4/27/2012 1:59:28 PM

Pros: The build quality initially feels very solid, plenty of ports and connections for everything i need. The bios is much easier to navigate and use than the msi p67 board i upgraded from.

Cons: My G510 keyboard was not recognized by the bios that shipped with the board. After updating from version F4 to F5, everything was fine. No PS/2 slot. Which is fine now that my g510 is working, but prior to, i had to go and buy a cheap walmart keyboard to get into the bios and then return it when i got everything working since the only other keyboard i have is a ps/2 connection.

Overall Review: Although the bios is easier to get around than my past few boards, I am a little disappointed in the amount of control i have over the pwm slope for the cpu cooler. However, i have only had 2 days to play around, and this could be me overlooking the settings and control points i am looking for. But overall, i would buy this board again. The colors and features for the price are simply excellent.

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Wow4/14/2011 7:35:13 PM

Pros: This cooler really performs, was pretty easy to install, and not too expensive if you buy on the right day.

Cons: As many have said, the documentation is a bit lacking if you've never installed a cooler. But overall, not terrible.

Overall Review: Stock Idle: 41 Stock Load: 71 Idle Now: 28 Load Now: 44 The universal mounting solution is a bit clunky, but assuming you are patient or have experience with universal coolers, it is a breeze to instal. Less than 10 minutes from out of the box to my case closed up and booted.

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Solid Drive4/14/2011 7:30:33 PM

Pros: Fast Quiet Efficient Easy to install More than enough space (provided you remember to adjust your windows restore allocation)

Cons: Not quite the BLAZING fast it was suggested to be, but still significantly fast. Opted for a fresh install of Windows and all my apps and in doing so had to spend several hours on the phone with various microsoft products to regain access to the licenses that it thought were used up.

Overall Review: I traded up from a WD Black 1TB drive. It was converted to be my media drive, and the increase in speed is substantial. I would suggest investigate using the intel transfer tools to save from the headache of software telling you that you have run out of licenses. Spending the time on the phone getting my apps activated certainly took away from the ease of the experience.

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