Great processor when I used it2/9/2018 12:12:28 PM

Pros: - Always ran everything I threw at it. - capable of gaming on star citizen coupled with a 770gx but this cpu pair with a newer 1080 could last a bit for gaming much longer - good for rendering multithreaded for its time, still handles vm's pretty well when i use it. - still a solid chip to use for video/graphics editing on a budget - capable of streaming at 720p on twitch while gaming at 1080p medium graphics with most games

Cons: non really, outlasted its projected life by about 5:1 and I still use it for everything short of the newest gaming and streaming, I have a new Ryzen setup for that

Overall Review: Still would be a great processor for an every day machine, movies, gaming on most titles still with a new gpu, runs vm's and servers great, obviously this isn't going to cut it for creating a 4k-8k video content but it wasn't never designed too. It can achieve the potential of its era and still some after but if your going for 2k-4k-8k content now, you will need to give up this processor for something new.

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Stupid fast!2/9/2018 12:07:00 PM

Pros: Tested reads at around 2200mb/s and writes at about half that. Can be used as a boot drive, still beats my Evo 850's like they are dated ATA drives.

Cons: bought it at 256gb instead of 512gb

Overall Review: Best hard drive replacement both internal or for external usb you can find. These are the future and they are here now, and after 2 years of use I'll never touch a regular ssd for a hdd again, these m.2's cannot be match by a typical hard drive. They are worth every penny of performance.

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Great mobo, fast, oc'd easy12/4/2017 9:19:34 AM

Pros: - Runs great out of box - No bloatware software - works great coupled with 3200 CORSAIR Vengeance RGB 16GB (runs after easily setting xmp profile in bios) no bios update required

Cons: - none

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It works great12/4/2017 9:14:41 AM

Pros: - 1 tube was enough for 2-3 cpu's - worked great for both my corsair hv100 v2 cpu water cooler and my stock fx8370 cpu fan - doesn't have rgb but it is shiny!

Cons: - none

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Fast, Beautiful, and Really Fast12/4/2017 9:12:34 AM

Pros: - Fast - Stable at 3200 on my ASRock X370 Taichi AM4 AMD Promontory X370 (used the oc profile the bios had and worked on reboot) - lighting looks fantastic and the tops can come off to look more like a full bar without grills

Cons: - none

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Great power!12/4/2017 9:08:14 AM

Pros: - Purrs like a kitten, and that's only when the fans are on (they aren't if it isn't hot) - this thing is more quiet then the sound of silence - plenty of cables to use with it

Cons: - none

Overall Review: the SATA cables only have 3 inch gaps between the 3 plugs on each cable, makes the need to have all the power connectors in close proximity. It worked for me but I can see say having a CDROM drive up top and having to run a single cable just to that which would be a waste of a sata cable since there are 3 on each. So maybe if they included a single plug sata connector that would be super on future models.

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Hella Fast CPU12/4/2017 9:02:55 AM

Pros: - It's fast. - It's really fast. - Definitely faster then my old fx 8370 - So fast it plays the game for me. j/k

Cons: - none

Overall Review: - No integrated GPU so using it with some of the newer boards will leave the features useless on them if you were hoping to have it available. And the only reason this would be important is if the GPU fails or you have accessory monitors you wanted to use.

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Great case, Great aesthetics, Very Sexy Case!12/4/2017 8:54:42 AM

Pros: - Too clear this up, this case fits the corsair hv100i v2 cpu water cooler very well, I mounted mine so the water lines were mounted towards the front of the case as I top mounted the cooler to the top of the case. It didn't drape over the mobo or ram in any way that others do. I use the ASRock X370 Taichi AM4 AMD Promontory X370. - Lighting is very visible through the glass door on both sides with just the right amount of tint. - Case fans that it comes with are pretty quiet and air flow seems sufficient with water cooler at top and nothing else added. - Tremendous amounts of room in the area to the front of the motherboard for water reservoir's or extra hd's. - Hides the power supply, cables, and hdd's like a boss!

