Absolutly Fantastic5/16/2020 8:28:54 PM

Pros: -Pre-assembled and ready to go out of the box the way I wanted. (Pushing air out (up) of the case) -THICCC!!! radiator -All fans and pump run off one wire, no need to multiple plugs. -Nigh-on completely silent even at max power. -VRAM fan is actually useful. Cools my motherboard another 2 degrees. -NO RGB!!!

Cons: -As before, THICCC radiator. If your case is too small or components are in the way (as what happened to me, DVD drive) you have to move them or find someplace else to place it. -Have to rely on your computers temp controls/motherboard to control everything, no built-in temp controls. -Not a big deal to me but, running everything on one line is nice but wouldn't mind an easier option to have the fans and pump separated. I know theirs a way to separate (or at least take the fans off its built-in hub) the two but haven't tried it. -(Not about the product, the shipping) It was shipped to me in a bigger box than it with no protection (no foam, bubble wrap, etc.) and obviously had been through a rough ride and made me a bit worried it would be DOA but luckily not.

Overall Review: With the case I bought (Phanteks Enthoo Pro Series) I wanted the option to one day have a triple fan radiator. I don't OC or anything, I just want everything is cool as possible. All the ones I saw were pointless 'RGB this' and 'RGB that' with all these fancy options or just so expensive I didn't want them. I'm about functional, not looks. I saw this one but saw so few reviews on Newegg I was a bit skeptical. But the few on here did say it was great. Skip forward to the unfortunate and sudden death of my previous motherboard (lets pretend I had nothing to do with it,) so I had to upgrade immediately but this was out of stock. Waited a month, it came back, bought it on a whim because AMD's Ryzen stock fan is actually really good, but not good enough. Once I made sure it was actually working (it's that silent) and efficiently (make sure to pay attention to the diagrams on installing there bracket, I didn't cause I'm idiot) I realized this was a great purchase and I'm forever a fan (no pun intended) of this company. I had the stock cooler set up to respond to high temps, as you do, but that didn't work with this because everything, including the pump, slows down when it's cool. Then it goes into the back and forth of "it's heating up, it's cooling down, etc." response of everything. So I decided to make it at a set speed, seeing how loud full speed is. Nothing but a gentle rumble on my desk (case is sitting next to me on my desk) and the loudest fans are my case and GPU fans. It works so well, I just leave it at 100% at all times, still not a thing wrong, it keeps it cool (AMD, still the space heater for your house) idling at 30C, keeps it under 60C during big games. The big games barely scratch the surface of the CPU but that's besides the point. The radiator is THICCC!!! My original idea since I had 3 extra fans, I wanted to do a push/pull setup but it's so big that I have no room. Even if I were to remove my disk drive entirely, the motherboard's builtin heat sinks wouldn't allow me to put another set of fans so for now I'm set with just a push set up. It wasn't like I needed it, it was just to give the extra fans something to do. Overall, if you're looking for a no nonsense cooler, no flashing lights, just silent efficient cooling, this is it. Great price, fantastic performance. But I cannot stress this enough. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE ROOM!

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