rips through games7/18/2011 8:53:16 AM

Pros: Thus far has run each game Ive got at max (though I dont have crysis or crysis 2)... and this is when the rest of my rig is about 4 years (!) old by now. As a note, this card is roughly similar in size to my old 8800GTS 512 (big performance gap there, great upgrade). I also got it cheap on sale. Go Newegg. Its not even as loud as the old card.

Cons: It doesnt cook for me? Come on

Overall Review: My rig is old. 4gb ddr2 800 reaper, earlier intel quad 2.5ghz (forgetting the name now).

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works well7/18/2011 8:49:35 AM

Pros: caveats- I havent used it with usb3, i havent partitioned it yet and i havent booted off it yet. other than that it works as it should, is reasonably fast (sorry no benchmarks for you) and Ive filled it and reformatted.

Cons: works as advertised. no cons that I know of yet

Overall Review: Ive found problems with flashdrives really only start cropping up after Ive got 3 or 4 partitions on em and boot from em. Havent had the time to set that up on this stick yet.

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going strong11/24/2008 11:49:46 AM

Pros: esata ACTUALLY WORKS on this and because of that its blindingly fast. Theres a WD drive of some kind in there which is comforting. Ive been running it near continuously hosting files and it doesnt get sizzingly like other externals Ive built or bought. First thing I did when i got it up and running was umount, wipe with gparted and format ntfs so friends with windoze could also use it.

Cons: really none for the drive- it was even extremely reasonably priced!

Overall Review: when I need another tb or two [in a couple months] Ill get a few more

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nice11/24/2008 11:46:01 AM

Pros: heatsinks help keep things nice and cool [look pretty sweet too].

Cons: big, wouldnt be able to get another set- the heatsinks would knock into eachother. these things are heavy too

Overall Review: Crysis warhead runs pretty decently- q9300, 4gb reaper, 8800gts 512 [the bottleneck i hit was definitely gpu]

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solid11/24/2008 11:44:07 AM

Pros: pretty decently fast, very fast boot times

Cons: LOUD access, when Im moving large chunks of data (say copying off a couple hundred gb of movies)

Overall Review: ive got 4 partitions on it- xp32, vista 64, swap and ubuntu64 (vista boots the slowest)

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excellent11/24/2008 11:42:09 AM

Pros: powerful, doesnt heat up, quiet

Cons: MASSIVE, i have a huge case (ABS diablo) and the only way i could get it in was upside down.

Overall Review: Im a fan

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El Diablo6/12/2008 1:05:30 PM

Pros: Huge. Gargantuan. Enormous. Lots of wires, but well organized. The drive mounts work as advertised and dont require any screws. The fans are big but can blow enough air to keep everything COOL while turning pretty slowly- thus theyre pretty quiet. If i turn up the fan on my 8800gts, i can hear the roar, its by far the loudest thing in the case. the lights are pretty and I appreciate that I can turn them off easily when I want to sleep.

Cons: Getting in the psu (pc power and cooling 750w) was a bit ackward. A friend held the thing in place while I secured it. I had to put in the psu upside down so the power plug wouldn't hit the side of the case, but it works.

Overall Review: Antoher pro- the toolless locker thingy that holds in pci/e cards also works extremely well and holds the cards in very tightly, unlike many of them out there that are useless.

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