Cons: - Case isn't light, but I wouldn't expect something so awesome to be - The case fans use a fan controller that integrates through 1 fan header but that means all the fans run at the same speed. I may actually disconnect this and intergrate them accross all the fan headers to get a more even CFM movement through the case. - Doesn't serve me chilled beverages

Overall Review: - This was no fault of the case nor anything I'm taking a star off for but the case initially on power up had a LED vaporize in the front of the case. Phanteks was very prompt to offer support and a replacement on this defect and was amazed at their response time and effort. A+ guys!

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Excellent card for gaming!12/4/2017 8:44:32 AM

Pros: - Runs all 3 of my 24" monitors and 43" as expected - I can now max out my graphics settings in every game I run included WoW, Star Citizen, CSGO, I haven't found a game I can't run at max yet. - Does NOT get above 65 Celsius ever and that's with no adjustment on clock or fan settings - Card runs good enough that I see no reason to try to clock it further as I would not see any visible performance gain from it - Has some rgb lighting - Fans are still (no sound) till it starts to get used and even then its still quiet - Fans don't get used unless they are needed, so at computer idle they are not in use (no power no noise use)

Cons: - Still looking into this but the HDMI 2.0a coming out of this card doesn't run my TIC 43" at 60hz 4k like I would have hoped. I do not yet have a 60hz DP to HDMI cable though to try so I will test farther later on. All my other monitors are still 1080p so they don't need it.

Overall Review: - Newegg dropped the price 20$ a week after the black Friday special so instead of $539 that it is now, It cost me $559 which is pretty unfortunate that they would not price match when bringing it to their attention. I will always buy from newegg but I think they could do better on making sure their customers aren't taken advantage of on pricing a mere week later.

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6/1/2016 7:29:03 PM

Pros: Pretty easy to setup and configure considering the amount of options. Ports and fans are all easily accessible. Board runs great and so far I've had no issues. Very satisfied with the performance thus far.

Cons: M.2 IS NOT support for OS INSTALL. Don't bother wasting the 10 hours I tried to get it too work. It will see it on windows install, it will load drivers, it will duplicate from an existing drive, but it WILL NOT pick it up on boot and you will get a nice "no boot record" found or some nonsense. ASUS has confirmed there is no current support for this feature and that there "could be" in the future is what I was told.

Overall Review: Could have used a few more sata 6 ports. Had 5 hdd's and a cdrom drive so I was out of ports right from the get go. I still don't get why they put pci slots on these in favor of more 1x pic-e slots which makes it hard to accomodate many addon cards if thats your thing. Without the m.2 supporting windows boot their is not much of a point to have it. As the sata bus will get no where near the speed it can so where as your windows might cap out around 5-700mb that m.2 will hit about 1500mb. So since your os install drive can't match the speed it will work, realistically you won't ever transfer or have the need to between drives faster than your os drive can, but honestly for the cost its pointless. Just buy another 850 evo and wait.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Works3/23/2015 7:21:32 PM

Pros: Holds the monitors in place and had an extreme ease of setup and installation.

Cons: Doesn't hold monitors from tilting as firmly as I'd like, but once they are in place they tend to stay.

Overall Review: Could use some extra permanent adjustment screws to keep monitors from twist horizontally when bumped.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Most functional and Aesthetically Pleasing Keyboard Ever3/3/2015 9:16:46 AM

Pros: Out of the box it looks amazing and works without any software needed as far as regular keys go. You can manipulate the lights through 4 pre-programmed themes as well as using the adjustment key to dim or brightent them as to not be stuck on or off. The software allows decent control over lighting and as it does have a bit of learning curve it doesn work well. I also love the fact that I again have 2 quick to use usb ports on the reverse of the keyboard. No more reaching to my tower!

