Poor Paper Feed, Otherwise OK9/9/2009 8:52:01 AM

Pros: -Excellent price for the functionality, easy setup as one would expect from HP. -Included software can easily be whittled down from install to whatever functionality is needed, or a bare minimal driver without bloaty software can be downloaded from HP's website. -Fax setup is done through a simple wizard, and system settings like date / time are pulled from the attached computer, so region / language are the only things you have to do via the menu. For U.S. / English, you just have to keep pressing '1' and 'OK' the first time you power up the machine. Welcome simplicity from older systems that require lots of fiddling with menu buttons on the front of the printer. -Printing and scanning an alignment page to align the print heads is a nice and obvious improvement from older inkjet machines.

Cons: -Paper feed is very flaky. I bought 2 of these, and on both of them, if you load more than 10 pages or so, it will fail to feed paper and give an error as if no paper is loaded. This is what costs the machine an egg - if you didn't play with it and come across this solution, you could easily mistakenly come to believe the paper feeder is broken. -No USB included, although at this price, that's not unexpected. -Power cord could be a bit longer.

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Nice Switch, But It Died9/22/2008 11:22:55 AM

Pros: Well...it's a switch. Not much to say here, it did it's job well.

Cons: Dead in 1yr 5mo. Same constant reboot others have mentioned.

Overall Review: For the price, it's still a decent deal I guess, but I generally expect a switch to last much longer than this.

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Overall A Good Switch9/9/2008 1:26:37 PM

Pros: Good price, gigabit, small form factor, AC adapter is the 'sideways' type that doesn't block other plugs, works as expected.

Cons: Toasty - these things run hot. After just a couple minutes plugged in, they are almost too hot to comfortably rest your hand on. I wouldn't stack them directly on top of each other. LED indicators are above the ports on one side, while the AC plug is on the back, so no matter how you position the device, it's awkward.

Overall Review: Automatically handles crossover; you can attach two of them together with either a normal or crossover cable and it works either way.

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Worth The Trouble3/18/2008 11:24:57 PM

Pros: Good price, good hardware. Very nice in terms of putting the drives in etc. Included internal controller card has 2x ports, so you can tack on another one without needing another expansion slot.

Cons: Instructions are very poor. It can be a real misery to set up.

Overall Review: Call tech support - they're the type where, if all lines are busy, you leave a message and they call you back (no waiting on hold). I got a guy with a nasty accent (had to have him repeat a few things), but he knew what he was talking about (no script) and assumed I knew what I was talking about, so I consider it good (which is why this is 4 eggs, not 3). Other reviewers have listed sites to go to for drivers / firmware, so I'll just say, if you try all that and still can't start the manager software ('No Silicon Image devices detected' - something along those lines) make sure all HDD's are seated properly. If everything is how it should be, the bottom LED ('sys') will be green and all the others will be off within 1 - 2 minutes of powering on the device with the PC all booted up and everything. I had red on the top 4, alternating red / green on 5, and green on bottom. Re-seating the HDD's and switching a couple around fixed it. Running 5x Samsung HD501LJ RAID 5, works great.

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Awkward But Nice2/20/2008 1:52:52 PM

Pros: *Very comfortable for typing. *Fair price. *'Favorites' keys are handy. *Included mouse is pretty good. *Wrist rest is perfect; comfortable on bare skin, firm, and very large so it really supports your wrists well.

Cons: *F-Lock. That's -the- reason this thing loses an egg; it's frustrating if you use F-keys a lot, and moreso if you don't use software that properly detects the new functions of the keys (spell check, send, back, forward, etc.) *F-Lock, Caps, Num Lock, Scroll Lock indicators are positioned at the bottom. *Stickers instead of painted or etched labels. I'm worried they'll peel after not too long. *Included mouse's wheel doesn't 'click' when you roll it, but maybe some people like that.

Overall Review: This is a great keyboard / mouse combo, all around. I've got about a dozen users on it now, and they all really like it. Some take that front lifter thing off, but those that stuck it out long enough to get over the initial awkwardness love it. It really is much more comfortable. The pictures here don't show it very well, but the front riser lifts the front (the side closer to you) of the keyboard about 2 inches, which feels weird if you're used to a normal keyboard, but it aligns your wrists very nicely and is well worth getting used to.

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Good Enough10/19/2007 12:30:10 PM

Pros: Works well out of the box. Gets the job done conveniently. USB-powered.

Cons: Slow, included backup software isn't very useful. (see Other Thoughts).

Overall Review: Compared to a Rev drive or a CD Burner, these things are slow, but the price is right for small backup type stuff. The version of backup software that comes with this is different than some other Iomega products, and it won't let you configure a way to automatically do the same backup job every day using a different disk each day, nor can you create a separate scheduled backup job per disk that backs up the same source directory as another job. Save yourself some trouble: Don't install it, just write a batch file and put it in Scheduled Tasks (I assume Mac users could write a shell script and use cron.)

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