Silent and highly effective2/6/2021 10:05:43 AM

Pros: - Premium build quality - High RPM significantly improves system airflow - Rubber pads can be readily detached if needed - Fan cables are sleeved and are flexible - Black fans goes great with many cases - Works well in airflow deprived system PCs

Cons: - Fan blades are surprisingly sharp and can leave a cut. - The rubber pads are tan colored and stand out. For the most part, the cons have no potential impact on performance

Overall Review: I bought these fans for all of our full tower workstation PCs; specifically our workstations use Corsair’s Obsidian 750D series cases. These 140mm fans are perfect replacements for the ones the case came pre-installed with. The original 140mm front panel fans are not very effective and run poorly. Although our workstation cases themselves are equipped with a solid front panel block, which can hamper the fans’ full benefits, our business environment is openly prone to dust, powders, metal and wood-chip shavings. It is necessary for us to preserve the longevity of our internal hardware as best as we can. Having these fans in the system front panel made a significant difference in airflow purely from the sheer amount of air it puts out.

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Excellent AIO for the price1/29/2021 10:08:42 PM

Pros: The fans are very quiet and the pads on each corner does a lot to dampen the sounds. Keeps my CPU (i9-10900K) under 65C under load. I love the Infinity Glass lighting. It looks better in person.

Cons: Installing the plastic backplate was easy, but the plastic quality could be better.

Overall Review: It does the job. It does it well.

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Pricey but an amazing card8/14/2019 12:01:11 AM

Pros: Runs cool on load (mid-high 60s). Great for 1440p and 4K. No more worries about running future triple A titles. Quality build. Easy to install. No issues so far

Cons: Requires two 8-pin PCIe connectors. So if the electricity bill is a concern, then this isn’t the right card. It’s very heavy, I recommend buying a GPU bracket or brace to support its weight.

Overall Review: I bought this card as an upgrade from a GTX 980Ti. It’s a big jump in performance, but the 980Ti is still a really really beastly GPU even in 2019. For its performance I can’t justify the price for someone gaming on 1080p 60hz. There’s better alternatives. But if you see yourself buying a higher resolution monitor in the near future, say 1440p and above, this is the card that will secure stable frames in any title with the highest graphical fidelity. The card does not run hot for me as stated by others who bought this aftermarket version. I hover 55C on light gaming and max out at 69C on load with default fan curves. It may be because I have pretty decent airflow within my case which is a Corsair Obsidian 750D Airflow Edition. I’ve got plenty of room inside and I have tons of fans. I do see people reaching mid 70s, but closer inspection in their builds does reflect their thermals due to less adequate airflow and size of the case. You can always undervolt the card to get a slightly less voltage if thermals in your set up are an issue. Overclocking can make this card run 76C and above. Mine peaked at 82C before thermal throttling. That’s with default fan curves. With an aggressive fan curve, I do not get temperatures above 78C. I don’t go heavy on the overlocking also. Buy this card, if you have the money and want the fastest consumer centered GPU. More support for RTX is in the future, and as more titles adapt it, this card will play them well. It will last you for many years to come.

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