Ordered two RED, got one RED one MIXED?9/25/2020 6:24:45 PM

Pros: Nice sturdy small USB mechanical keyboard, Key click is not loud and feels responsive. And a plus it's supposed to be water resistant. does things my old spendy Logitech never did. I ordered 2 of them. One of them for a family member and me. I belive I got a good deal.

Cons: Only Non Con thing was they was supposed to be RED Led backlit. Model # ending in 2990, one was 7 Color Led mod # 2989. I quadruple checked invoice and BOX labels. Both was supposed to be RED #2990. It's a small issue, and no need to return because both units work good on my Gaming system.

Overall Review: Overall review this is a decent keyboard for the price, I can recommend it.

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BIOS loops, forgets settings.4/20/2020 5:32:18 PM

Pros: This is my third personal Gigabyte mobo, and I built more than counted for others. Just built a X390 Arous Master for friend a month ago. Gigabyte always had quality. They are my go to first for new builds.

Cons: BIOS (F12e) will lose the SSD setting in M.2 A, and just keeps looping back into BIOS and showing no drive installed, or sees one. Funny part is after a couple re-entering the WD Black SSD and save setting, it will see it and load windows and work fine. Thinking it was the M.2 A sharing the Pcie 4.0 with video card, I installed the SSD in M.2 B. It still loops but now it goes to the Arous logo screen with the F12 for boot and DEL for BIOS, and Q-Flash at bottom. So far I have not had a push power button and windows pops up normal. Also I have never seen the chipset fan spin or run yet. Thinking it was waiting for it's set temp to turn on or something. Gigabyte has always been good, but my luck ran out and I got a lemon.

Overall Review: This X570 Arous Elite Wifi has plenty of USB ports but could use more fan plug-ins. And it's a good looking board. I Recommend Gigabyte to my Friends and Cutomers.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, Thank you for your comments. We apologize for your difficulty with your GIGABYTE product. Please contact us at support-newegg@gigabyteusa.com with the case number 175027 in the e-mail subject line. We will provide personalized service and analysis to help solve your issue ASAP. If the matter is urgent, please send us your contact number, and we will contact you. GIGABYTE VIP Support Team
USB 2.0 ports stoped working less than 30 days.8/1/2018 12:07:07 PM

Pros: nice look, easy to install, Great price.

Cons: the USB 2.0 ports stoped working less than 30 days after install, not worth return for price, too much hassle. but won't stop me from buying more equipment from Egghead.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, I am so sorry to hear this the USB 2.0 ports of card reader stoped working. Please contact us with an electronic copy of order invoice and we can further assist you with a replacement of the RDCR-11004. We do care about your feedback and will continue improving our products in future. Phone: 1- 800-575-9885 Email: rma@rosewill.com Email2: techsupport@rosewill.com Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care