Beautiful Display, but3/22/2012 10:03:27 PM

Pros: Absolutely beautiful picture, in every way, using a DVI cable (see Cons). I use a number of different audio setups, including very high quality studio monitors, so the built-in speakers are a somewhat moot point; that said, they work perfectly fine, and sound like I would expect them to sound.

Cons: I hate having to deduct an egg, but the HDMI input does not seem to work. I connected my Patriot Box Office media player, and when it finishes booting up, its "desktop" would briefly flash, then the screen would go dark, and... that's it. The monitor's menu doesn't even come up when the HDMI input is selected; I have to use the Input Select button to get back to the DVI input.

Overall Review: I read, somewhere (Asus support forum, maybe), that this monitor can use only one "active" input at a time, but completely disconnecting the DVI cable had no effect on the problem. The PBO works perfectly, when connected to our Vizio, so... I can't think the problem lies with it. (plus, there is the "menu issue" I described)

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Superb10/27/2011 11:37:28 PM

Pros: Outstanding performance at very reasonable power consumption. Gorgeous graphics. Chews through every game (Crysis 1, 2, Mass Effect 2, Deus Ex HR, Portal 1, 2, etc...) with all the eye candy turned up, at 1080P, and just... seems to want more. Installed on an Asus P8Z68-V Pro. Also, it's very quiet.

Cons: Not so much an issue with this card in particular, but its width pretty much renders the next PCI slot unusable. Something the motherboard and case designers really need to address, in my opinion, so... can't justify taking off any egg.

Overall Review: About once every ten years, I build a new system. Every time, the graphics card I choose costs ~ three bills. This time, the card was substantially less, but delivers *many* times the performance. Plus, Asus packaged it in what could easily be mistaken for a gift box. Could *not* be more pleased, and would not hesitate to recommend it.

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