pc to run slightly loud. After further investigation, I discovered that is because the game was running windowed and fullscreen mode at the same time, taxing the system unnecessarily. After disabling windowed and leaving Fullscreen, the pc sounds normal. Keep in mind that even with the extra load the pc only sounded about as loud as my old alienware on idle. Another thought is that the system will actually run more quietly when you game than when you first exit a game. You will notice the fan will ramp up for about 3-5 minutes after exiting a game, but you will never notice extremely hot air coming out of the top vent. The air coming out the top has only ever been 1-3 degrees warmer than room temp based on hand judging.

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Decent printer for the price7/22/2011 12:59:15 PM

Pros: Beautiful, lightweight, good ink that comes with it

Cons: Ink does not last very long. Also, after replacing ink cartridges there are blur lines sometimes very frequently on a printed page, sometimes just once or twice.

Overall Review: It's not a bad printer, but it seems very sensitive to how you put in the ink cartridges, which given there's some wiggle room for them to fit, does not make sense.

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