Blazing fast1/11/2015 1:33:53 PM

Pros: Modo renders rock

Cons: runs a bit hot in rendering compared to the xeon. The fans certainly kick up on this and not the xeon at work.

Overall Review: Rendering on my 4.2 GHz x 12 threads vs the work Xeon 2.1 x 24 threads, the math would say they are the same total GHz, but I run 16 seconds faster on the RC car scene. My render was 2:26.8. It's not fair to compare processors like this as GHz might be the same but instruction sets in the chip vary. However, like I said above, the Xeon didn't break a sweat where as the 5820 did kick up the fans to max speed. Still it's good food for thought when purchasing a processor.

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Works great1/11/2015 1:26:47 PM

Pros: Well this is my first foray into using water cooling. I sure like how clean the mobo looks without a big bulky fan and radiator on top of the cpu! I have the windowed Corsair 540 case with lighting effects by the video cards and NZXT light kit and it looks stunning!

Cons: I should have got the slightly bigger one without the i control cause I really am not using the monitoring software or using other corsair linked items. I needed my USB mobo ports for other things that were more important. This thing runs just fine and kicks up the fans when I do a 3D render, and the case does get a little bit loud but that's under heavy load with all the other case fans running. It's certainly no where near as loud as other older systems I've had!! Games don't kick it up, only hard rendering on the cpu as you'd expect. the thermal paste that comes with it is on the waterblock and had a air bubble in it from getting nicked in delivery. I had to replace the mobo on this system (it was bad and the replacement was fine) and when I took off the water block it appeared to have spread well and I would think it's ok, but since I had to replace the mobo, I cleaned off the factory paste and put arctic silver on it. I mention this in case people are wondering if the factory paste is ok or not. My guess is yes or they wouldn't risk the liability of cheap stuff. After all that would defeat the purpose of cooling if they used ineffective paste right? But do your self a favor and order some arctic 5 just to be on the safe side in case you have to remove it like I did.

Overall Review: Love it. Works great.

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Works great1/11/2015 1:16:15 PM

Pros: Works like it should. I have a blazing fast system.

Cons: none

Overall Review: This shows up in bios as 2133, but I manually put it to 2666 as it was rated, without any issues or messing with voltages.

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LOVE IT!!!1/11/2015 1:14:10 PM

Pros: + Makes the Corsair big window look great with the new rig and it's cool looking components. + I love that I can set it for any color I want, or cycle through colors slowly. (though I'd like the speed to go even 2x slower)

Cons: none

Overall Review: I see people complain that the glue backing is weak. I made VERY sure to remove any oils from fingerprints off the case before I stuck the lights in. I've been running for about 3 weeks without any issues. NZXT are you listening?.... I would add a feature to drive this via software. I would like to pick the colors it cycles through cause some colors clash with the board/ram/other lights in the system. I would also like to see a version of this with smaller segements of lights and a short 2" wire connector between them. This way I can stick it in the case without bending that thick rubberized strip. If you had a number of 5" and 10" strips that could be purchased they'd make it much easier to place in the case. As it is, it look like users could just cut the length shorter with a scissors if needed. (I'm not going to test this theory LOL). the strips of wire would make it easier to bend across corners, and run branches where other strips are needed.

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SLI is needed for LG 34" 21:91/11/2015 1:03:07 PM

Pros: + Easy to setup up even with SLI + Fast as heck. I scored 9698 FireStrike Extreme (middle one of the three FireStrike tests) + Handles 3440x1440 without any issues. + Quiet

Cons: Zotac are you listening? Some of this is stuff that would make a great upgrade to existing customers. 1. I wish I had control over the lights to change the colors so it better matches the lighting of other components and case as follows.... - Feature to set colors A and B. - Option to fade between the two colors based on workload/temp. - Leave in the option to let it cut to the second color like it currently does, instead of fade. - Option to set just one color (or I suppose setting color A and B to be the same would be fine) - Sync the pulsing of the two SLI cards to go on off and the same time, or 180 degrees out of phase so one is brightest while the other is darkest. Right now one card will run a bit faster or slower than the other so it look funny. 2. I would add a mirror to the back of the video card so it reflects the coolest part of the other video card in SLI mode. The best looking part of this video card is face down in a tower. My case has a full sized clear panel to see the beauty, but the card is hidden face down so a mirror on the back of the card would show it off more. 3. The software lets you turn off the lights or they pulse, but in SLI mode this doesn't work. When you move from one card to another it resets the light of the one you just edited. Software isn't as intuitive as I'd like to see, but it's easy to set up with the 3 default OC modes.

