Very good earbuds in this price range10/19/2020 6:27:35 PM

Pros: - Sounds pretty decent(compared to apple airpods, bose headphones, aukey earphones etc which I use everyday) - Battery seems to be pretty solid(I havent down burn down test of earbuds or charger case. But I trust the playback time must be 28 hours) - The fit of the earbuds is very comfortable(needs some getting used) - The bluetooth connection didnt drop once so far.

Cons: - The left & right earpods didnt pair out of the box. For people who dont know how modern day earpods work, the right one will be bluetooth connection to the phone. The left & right use different connectivity like magnetic waves to transfer back/forth data. So yes, left only cant work as it doesnt directly connect to your phone. It gets clumsy if two bluetooth devices terminate on your phone. So chill!) - I thought since this is 2020 update, it might have app support like air 2. I was disappointed that it didnt as I wanted to customize spund to my ears using hear id. - Its not sweat & water proof although its not a deal breaker. It would have been easier to run in the rain otherwise.3

Overall Review: If you want a value earbud, then consider this. For the few days I have used, I have found it lot comfortable.

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