Cons: No installation cd out of the box. I was at first surprised but who here doesn't have internet to download the latest drivers over the beta/release drivers that are usually buggy and miles out of date anyways. Anyone who has owned a graphics card can attest by the time you get the drivers installed your already downloading 20 revisions on new ones so I won't take any eggs off for that nor crititcize. Functionally the only the only thing I can knock on is human nature and being acustomed to a normal keyboard. I constanlly am grabbing my home row based on my peripheral normality of where the keys SHOULD be and since this keyboard is wider and has macro keys im constantly missing the mark. I'm sure this will go away over a week or two of use but being used to a different keyboard it has a small learning curve as far as getting use to a new layout. Think of going from a laptop to a full size keyboard for the first time with a numeric pad.

Overall Review: The onnly thing I would really have done differently is cut back the front of the keyboard from a design stand point. For those of us who rest in one spot constantly may find we get sweaty wrists laying on the extended front. tt in no way hinderes the use of the keyboard at all, more of a personal opinion on the design. And having a smooth spacebar key to swipe the thumb over versus a rough texture would be great. In fact most smooth keyboards I would have to say feel much better then this keyboard does. It is farily grippy with the keys. So where as some may like this some may find the keys feeling clammy. In any case, great keyboard, I'm happy with my purchase. And too anyone knocking the software, if you aren't at a level of need for sophistication in a keyboard and just want the fancy lights, then don't install the software!

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Arrive missing parts2/7/2014 9:22:43 AM

Pros: Haven't tested so far as the card arrived without the 6>8 pin power adapter

Cons: Card was delivered with no parts and just in time for the weekend and currently no response back from new egg after 24 hours on rma or part replacement. Now I'm looking at another week likely before use. Not happy.

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It's ok but not great.12/25/2013 11:17:51 PM

Pros: It has a back light and a USB hub on the back of it which I liked for convenience as it was close to me and didn't have to reach down to my tower. It does allow to play movies or display pictures on the lcd but is somewhat difficult to get what you want easily. I do really enjoy the rolling volume key though.

Cons: Constantly hitting the customizable G keys in place of Shift, Control, Tab, etc. The keys are too difficult to setup for anything useful and don't add actual keys to the system rather its just combo'd macro keys which may be usefull but unless your playing games like warcraft its pretty useless. The screen overall is a waste of time as it doesn't have profiles for most of the games I play such as RIFT or Eve-Online, etc. It only shows up for games like world of tanks or League of Legends, and doesn't even provide useful statistics that I need to look at during the game. And don't even bother setting up your own as it requires scripting/programming knowledge.

Overall Review: Overall the keyboard has good potential, but as a gaming keyboard it doesn't integrate the way a gamer needs it too nor does it provide programability and the ease to setup new games as you start them. In any case tonight when I awoke my keyboard's space bar as now quit working, so I need to send it in or toss it. I'll leave it too you to decide to try this keyboard. I did like it for a while, but remove the screen and there are much better gaming keyboards.

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3/11/2013 12:17:15 PM

Pros: It's fast, stable, and have not had any issues. Beat's out the standard cast 9-10 ram I've used in the past.

Cons: none

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3/11/2013 12:16:30 PM

Pros: Feels good to use, has a rough texture to it which seems to alleviate sweating, and the button configuration and place is above par this time around. Best feeling mouse I've used in awhile.

Cons: None.

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Worked after talking with XFX2/15/2013 8:52:04 PM

Pros: It works, has great fps, I'm still in testing of several games. Weather it beats out my 4850 so far is undecided as I haven't had graphically heavy games installed for some time and League of Legends isn't really a graphics intensive game.

Cons: Didn't work out of the box and actually blue screened, froze, black screened or driver failed. Contact xfx support via email and ha da response within 24 hours. They had me run through uninstalling all my old ati drivers, used a driver stripping tool to get rid of all remnants. Installed the ATI Radeon drivers NOT xfx's drivers, and I also used the beta ones. During this process I did have to disable my onboard video which I didn't use so this could have been the culprit. Long story short it works so far. I was very skeptical at getting it work but the regular ati drivers seem to work thus far.

Overall Review: I read the reviews and new what to expect and go what I expected. But I may have lucked out in the end despite the forum reviews and issues. I hope this card holds at for as long as my xfx 4850 has.

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