Overall Review: I haven't built a pc since 06 and never liked SLI setups before due to how problematic they are. This was no problem. Modern hardware is easy to setup, any idiot can do it now. These 2 cards are amazing. When I ran just one there was definitely too low of a frame rate given all the pixels I'm pushing to this big high res monitor. But with 2 cards, it's overkill (is there such a thing? LOL)

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AHhhh-MAZING!1/11/2015 12:43:04 PM

Pros: I do photo editing, 3D graphics, and games and its... + Great color/contrast that I can trust to represent the art accurately. + No issues with tearing in games (but use the drivers they included!) +The first production run had issues with backlighting that I don't have in this one which was made in Nov. (online reviews stated they updated this last fall) + No dead pixels + No issues with games (I'm not as picky as pro gamers who have an eye for 1ms vs 2ms) + Games that support the full screen look outstanding. This will be great for Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous. + Absolutely amazing to work on graphic projects with

Cons: If you don't install the driver, and just let Windows pick the default driver, you will experience bad tearing. Be sure to use your included driver disk or download the latest. The only negative hear was it didn't step through how to install the driver well, but I knew how to go to the monitor settings and have it point to the driver on the disk.

Overall Review: I use 3 monitors at work. when I run an app like Modo on a 16:9 or 16:10, I feel like it's 1990 and I'm on an Amiga with LightWave. The work space is huge on this monitor and menus are well off to the side and away so I can keep focus on the art in PS or Modo. I have to switch my glasses to the reading distance glasses cause it's so big my progressive lenses just can't see enough of the picture clearly, cause it's sooooo big! It's absolutely stunning! I can't wait to play Assetto Corsa and Elite on this. It's like looking out of a windshield. Using regular 24" wide screen feels like someone put a curtain over half the windshield now. I can't go back. I hate working on the PC at work!!

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I LOVVVE IT!1/11/2015 12:30:50 PM

Pros: Lifts my LG 34" 21:9 without issues. I love not having a base under the monitor so I can put my legs up on the desk, and I have so much more desk space without the base. That was an unexpected benefit... much more usable desk space.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I wish I would have used this on all my computers in the past 30 years.

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2nd time's a charm1/11/2015 12:27:41 PM

Pros: Stable Quiet Great value (I got it on sale) Effecient as it's a 1050w which is way more power than is needed so it's not pushed to the limits at all. (I run two Zotac 970 Amp Extreme video cards in SLI, and 5820 i7)

Cons: I had to replace the first one. I had intermittent power on the 12v as connected to a psu tester. Newegg replaced the the unit so that wasn't an issue, and the second one was just fine.

Overall Review: I've had SeaSonic over the years and they are provide very stable power (important to me cause I push the system hard with 3D rendering and ram gets touchy/crashy with cheap PSUs), so I been sticking with them. I'm sure there's others making great PSU's too, but I've had great results with Seasonic.

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Stable and feature rich1/11/2015 12:19:39 PM

Pros: Easy Setup Easy Basic OC STABLE!

Cons: I had problems with the first one. None of the lights came on. I had tested it with another PSU to confirm. Newegg replaced it and second one was just fine. Apparently others have experienced the same thing from what I saw online (no Dr Debug LED, seems board only had partial power) Bios stretches out super wide to fit my 21:9 monitor, makes it hard to read, but it's not like I will ever be in it much ever again after initial setup.

Overall Review: It's been about 9 years to build a PC from scratch. I love the modern mouse driven bios and also the windows control of the bios settings, and ease of basic over clocking. I am not so hard core as to deal with voltage settings and all that to squeeze every ounce out of it, because I do 3D graphic/rendering and I need it stable, not pushed to the limits of what it can handle. So I go with the automated OC to keep it stable. It runs my 5820 3.3 to 4.2 without any problems what so ever. I'm using G.Skill ram at 2666, and two Zotac AMP Extremes (3 won't fit, cause the cards take up 2 slots, and frankly 2 is plenty). I been running this for a few weeks now without issues. Glad I stuck with it.

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