Great PSU11/10/2012 9:21:51 PM

Pros: Quiet. Extremely quiet. Even with the fan on you will not have a chance of hearing it. I set it to Normal mode, so that the fan spins all the time. Modular! My first modular PSU! Nice not having all these cables that I am not using! Quality components. Solid state caps and quality fan!

Cons: -None

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5/26/2007 5:13:04 AM

Pros: Hey guys, So I have the luxury of having all three monitors, Dell 2407 WFP REV03 24", NEC 24" MultiSync 2470 WNX and Samsung 244T 24". I compared Nec, Samsung and Dell and yes there is a picture difference. First of all, here is the link to the picture that I used to compare them: Having three monitors Nec, Samsung and Dell side by side, Nec and Samsung connected to a 700$ GeForece 8 GTX via DVI-D cables and Dell connected to GeForce 7 via DVD-D as well, I started googling digital art pictures and found the one above. Brightness: All of the monitors have a very good brighteness. In fact, at full brightness monitors hurt your eyes. I am a software engineer and trust me, you will not want to stare at the monitors with brightness at full power. As I started turning down the brightness, samsung tended to have a little bluish hue to it, not very noticable and nec tended to have a slight yellowi

Cons: Colclusion: All the monitors are very good monitors. Dell REV 03 performed very well. It is an excellent choice for the price. Nec is pricy and I think that contrast controls could be improved. Samsung is great but the black borders around the picture seemed to have a light pinkish hue to them. As it comes to the rest of the pictures that I have looked at, they all seemed to be around the same quality. Again the color richness seemed to be slightly better on both Samsung and Dell rather than Nec. But you will not notice it if you not stare and compare pictures. Anyway, hope this gives you an idea. Mikhail

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