Great while it lasts10/8/2014 8:24:32 AM

Pros: This mouse felt awesome and performed very well for the first couple of years I had it. I am a light gamer and this improved gaming, but it was also great for everyday use. I only used the programmable buttons for one game, but they were handy. The adjustable weight feature was pretty awesome.

Cons: This mouse has longevity problems. It was a great mouse when it functioned. I absolutely loved it for the first couple of years that I had it. Slowly, over time, it started to double-click when I only clicked once. I thought my computer had spyware, then I thought there was a driver issue, and it took me a while to figure out there was a hardware issue. I called Logitech troubleshooting a couple of times. They were nice and helpful, but after going through a long list of troubleshooting procedures, we concluded it was a hardware issue. Although the problem didn't happen overnight, they would not fix or replace the product as I was just out of the 3 year warranty. This is disappointing as it was an expensive mouse and I have had $20 mice hold up much longer.

Overall Review: I treated this mouse with care. It feels like it was designed to fail at the time the warranty expired. I think it is reasonable to get 5 years or more out of a mouse, particularly an expensive mouse. I wish Logitech would stand behind this product a little more.

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Fantastic bang for the buck10/17/2013 5:11:40 PM

Pros: You get a lot of monitor for the money with the BenQ GW2750HM. I don't know of any other 27" of this quality that you can get for the price. The monitor is designed for 1080p resolution which is nice as it is one of the most common high definition formats. The glossy black look is very appealing and the OSD features are pretty good. Consistent with professional reviews, I have seen that the ghosting problem with VA screens like this is largely fixed via built in options like "Premium AMA." If you are a hardcore FPS gamer, you might want a TN screen with 120 Hertz, for moderate gamers and movie-watchers, this tiny bit of ghosting is not a concern. Oh, I almost forget to mention. The contrast ratios on this are phenomenal. After calibration of the monitor (Brightness all the way down to 14/100, Gamma 4, etc.) the contrast and vibrancy are mind-blowing for this class of monitor. After calibration the black-level is at 0.04cd/m2 which lets you feel the abyss of space during a HD astronomy show or appreciate the darkness during a movie night scene. Input lag at 6ms is lower than what you'll find with Dell Ultrasharp or really anything else. Anyhow, I know there are better monitors in existence, but at this price range, you won't find them.

Cons: As already mentioned, this monitor does not win in every single category. There is still a tiny bit of ghosting present, but it won't impact the vast majority of users. The default settings on this monitor are not good as you'll swear you are looking at the surface of the sun if you crank the brightness up all the way and some of the other settings are not really close to where they should be. The viewing angles are fantastic, but I would not call them 178 degrees horizontal and vertical. It seems like the image does change just a little at perhaps 45 degrees off perpendicular with vertical and horizontal viewing, but the image is still very usable for those that see it from that sort of an angle. I sort of wish the power cord was near the other input cords for the purposes of easier cable management, but this is a very trivial concern. One thing that annoyed me greatly was opening the box and finding just a very cheap VGA cable as an input cable. Not only was it just a VGA cable, but I swear that I could make a better cable with duct tape, wire breadties, and 7 minutes. This is like delivering a Ferrari to someone with the cheapest tires on it that you can possibly find. Sure, you can use it, and you can drive it, but it just feels wrong knowing that you are not able to experience it in all its glory. I can't remove an Egg for this though as I know a lot of monitors don't come with anything better than a VGA cable. So anyhow, make sure you get a DVI or HDMI cable if you order this. Oh yes, and if you ask me, a 27" monitor is the largest monitor you should ever get with 1080p resolution. If you get up close to the monitor, you can easily see every pixel that makes up the letters on your screen. If you activate ClearType or something comparable and stay at least 24" away from it, your text looks fine though. The OSD is very usable, but it is far from intuitive and far from perfect. You'll be hitting the "Enter" button when you should be hitting "Menu" and things of that nature. For me, I rarely play with the OSD, so I don't care. If you need to use it regularly, it might not have the best possible setup. The obnoxious purple startup screen makes you think that you'll see Barney the dinosaur on the next screen. Apparently, there is a secret menu to disable this if you are offended by your room turning obnoxiously purple for a few seconds.

Overall Review: My goal in buying this was to get a relatively inexpensive general purpose monitor for producing documents, watching movies, and moderate gaming from my office chair or a nearby couch. I valued the contrast ratios and having reasonable levels of lag and ghosting. Overall, I can say that at this price range I've fulfilled my needs (or wants) to the best degree that I can. This isn't the perfect monitor for everyone and every situation, but I would gladly recommend to most of the people I know. I suspect most people who buy this will be pretty happy.

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