lots to be desired7/28/2013 6:19:58 PM

Pros: neat setup, small size. mount to back of a monitor or wall. wifi works right out of the box. still has windows 7, not windows 8.

Cons: very slow right out of the box. not an awful lot of bloatware, but enough to uninstall a few things. Nothing is instant with this computer. it is painfully slow and i believe it is because of the hard drive. Im thinking I could speed it up to an acceptable level with either a 7200 rpm with decent cache or an ssd. Otherwise the specs are "okay". 2 gb ram isnt a huge amount but enough to get on the web and do basic things. Im thinking atom processors are a poor choice and also contribute to the slowness of this system but not as much as the hard drive does here.

Overall Review: I deployed this for a customer who needed a very specific setup. must have windows 7 64, pc must be behind a wall out of the shop area which is really dirty and only monitor, kb and mouse are located in the shop for which it is to be used. It works well for this and lets them use their proprietary software. Luckily it wont be heavily used for anything else because you will have to wait a minute after you click on anything, including IE and FireFox.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Nic, Thank you for writing us a review on EB1007P-B001F. To speed up this system, you may also want to disable some programs running in startup: 1. Click the Windows Start icon and type msconfig in the search box. 2. Click on the msconfig.exe application to run it. 3. Click the Startup tab and uncheck the Startup Items you believe you don’t require to run in the background (careful not to disable the critical startup items necessary to run Windows OS). 4. Click OK and follow the on screen instructions (i.e. restart computer). If you’d like to discuss this issue further, please contact me at cl-celeste@asus.com with ref#1072-12822. Sincerely, Celeste ASUS Customer Loyalty
zippy12/24/2012 10:56:09 AM

Pros: small, lightweight, feels of average build. price. has windows 7, works just like a regular pc only smaller and no cd rom. can use usb external devices.

Cons: no cd rom. thats really it. its a decent netbook. not a gaming machine but then again its not supposed to be.

Overall Review: great if you want to surf the web on wifi, check email, write some documents. easy to use on the go. more sturdy feeling that those click together tablets, and half the price.

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decent computer12/9/2012 4:36:43 PM

Pros: comes with everything you need at a decent price. monitor is outstanding and the shining star of the package.

Cons: only a dual core processor, thats kind of a bummer. loaded with bloatware you must spend an hour getting rid of before you can use the computer, but once you do this, it performs ok. not for gaming thats for sure.

Overall Review: ok a few other reviewers commented on the low level volume from the speakers. i thought so too when i first plugged them in. look REAL hard at the speakers. one of them has a volume knob that is hidden!! when you turn that up the speakers perform satisfactory. in fact you cant even tell theres a volume knob unless you set the speakers side by side, look at the top of them and see which speaker looks different. thats the one with the knob.

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Stay away from this!5/21/2012 5:57:55 PM

Pros: easy to reload trimmer line. bump feed works nicely.

Cons: there is no mixing of oil and gas - they get mixed on you! as they constantly leak out of the machine during use. its a dirty operation to use this machine! wear old clothes. gets hot and will burn your arm. shield is too small, you'll get pelted with debris and wind up covered from head to toe. machine died after 2 years despite me taking excellent care of it. glad to see it go.

Overall Review: bad design all around. it doesnt splash oil into the engine from inside. there is a tube that sprays oil into the air intake of the carb essentially mixing the oil and gas for you on the fly. this leaks and drips real bad! also uses up the oil super fast. you can be running without oil and not know it!

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Stay away from this!3/27/2012 3:10:01 PM

Pros: none.

Cons: 2 boards DOA in a row. after spending 27 bucks to return 2 boards and eating the cost of the "restocking fee" on the second one, i might as well not even return this. the board posts ok but has internal errors installing any operating system. verified all other components were working. foxconn has serious quality control issues. should not be charged a "restocking fee" if the board is defective since i hope its not being restocked!

Overall Review: the money and time i have thrown out because of this board has me seriously agitated. I have built hundreds of systems.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valuable customer, First of all, we do apologize for the inconvenience. We would like to know more about this OS installation issue. What OS are you trying to install? Are you installing from an external DVD drive or internal DVD drive? What is the exact error message are you getting? We want to duplicate this issue and resolve it if there is an issue. So please submit this issue in detail to our online support contact. Please refer to the link below. http://www.foxconnsupport.com/inquiry.aspx Thank you in advance. We are greatly appreciated. Best regards, Foxconn support team.
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great tv1/24/2012 8:02:30 AM

Pros: very nice picture, is lighter in weight than i expected. this is my first lcd tv. install on a wall mount was easy enough. price was fair. plays well with my computer via hdmi. i dont have cable, i power the tv off a dual boot windows 7/ubuntu 11.10 machine and it works well with both operating systems.

Cons: power led is too hard to see from a distance unless you are in a dark room. you dont know if the remote actually turned on the tv so you press the button again and accidentally turn it off. wall mounting. most of the ports face the back of the wall. spend money on a wall mount that you can swing the tv away from the wall and you will be happier than i am. i have my tv up high and tilted down. this makes it hard to plug in new stuff back there. small profile right angle hdmi connectors are a must if you wall mount it like i have.

Overall Review: pros outweigh the cons by far. very happy with tv. will be getting an antenna soon and hope to pull in some free channels.

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eggcellent4/27/2010 5:56:56 AM

Pros: im writing this as an update to my previous review of a doa one. the company cust service was excellent. they shipped a new one to me which arrived in less than a week without me having to return the broken unit. kudos on the cust service! it actually makes decent eggs and toast, is easy to clean and works well.

Cons: turning the darkmess know to the right on most toasters makes your toast darker. this one you have to turn to the left. weird but not much of a con

Overall Review: newegg sells an egg cooker. the irony. ha

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nice case!4/3/2010 10:26:40 AM

Pros: bought 2. both arrived perfect. psu's work good without issue. sturdy enough. my customers have called it "impressive" and "sexy" "sharp" im happy to get reactions like that from a bargain priced case. its big roomy and good airflow.

Cons: none.

Overall Review: it didnt arrive with a pizza?

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works as expected4/3/2010 10:19:31 AM

Pros: looks good, works in win7 32bit and 64 bit without hassle

Cons: none

Overall Review: wish everything worked like this

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DOA4/3/2010 10:15:18 AM

Pros: if it wasnt doa there might be some pros.

Cons: doa. need i say more? worst part is newegg doesnt exchange these, you have to go through the manufacturer. i will post my exchange experience after it happens.

Overall Review: im thinking i should have just gotten a quality plain toaster in a box store and avoid this hassle.

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decent medium use laptop5/16/2009 1:39:00 PM

Pros: specs are good. lenovo is sturdy brand. not too much junkware preinstalled. price is good. nice 15.1" screen, glossy. seems to be built on the tough side.

Cons: built in video lags it down, lowers vista experience index to 3.1. it would be 5.9 otherwise. was slow until uninstalled lenovo careware, now it flies. comes with no antivirus. mouse jerky at first but after playing with its settings is now acceptable.

Overall Review: overall very happy. the pros outweigh the cons by far. would buy again. this is not a gaming laptop, but it is speedy, even in vista once you tweak it.

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